Best restaurants for big groups in Porto

Here is my top list of restaurants for large groups in Porto, with photos, close by attractions, transport and parking…

Sara Riobom
21 de November de 2019

Here is my top list of restaurants for large groups in Porto, with photos, close by attractions, transport and parking information.

These restaurants are perfect for Christmas dinners, corporate events and party weekends.

If you would like to grab something together in a fun environment, I recommend you to join a food tour in Porto! I actually started my career by guiding food tours in Porto and the large group ones were always the funniest 😀

The best restaurants in Porto for groups are:


Largo da Igreja da Foz, 105 and 107 | Porto
dining room wish restaurants big groups porto
© Wish

I have written several times what even though Wish does not serve absolutely faultless food, it is an excellent choice for big groups in Porto because it has a very diverse menu. There are options of meat, fish, vegetarian and even sushi, so it appeals to both Greeks and Trojans, as we say in Portuguese 🙂

The dining room is quite spacious and the service is very attentive.

Reservations: call (+351) 912 375 313.
Close to: Foz neighbourhood.
Public transport: take the tram line 1.
Car Park: There is a free outdoor car park nearby.


Rua do Passeio Alegre, 3 | Porto
bocca pizzaria big groups porto
© Bocca

With a privileged location right in front of the Douro river and being entirely surrounded by glass walls, Bocca, a refined pizzeria in Foz, is one of the most romantic restaurants in Porto.

However, given its original setting, with tables surrounding a bar in the middle of the dining room, it is also an excellent option for restaurants for big groups in Porto.

It has the advantage of being a very versatile restaurant, with a full menu that rambles between pizza, meat, fish options and loads of yummy starters.

Reservations: call (+351) 22 617 0004.
Close to: Foz area.
Public transport: take the tram line 1.
Car park: There is a free outdoor car park nearby.


Rua da Conceição, 63 | Porto
dining room flow restaurants big groups porto
© Flow

Flow has one of Porto’s most beautiful dining rooms. With tables scattered casually around the room and a decoration where the presence of straw and large plants predominate, it is a room that calls for a casual rendez vous.

In this restaurant for groups in Porto you can find good meat, fish and Italian specialties such as gnochi and several risottos (the beetroot is to die for).

When I go there with my friends we prefer to order a handful of starters and have an impromptu tapas dinner.

If you want to make the night extra fun, you can attend a  Fado show at Casa da Guitarra, which is really close by.

Reservations: Call (+351) 222 054 016 or send an email to
Close to: Porto nightlife district.
Public transport: Aliados metro station is a 5 minutes walking distance. It is also 5 minutes walking distant from Jardim da Cordoaria’s bus station.
Car parks: 5 minutes walking distance, at Carlos Alberto Square.

Boa Bao

Rua da Picaria, 61-65 | Porto
boa bao asian restaurant big groups porto
© Boa Bao

Boa Bao is one of the most impressive venues in the city, both for its size and bold decoration, and perfectly suited as one of the best restaurants for big groups in Porto. It is a dynamic but somewhat enigmatic space, combining industrial elements with the casualness of the taverns of the big Asian cities I have visited, such as Bangkok.
Whenever I go there I waste a lot of time choosing the food because there are so many options, including starters, soups, salads, curries and wok dishes. There are many options for vegetarians and gluten free as well.
If you go to Boa Bao do not hesitate to order one of their famous cocktails, because it gives a special touch to your meal.

Reservations: call +351 910043030 or send an email to
Near: the best bars in Porto.
Public Transport: Aliados and São Bento metro stations are a 10 minutes walking distance.
Car park: near the entrance of the Ceuta’s tunnel, on the corner of Rua Elísio de Melo.


Rua Ateneu Comercial do Porto, 22/24 | Porto
Photo taken from Abadia's facebook page.
© Abadia

Located in the historical centre of downtown Porto, Abadia (which translate to abbey) was founded in 1939. It is said that the name begun in the abbeys where pilgrims, who demand from Santiago de Compostela, rested a few hours, before continuing their way.
Abadia is a rather large restaurant specialised in traditional Portuguese dishes such as Bacalhau à Gomes Sá (grilled codfish), Polvo grelhado à Abadia (grilled octopus) and cabrito assado (roasted lamb), to name just a few. It has at least two large rooms and the service is both friendly and fast, making Abadia the ideal place for both dinner parties, Christmas dinners, anniversaries and even bachelor parties.

Reservations: call (+351) 222 008 757 or send an email to
Close to: the nightlife district of Porto; São Bento train station; Majestic Cafe.
Access: Subway stations Bolhão, Trindade, Aliados or São Bento.
Car park: there is a close by car park in Praça D. João I and another one in Rua Passos Manuel.

Nova Casa Guedes

Praça dos Poveiros | Porto
dining room casa guedes restaurants big groups porto
© Evasões

Although I no longer eat meat, I have a great affection and pride in Casa Guedes, Porto’s most famous smoked loin sandwich. The story of Mr. Caesar and Manuel, the two brothers who founded this famous tavern, is absolutely unmissable.
In 2019 new partners joined Casa Guedes which allowed the opening of a new Casa Guedes with capacity for 200 seated people. It is divided into two floors for dining and one for cocktails only, and therefore is now part of the best restaurants for big groups in Porto.
In the new Casa Guedes you will find not only the famous ham sandwiches but also various meat, fish and even vegetarian options.

Close to: the São Lázaro’s garden.
Public transport: 24 Agosto metro station is a 10 minutes walking distance.
Car park: right in Praça dos Poveiros, and also in Rua de Passos Manuel.


