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Let’s face it: it’s getting impossible to breathe in downtown Porto due to the amount of tourists that visit the city every year.

Fortunately, I know just the way to avoid tourists in downtown Porto: simply don’t stick to the city centre! I prepared this guide about Campanhã, a non touristic neighbourhood in Porto, especially for adventurous travellers. Enjoy it!

My dears, the ONLY way to avoid tourists in Porto is to leave the city centre.

Therefore, I wrote this article about Campanhã, an oriental neighbourhood in Porto.

What to visit in Campanhã

Quinta de Bonjóia

Rua de Bonjóia, 185

avoid tourists downtown porto
The property of Quinta de Boinjóia dates from centuries ago, even though the palace itself was only built in 1759.

Its layout is attributed to Nicolau Nasoni, the famous Italian architect responsible for the Clérigos Tower, but there are no certainties about it. In front of the palace you’ll find beautiful gardens, perfect for a walk.

How to get there: Take the subway to the station Campanhã. From there, Quinta de Bonjóia is 7min walking distance.

Quinta Villar d’Allen

Rua do Freixo, 194 | +351 225 302 741

avoid tourists downtown porto
Quinta Villar d’Allen is one of the rare examples of typical eighteenth and nineteenth centuries recreational estates in Porto. The property, owned by one of Porto’s oldest families, has lakes, exotic plants and the city’s largest private collection of camellias.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Quinta Villar d’Allen (it’s necessary to make an appointment), and to discover why Porto is the city of camellias! It’s the perfect way to avoid tourists in downtown Porto 😉

How to get there: The most practical way to get to Quinta Villar d’Allen is to get a Taxi/Uber/Cabify.

Press Museum

Estrada Nacional 108, nº206 | +351 225 304 966 / 225 300 648

avoid tourists downtown porto
It’s a tradition of mine to go to the Press Museum every year to see the World Press Cartoon exhibition. In addition, the Press Museum organizes several workshops, such as book binding, modern calligraphy, etc.

I advise you to call to make a booking (the contact is under the title). The tickets to the Press Museum are very cheap (€2/adult and €1.5/student), and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and avoid tourists in downtown Porto.
avoid tourists downtown porto
Afterwards, you can have a coffee at Marina do Freixo, right next door. It’s a small harbour with a simple esplanade. The esplanade itself is no big deal, but the view is fantastic! 😉

How to get there: The most practical way to get to the Press Museum is to get a Taxi/Uber/Cabify.

FC Porto Museum and Dragão Stadium

Via Futebol Clube do Porto
avoid tourists downtown porto

© FC Porto Museum

I must confess I don’t like football, or any other sports in general. Not even 5 years working part time job at Dragão stadium changed my profound indifference towards the sport that moves millions of people around the world!

Nonetheless, I recognise that the FC Porto Museum was an excellent bet, which brings a lot of people to Campanhã. It is possible to visit theFC Porto Museum and Dragão Stadium, but it’s best to take a tour that combines both visits.

You can check the prices and schedules of FC Porto Museum and Dragão Stadium here. For those of you who love football, visiting FC Porto museum is the perfect way to avoid tourists in downtown Porto 😉

How to get there: Take the subway to the station Estádio do Dragão.

Vandoma’s flea market

Avenida 25 de Abril | Every saturday, from 8am to 1pm
avoid tourists downtown porto

© Miguel Nogueira

Vandoma’s flea market is part of the identity of Porto. Its new location in Campanhã doesn’t appeal to everyone: the lack of parking slots, the distance to the city centre are the most common complaints from sellers and buyers.

But I work in tourism every day, and I try to get tourists to know more than just downtown Porto. And 15 minutes on foot, walking from the subway station of Campanhã, don’t discourage anyone who’s looking for real bargains. Trust me, Vandoma’s flea market is really worth it 🙂

How to get there: Take the subway to the station Campanhã. From there, Vandoma’s flea market is 15min walking distance.

Where to eat in Campanhã

Casa Aleixo

Rua da Estação, 216 | +351 225 370 462

My relationship with Casa Aleixo is made of childhood memories. My grandmother, Olivia Riobom, was a friend of Mrs. Inês, the first generation of Ramiro, the family that is in charge of Casa Aleixo since 1948.

I remember being a little girl, when my father took me to Casa Aleixo for the first time, to eat its famous hake fillets with octopus rice. I remember asking for lemon and getting a vehement refuse: “Do not even think about spoiling this fillets with lemon, little girl! You’ll see that it’s very good just as it is!”.

More than 20 years later, I still go to Casa Aleixo to eat fillets of hake. No lemon, of course 🙂typical restaurants porto typical restaurants porto
Those who visit Casa Aleixo for the first time must try the hake fillets or the octopus’ ones. If you’re not fond of fish, then I recommend you to try tripes or veal, both regional delights.

Casa Aleixo is not a bargain – expect to pay at least 20€/person, without wines. But it’s really, really worth it!


Casa Inês

Rua de Miraflor, 20 | +351 225 106 988

Casa Inês was born out of a fight in the Ramiro family, the owner of Casa Aleixo. Inês opened Casa Inês, where the same dishes at the same prices, that you can find at Casa Aleixo. On Sundays, however, one of my favorite dishes is served at Casa Inês: cozido à Portuguesa, a stew of all meats, sausages and vegetables you can imagine!typical restaurants porto



Rua da Estação, 82 | +351 225 108 582

On my morning walks in Campanhã I stumbled upon a beautiful space called Moment’Um. What called my attention were the as notoriously low-fat croissants, and other  healthier-versions of Portuguese treats displayed at the entrance.
typical restaurants porto
Moment’Um serves lunch menus for €6.5 with soup, main dish, drink, coffee or dessert. For main dish, you can pick one of traditional dishes such as roasted loin or duck rice, made in a wood-fired oven, or one of the several vegetarian options. This restaurant is a real hole on the wall in Campanhã!

Where to Stay in Campanhã

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