8 boutique hotels in Porto (that no guide will tell you about)


January 17, 2017

Asked by Maeva, Switzerland

Asked by Maeva, Switzerland

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I have already written about the top romantic things to do in Porto as well as the most romantic restaurants, but it was definitely missing a list of the best boutique hotels in Porto to go along.

I hope you (and your better half) enjoy these places! 🙂

And the best boutique hotels in Porto are:

1872 River House

Rua do Infante D. Henrique 133, Porto

The devil is in the details, and that is precisely why 1872 River House is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Porto.

At 1872 River House the breakfast is available the entire morning (sometimes it’s so annoying to get up before 10am just to get breakfast!). Also, on the beautiful living room facing the Douro river, you can have a glass of Port wine or a beer without paying extra money.

The bedrooms have a vintage style combined with the ancient granite walls of Porto that every woman finds irresistible, so this hotel is definitely the perfect spot for a romantic getaway in Porto.

1872 River House is located in Ribeira, by the Douro river, next to Mercado Ferreira Borges and the Stock Exchange Palace. It’s almost 20min walking distance from the nearest subway station, Aliados. On the other hand, it’s the perfect place to rent a bike or to go on a tram ride.

Descobertas Boutique Hotel

Rua da Fonte Taurina 14, Porto.

Descobertas Boutique Hotel has a lot of character, which is one of the reasons why I consider it one of the best boutique hotels in Porto. Its discrete entrance hides a modern hotel where each floor is dedicated to a place that Portugal found during the Discoveries.

The bedrooms are not huge but the bathrooms are amazing, covered in marble, with a lot of space and light.

The common areas are also very cosy, as you can see on the pictures above, and breakfast is definitely one of the highlights of Descobertas Boutique Hotel.

This hotel is also located at Ribeira.

Rosa Et Al

Rua do Rosário 233, Porto.

My love affair with Rosa Et Al has quite some years, as this a lovely boutique hotel in Porto has one of the most amazing brunches in the city.

Rosa Et Al combines contemporary design with a vintage twist (for instance, the freestanding bathtub!), which makes it one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Porto.

It has a lovely dining room facing the backyard garden, as well a concept store with great Portuguese souvenirs.

Another thing that made me fall in love with Rosa Et Al is that it provides massages and therapies in your bedroom. From aromatic soaking baths to hot stones, couples massages… it’s hard to pick from the list! So if you are on a romantic getaway in Porto, Rosa et Al is definitely a must go.

Its location is superb, on a quiet neighbourhood called Cedofeita, just 10min walking distance from the city centre. The subway station Aliados is 15min away.

Mercador Guesthouse

Rua de Miguel Bombarda 382, Porto.

Another beautiful hotel for you to stay in Porto is Mercador Guesthouse.

Mercador Guesthouse is one of the best boutique hotels in Porto, with its beautiful bedrooms decorated according to different cities conquered during the Discoveries.

Mercador Guesthouse is very close to Rosa et Al, and hence to the city centre and the subway station Aliados.

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Hotel Teatro

Rua de Sá da Bandeira 84, Porto.

Hotel Teatro is not only one of the best boutique hotels in Porto, but also a rather unique one. The theme of Hotel Teatro is precisely “theater”, therefore every room is decorated in dramatic yet elegant tones, with dark curtains and glass doors. The cherry on top is the freestanding tube on the bedroom, I loved it!

Before staying at Hotel Teatro I was a bit afraid that it would be too dark for me, but once there I didn’t have that feeling; it felt as if I were at a jazz bar 🙂

Hotel Teatro is close to Avenida dos Aliados (the main avenue of Porto), the famous S. Bento train station and Bolhão’s market. It is also walking distant from several subway stations: Aliados, Trindade and Bolhão.

Flores Village Hotel & Spa

Rua das Flores 139, Porto.

Flores Village Hotel & Spa is an oasis hidden in the middle of the picturesque Rua das Flores, a perfect spot for a romantic getaway in Porto. From there, you can easily explore but the city centre, the nightlife of Porto as well as Ribeira, by the Douro river.

Flores Village Hotel & Spa has both rooms and small apartments, which I find useful for couples who might want to cook while staying in Porto. It also has a large terrace with sunbeds on the back as well as a small yet well equipped spa.

This hotel also provides car and bicycle rental as well as a shuttle service from the airport.

Palácio do Freixo

Avenida Escritor Costa Barreto 421, Porto.

I first stayed at Palácio do Freixo on a work meeting, when I was still working as an Engineer (time does fly!). I immediately fell for this place and mentally wrote it on my list of the most romantic boutique hotels in Porto.

Palácio do Freixo is not only a hotel but also one of the greatest baroque monuments in Porto designed by the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni. The living room and the bar are simply stunning, and there is an infinity pool overlooking the Douro river. If you’re coming to Porto in Winter don’t worry, Palácio do Freixo also has an indoor pool and spa facilities.

This hotel is far away from the city centre and it doesn’t have a straight connection to it, but the extremely friendly staff can easily arrange your transportation during your stay. If you have a car, it’s 16min driving distance from Avenida dos Aliados.

República Hostel & Suites

Praça da República 38, Porto.

República Hostel & Suites is in between a hostel and a guesthouse and, for me, one of the most best boutique hotels in Porto.

It is located at a renovated building facing a large public garden. It’s sunny and quiet, and you can see the attention to details of the owners on each piece of furniture and decor.

Something that I love about República Hostel & Suites is the immense backyard, where you can have a drink after a day walking in Porto. Moreover, it has a shared kitchen where you can have breakfast if you’d like to.

This hotel in Porto is just 10min walking distance from the subway station Lapa. If you have a car, this hotel has a deal with a nearby garage – ask for it at the entrance.

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