Porto airport transfers guide

After hours sitting on an airplane, you finally arrive at your destination. But wait! Porto’s airport is 20 minutes away…

Sara Riobom
8 de March de 2020

After hours sitting on an airplane, you finally arrive at your destination. But wait! Porto’s airport is 20 minutes away from the city center by car and that’s on a good day! So in any case, airport transport is needed.
In this article, we talk about Porto airport transfers: do you really need one? What are the options? And how much does it cost?

Do I need an airport transfer when I travel to Porto?

Like I mentioned before, Porto’s international airport is far away from the city center so you do need to find a way to get from there to your hotel in Porto.
You can get there using the metro of Porto, but it is more convenient to simply take a Porto airport transfer. There are private transfers but also shared ones, which are very cheap, and I list them all below.

Is it better to call an Uber / taxi or to take a Porto airport transfer?

Both alternatives are available, but I personally like the driver to be waiting for me inside the airport when I arrive, instead of having to waste my time using the Uber app to call a driver and then waiting for him outside. This is the main reason why I prefer a Porto airport transfer over calling an Uber. You can also take a taxi (they are waiting outside for clients), but you need to wait in line for your turn, which might take a while depending on the affluence of people.

So let’s talk about Porto airport transfers…

Shared transport: the cheap option

This is the cheapest option of Porto airport transfers as it only cost 9.99€ / person. This is only for those who want to be dropped off at the city center because if you’re staying elsewhere, there’s an extra charge. Each passenger is allowed 1 suitcase and 1 carry-on bag only.
This is perfect for solo travelers, minimalist packers and small families (they provide car seats upon request as well). Another plus in this service is that they have drivers that speak English, Spanish and French.

Private Porto airport transfer

cheap shared transport porto
If you are carrying a lot of luggage or simply prefer some privacy and zero waiting times, then I recommend you to take a private Porto airport transfers.
There are several companies that provide this service and they are very similar in terms of both pricing and clients’ reviews, so you cannot really go wrong.
The services available are Central de Fretes and Hi Portugal.
Both of them provide English speaking guides and premium vehicles with air conditioner. They can accommodate groups of up to 8 people.
The pricing is quite interesting: a group of up to 4 people pays around 21€, whereas a group from 5 to 8 people pay around 36€.
Check both options below:

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Private transport: my trusted option

afirma porto portugal best transport

I have been personally working with a private transport firm that provides private Porto airport transfers called A Firma. I am very happy with its service because all the drivers are very polite, always on time and eager to help you with any inconvenience.
Besides Porto airport transfers, A Firma makes transfers to any other place (Aveiro, Coimbra, Belmonte, Lisbon, Madrid… just to name a few).
I am so confident in the overall quality of this company that I have partnered up with them to offer an exclusive discount for my readers. If you want to hire their services, simply send an email to a.firma.private@gmail.com and mention the code PORTOALITIES5%, which gives you a 5% discount in any service they provide. How cool is that?! 🙂

Large group transport

large group transport porto
© PortoAirportTransfersTO

PortoAirportTransfersTO is one of the highly-rated Porto airport transfers. The company is not strict to large groups but it’s one of the few who provides transport for groups larger than 16 people.
You can see the car models and prices online on their booking system which is convenient (except for the private coach).
This is great for large groups (max 49) like people traveling for business, conferences or weddings.

Disability transport (wheelchair-accessible option)

disability transport porto airport
© Taxispinheiro.com

We have to admit, Porto needs to do a lot more to accommodate people with disabilities, but we’re getting there.
If you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible transport, Taxis Pinheiro provides a van with a platform that fits multiple people. This is one of the few private Porto airport transfers for people with a wheelchair. You can call them on +351 917 987 172 to speak English with someone and you can also email them on geral@taxispinheiro.com to get a quote.
It’s also important to know that buses and subway stations in Porto are wheelchair accessible.

Your hotel transport service

best airport transfers porto portugal
© Oporto Airport Business Hotel

Some of the best hotels and apartments in Porto provide airport transfers to their clients at an additional fee, so it’s always recommended to check with your hotel before the flight.
Apartments like the stunning Predicados do Douro Palace or Armazém Luxury Housing offer airport shuttles.
You also have hotels like the Art Deco masterpiece Vincci Porto and the romantic Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel, both with Porto airport transfers available upon request.
This option is good for people who don’t want to deal with bookings and want to go straight towards their hotels.

Metro of Porto

public transport porto airport
© Wikipedia

This might require a bit of learning on your part, but that’s one of the reasons why traveling is fun (at least we think so). We’re very proud of the subway system in Porto as it has been recognized as one of the best in the world on multiple occasions.
You will have to read my guide to familiarize yourself with how the subway works in Porto and then you’ll be good to go.
The subway is conveniently located at the airport so you can go directly to many stations (Casa da Música, Trindade, Bolhão, etc.) without the need to change the subway line or to take a bus. It takes around 30-40 minutes to arrive at downtown Porto, but it’s an enjoyable ride since the subway tracks are not all underground.
When you’re at the airport, make sure you purchase a card from the machine, charge it and scan it on the subway platform before you enter the train. The subway security does random checks on passengers’ cards and if you’re caught, you will pay a high fine.
This option is good for environmentally-conscious people and for those who want to save money as it’s the cheapest of Porto airport transfers. If you’re carrying a lot of bags, maybe look for an alternative because other riders are traveling with their bags as well and it does get crowded.

Uber / Cabify / Kapten

uber porto airport
© Meiosepublicidade.pt

Good news, Uber operates in Porto! And if you don’t have internet on your phone, worry not, Porto’s airport has Wi-Fi so you can order your Uber upon arrival. Uber is one of the best Porto airport transfers thanks to the convenience in ordering a car and paying for the ride through an app.
Just heads up, taxis are not a fan of Uber, so they sometimes get hostile towards the drivers. So always request your ride far away from the taxi stands to avoid any drama.
Moreover, it might be a bit difficult to find your Uber (there are always tons of cars outside, such as taxis, Uber / Cabify / Kapten drivers as well as regular folks picking up their family), which is why I definitely prefer to get a proper transfer service.

Car rental

best car rental porto airport
© Europeanbestdestinations.com

I don’t really fancy the idea of renting a car in Porto unless you are planning to do road trips to nearby regions like Douro Valley, Braga, Fátima…etc. The reason for this is that the city centre is very small, there are plenty of public transport options and it is impossible to park.
However, if you really want to rent a car then use a price aggregator like AutoEurope that allow you to have a hassle-free car booking process and free cancellation.

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