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October 1, 2017
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Written by Pedro

Written by Pedro

contributor pedro

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We’ve recently covered the best breakfast places in Porto, whereas for lunch you can pick and choose from any of our best restaurants in Porto.

However, if you’re the less-is-more kind of person, the idea of killing two birds with a proverbial stone entices you, or simply can’t be bothered with waking up early, then you will like to know that we’ve gathered the 7 best places for brunch in Porto.

Brace yourselves, pancakes are coming.

So, the best places for brunch in Porto are…

O Diplomata

Rua de José Falcão 32 | Mon – Sun 10am – 6pm (Closes on Wednesdays)

flufly pancakes
Come right in, have a seat and take a look at the menu. Have a go between the coffee, toasts, pancakes, ice cream, pancakes, juices, pancakes, or even the pancakes.

Some of you may have already deduced the specialty of “O Diplomata”.

In all shapes and sizes, their pancakes come in virtually endless combinations depending on your choice of dough, topping, fruit, ice cream and “crunchy”.

These diplomats take their brunch very seriously, so you don’t have to. You can choose between several brunch menus that range from 6€ to 10€ – the last one includes two pancakes with honey and butter, bacon & eggs, an açai bowl, a warm drink and a cold one. You can choose to have extra toppings on your pancakes, for a low extra cost.

The only problem at Diplomata is that it is very popular so it gets crowded in a minute. Also, the pancakes are made to order, so we suggest you to bring a good friend or a good book for you’ll certainly need to wait a fair amount of time before getting into heaven 🙂

Maus Hábitos

Rua de Passos Manuel, 178 | Sat & Sun from noon – 4pm

king benedict eggs brunch
Having been featured as a bar/cultural center in our article on the nightlife in downtown Porto, its versatility never ceases to amaze. In fact, brunch in Porto wouldn’t be the same without this mythical place.

Enjoy their “Vicious Brunch” in the most urban setting of the city of Porto, from their set menus such as the “Brunch for 2” (30€ / 2 Pax), that include bread, eggs, candied tomato, quesadillas, BLT, salad, granola and yoghurt, fruit salad, pancakes and chocolate mousse; “Brunch for One”(14,5€ / person), “Mini Brunch” (9,5€/ person) or “A la Carte” which include the afore mentioned in different amounts.

Located nearby Santa Catarina street, the main shopping street of Porto, it is an excellent choice to start your sightseeing day in the city.

ROSA ET AL Townhouse

Rua do Rosário, 233 | Sat & Sun from noon – 4pm

eggs benedict oat porridge
We love so much the boutique hotel ROSA ET AL that we’ve already mentioned it in one of our articles about where to stay in Porto.

In fact, ROSA ET AL is not only one of the loveliest places in the city but also one that provides you with one of the best brunch in Porto. It has several brunch options to choose à la carte, but usually we simply choose the brunch tasting menu, that includes three different dishes, for 20€ / person. If you are an oat porridge lover then definitely try ROSA ET AL’s, it is to die for.

This is a very popular brunch in Porto so we recommend you to book it in advance – you’ll surely won’t get any lucky by simply stopping by!


Avenida do Parque, 595 | Sat & Sun 12:30 – 4pm

brunch delicacies
Having started off with the curious concept of serving signature sandwiches, devised by several nationally renowned chefs, the Soundich café wasn’t indifferent to the dawn of brunch in Porto!

Right in the middle of Parque da Cidade (i.e. City Park), its location is certainly an element to account for. Having a nap on the grass, feeding the ducks, enjoying a magnificent brunch and heading off to the beach is now possible within a 500 meters radius.

garden soundwich porto
Offering an extensive list of options, its brunch ranges from the most classic bread, fruit or yoghurt to the more substantial quiche, couscous, cheeses platter, sautéed potato or grilled mushrooms. Needless to say, it always comes with a side of the smoothest tunes and the freshest air.

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Quintal Bioshop

Rua do Rosário, 177 | Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm

organic sandwich natural juice
Since we know our readers might be strict followers, or maybe just appreciators, of a non-meat based diet, we would like to invite you to have your brunch in the “cathedral” of all things vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free of Porto.
vegetarian brunch porto
Quintal Bioshop is quite a discrete place, and not the easiest one to find, but it will be very worth your time. In a very cosy atmosphere, in its back terrace, choose between its original sandwiches and salads, gluten-free cakes and juices of the day. Everything homemade – it’s good “clean” food at a great value!

The service is impeccable, so whatever the “do”s or “don’t”s of your diet, don’t hesitate to ask because the staff will be more than happy to go through the menu with you. We just hope you’re not allergic to cats, because you might be greeted at the entrance by the feline host of Quintal Bioshop.

Zenith Brunch & Cocktail Bar

Praça Carlos Alberto, 86 | Mon-Sun 10am – 8pm (Closes on Tuesday)

eggs benedict brunch speciality
chicken breast salad
“A brunch without cocktails is really just a late breakfast”. Nobody knows for sure the author of this famous quote, but it could very well have been one of the owners of this bar (or one of us at Portoalities, really :P).

Its menu has to be one of the most stunning variety of food and drinks of brunch in Porto.

Their classic eggs Benedict (in this case served with crunchy prosciutto) are one of the highlights of the menu, along with the French toasts and the banana bread.

However, the shiny diamonds of their kitchen would have to be the Smoothie Bowls – strawberry, acai, etc. – and the Shakshukas – an Israeli eggs and tofu stew.

This ultimate brunch in Porto wouldn’t be complete without Zenith’s cocktails: caipirinhas, Gins, mojitos, Sangria, mimosas… you name it. Perfect not only for a lazy day, for that morning after that night out. You know what they say, there’s no better remedy to a dog bite than the hair of the dog that bit you!

VIP Lounge at Porto Palácio Hotel

Avenida da Boavista, 1269 | Sun from noon – 3.30pm

rooftop view porto palacio vip lounge
Time for the crème de la crème.  What a better way to spend your early Sunday afternoon than at the most scenic and exclusive place for brunch in Porto?

With a luxurious buffet of every item you would expect to find in a brunch menu, plus a selection of skillfully crafted takes on the most traditional Portuguese cuisine, you wouldn’t need any other reason to schedule the VIP Lounge as your choice for brunch in Porto.

In fact, the VIP Lounge takes the literal concept of brunch to the table. You can find a wide selection of items that are commonly find in breakfast (such as pancakes, granola, delicious cakes,…), followed by a proper warm lunch (meat, fish or vegetarian meals are available), and a desserts’ buffet.

The brunch menu costs 30€ / person (children from 6 – 13 have 50% discount).

The setting makes it ideal for that special moment with your better half. Not only for the high-quality service and five-star catering, but almost as important: the scenery. Bask in the almost endless view of Porto (it really stretches for miles!), in the champion of rooftop bars.

bbGourmet Bolhão

Rua de Fernandes Tomás, 764 | Sat, Sun & Holidays from noon – 4pm

bbGourmet Bolhão is the best place to be when you want to feel the buzz of the city, but still want a comfortable and discrete place to replenish your energies with a proper brunch in Porto, for quite a low price: 15€ / person.

Structured as a free buffet plus a main and a drink, get ready for the feast: viennoiseries, hams and cheeses, traditional and puff pastries or even smoked salmon are always available.

Moreover, you can also order one main from the likes of eggs Benedict (they are so good!), scrambled eggs with asparagus, omelet with cheese and herbs or red fruits and whipped cream pancakes.

Sit inside on their comfortable sofas or stay out subtly secluded from the surrounding streets.

It is located just across the street of the iconic Bolhão market and a small step away from the Aliados avenue. To not be missed!

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