The best Beer Houses in Porto

Today we will address a very particular concept of Portuguese restaurant: the “Cervejaria” (sɨɾ.vɨ.ʒɐ.ɾˈi.ɐ). For our more language-savvy readers who…

Sara Riobom
4 de July de 2018

Today we will address a very particular concept of Portuguese restaurant: the “Cervejaria” (sɨɾ.vɨ.ʒɐ.ɾˈi.ɐ). For our more language-savvy readers who immediately shouted “beer brewery”, that’s a pretty good effort but unfortunately…no, it is not. Besides, stop screaming at your phone. That’s weird.

What’s common to all “Cervejarias” is putting together under the same roof, usually in one or even several large rooms (ideal for large groups), the Portuguese food that goes best with beer. Simple. We will call them “Beer Houses” from now on. Not to be mistaken with the best craft beer pubs in Porto though.
So kids, open your textbooks to the best Francesinhas and seafood around. For the vegetarians out there… please take the next possible exit, as we’re digging into the best Beer Houses in Porto!

Here are best Beer Houses in Porto:

Cufra Grill

Via do Castelo do Queijo, 395 R21 | Matosinhos
first porto francesinha cufra
famous francesinha porto
© Cufra Grill

We start our journey by the seaside. As Beer Houses in Porto go, this restaurant is royalty! Named after the “Kufra” oasis in southeastern Libya, it is truly an oasis of its own kind.
The original Cufra (Avenida da Boavista 2504) was founded in 15th August 1974, by former employees of the restaurant where the “Francesinha” was said to be invented. Carrying on the original legacy until today, it has now expanded to the so-called “Transparent Building”, where the biggest urban park in the country meets the widest beach in Porto.
The views are stunning and the food is nothing less than that. Having the difficult choice between their herb and garlic steak or the stuffed crab, you might just throw the towel in and go for their trademark Francesinha (with an actual shrimp on top!).
Seafood is surely best appreciated with the sea breeze, and don’t miss any sports action with their several TV screens. All this with a side of excellent service.
How to get there: take the bus 200 or 203 and get off at the terminal stop “Castelo do Queijo”, then walk 5 minutes by the sea. You can also take the bus 500 or 502 – get off at “Edifício Transparente”. Ticket Type: Andante Z2, from the city center.

My Palace

Avenida da Boavista, 4207 | Porto
porto restaurant my palace food
my palace porto beer house interior
© My Palace

This Beer House sits at a prime location, where a former associate of Cufra (mentioned above) had an unsuccessful stab at his own “Cervejaria”. Picked-up by the current management, they’ve turned it into one of the best Beer Houses in Porto.
As you enter, the almost completely glassed restaurant will greet you not only with a shower of natural light, but also a suggestively big beer keg (Super Bock, of course!). Start your meal with a seafood “rissol”, and then move on to a magnificent “Polvo à Lagareiro” – roasted octopus in the oven with potatoes, lots of olive oil and garlic.
If garlic is not your thing, worry not. The usual Francesinhas and seafood choices will save the day. If you get too full, hop on over to the City Park right next door, and go for a run or some quiet family time.
How to get there: take the bus 502 or 504 and get off at “Parque da Cidade”. Ticket Type: Andante Z2, from the city center.

Capa Negra II

Rua do Campo Alegre, 191 | Porto
capa negra porto food
© Artur Silva
capa negra II house beer porto
© Dinheirovivo

As most Beer Houses in Porto, “Capa Negra II” claims to have the best Francesinha around. We have to warn you, though, that it is just one of the myriad of options this “Cervejaria” has to offer, as well endless seating space.
First things first: a meat “rissol” (or fritter), please. These fritters are legendary in town, and I know of people who come here just for it! Follow through with the freshest seafood – say hello to your future meal as you pass their aquarium – or one of the best “Frenchies”, with delicious homemade chips.
Don’t leave Porto, or this Beer House, without trying the unchallenged most traditional dish of Porto: “Tripas à Moda do Porto”. The famous Tripes are made beautifully here, just don’t forget to order a side of rice to soak all that sauce!
How to get there: take the 200, 204 or 207 and get off at “Junta Massarelos”. Ticket Type: Andante Z2, from the city center.

Marisqueira do Porto (Gambamar)

Rua do Campo Alegre, 110 | Porto
marisqueira beer house porto seafood
seafood beer house porto
© Marisqueira do Porto

We end this trilogy, better than Star Wars, with one of the most historical Beer Houses in Porto – Gambamar.
It currently doesn’t boast that name, as it has changed management recently, but never overlooking the quality and freshness of the food, or the proximity of service.
Bask in their “premium grilled seafood mix” or their signature “grilled entrecote”. If you’re feeling like the usual beer is not cutting it anymore, shake things around with their excellent “sparkling wine sangria”.
How to get there: take the bus 200, 204 or 207 and get get off at “Praça da Galiza”. Ticket Type: Andante Z2, from the city center.

Brasão Coliseu

Rua de Passos Manuel, 205 | Porto
restaurant brasao porto francesinha
beer house food porto brasao coliseu
© Brasão Cervejaria Coliseu

Enter the new kid on the block of Beer Houses in Porto. Following a successful inauguration of their first restaurant by the main avenue of Porto, Brasão Aliados, they moved doubled down into the Francesinha district with a truly “Cervejaria” concept.
The entrance is not unlike entering a church’s Narthex, with smiling waiters and waitresses greeting you, as they point to your table. They walk slowly, as you will be probably in awe of the wooden-themed decoration, that features hand painted ceramics.
Open the menu, and browse through the Codfish specialties all the way to their trademark oven-made “Francesinha”. If you like a little bit of heat, there are no words to describe their homemade chilly sauce.
And last, but not least, a proper beer menu that features portuguese craft beer brand Sovina – with a special edition made just for his Beer House! If it still doesn’t meet your palate, pick one of the special Super Bock’s or their several imports.
How to get there: the subway station 24 de Agosto is a 5 minutes walking distance.

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