Rua de Ceuta, 23 | Porto
© Nogueira

Nogueira’s is a steakhouse that opened in mid-2017. Of course, it excels in meat dishes but also has two or three risk free fish dishes and some salads.
Not being a brilliant place for people like me who don’t eat meat, it’s one of the best restaurants for groups in Porto for meat lovers.

Reservations: call +351915 181 515 or send an email to
Near: the best bars in Porto.cPublic transport: Aliados and São Bento metro stations are a 10 minutes walking distance.
Car park: Near the entrance to Ceuta’s tunnel, on the corner of Rua Elísio de Melo.

Lado B

Rua Passos Manuel, 190 | Porto
lado b restaurants big groups porto
© Lado B

I have already told you about Lado B on my article about the best restaurants for francesinha, the famous sandwich from Porto. But Lado B deserves to be mentioned once again on this blog as it is not only an amazing place for francesinha but also for group dinners 🙂 It has a large room at the front where you can easily fit a group of 20 people, and on the back it has a small room that is perfect if you’re looking for some privacy.
Specialities of the house include francesinhas, burgers, grilled steaks and hot dogs. And for dessert ask for an apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, take my word for it 😉

Reservations: call (+351) 222 014 269.
Close to: the nightlife district of Porto; São Bento train statio; Majestic Cafe.
Access: metro stations Bolhão, Trindade, Aliados or São Bento.
Car Park: there is one literally next door.

Adega do Carregal

Travessa do Carregal, 102 | Porto

porto best restaurants for large groups adega do carregal
Taberna do Carregal is an old affair of mine since I look at a beautiful pumpkin they had over the counter and the waiter simply gave it to me (true story!). Since then I have been going to this typical Portuguese restaurant quite regularly, to enjoy their a – ma – zing traditional dishes such as Tripas à Moda do Porto (the famous tripes’ dish) or Rojões (pork cubes fried in pork’s fat and blood, mixed up with potatoes).
This restaurant has a single large room, with a rustic yet very cosy decor,  where you can easily fit two groups of thirty people. The staff is the most friendly you can imagine and the location is superb – on a tiny alley at downtown Porto, which means that it is not overpacked with tourists. I can only highly recommend you this as one of the best traditional Portuguese restaurants for big groups in Porto!

Reservations: call (+351) 222 081 200.
Close to: Nightlife district of Porto; Hospital Santo António; Crystal Palace Gardens.
Car Park: there is one close by, at Praça Carlos Alberto.

Da Terra

Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 249 | Porto
porto best restaurants for large groups da terra
Photos taken from Da Terra's facebook page.
© Da Terra

I wouldn’t leave out a vegetarian / vegan option out from this list of best restaurants for large groups. Therefore, my choice goes for Da Terra, a charming buffet restaurant to which I go on a regular basis.
I particularly like Da Terra as it has a practical and unpretentious concept, ideal for an informal lunch or dinner: you have a fixed price for a very generous and varied buffet with soup, salads and very creative and tasty cold and hot dishes. This fixed price does not include drinks or desserts, which are paid separately, but an entire meal will rarely get you above 15€ – and trust me, you’ll leave this restaurant very, very satisfied.
I already organised some group dinners on this restaurant so I am safe to say that you can fit a group of 30 people in Da Terra. It is the best option for vegetarians when you are looking for the best restaurants for big groups in Porto.

Reservations: call (+351) 223 199 257.
Important info: This restaurant does not accept ANY card, you have to pay in cash.
Close to: São Bento train station; Ribeira (Unesco’s world heritage); Cathedral of Porto.
Parking: there is one underneath Praça do Infante D. Henrique (5 minutes down the street).

Cooperativa Árvore

Rua Azevedo Albuquerque, 1 | Porto

porto best restaurants for large groups restaurante da cooperativa arvore porto best restaurants for large groups restaurante da cooperativa arvore details
Árvore is a cooperative founded in 1963 by artists, writers, architects and intellectuals interested in creating new conditions for cultural production and diffusion in Porto. Therefore, as you can imagine, this placed is highly considered by the inhabitants of Porto for its cultural value.
Now there is another reason to visit Árvore, which is its restaurant that has a fabulous view towards Jardim das Virtudes and the Douro river, both from the restaurant itself as well as from its esplanade. Inside, it can easily fits around 50 people.
From Monday to Friday this restaurant serves an executive menu with a starter, main dish, dessert, drink and coffee for 8,5€. You can also choose from the menu, with a good variety of starters and traditional Portuguese dishes. If you are a vegetarian do not worry, they have an option or two (also on the executive menu).
Due to this magical combination of factors, Árvore Restaurante is highly seek for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, professional gatherings, etc so make sure you book it in advance!

Reservations: call (+351) 919 544 881.
Close to: Passeio das Virtudes; Nightlife district of Porto.
Car park: there is a paid park in 10 minutes walking distance right in front of the Clerigos tower.

Casa D’Oro

Rua do Ouro, 797 | Porto

porto best restaurants for large groups casa dOroporto best restaurants for large groups casa dOro details
Set between Rua do Ouro and the Douro River, Casa D’Oro restaurant, formerly the home of the engineers who monitored the construction of the Arrábida bridge, owes its name to the junction of the word casa (home) to evoke the intimacy of Italian home cooking, and the word oro (gold), in honor of its superb location.
At Casa D’Oro, you will find a pizzaria on the upper floor and a rather romantic Italian restaurant on the ground floor, both with a stunning view towards Arrábida bridge (you actually feel as if you were floating on Douro river, it’s marvellous). On both the pizzaria and the Italian restaurant you can fit a medium / large group of 20 people, which makes it perfect for more intimate group meetings.
The food at this restaurant is very good and not overpriced, so it is definitely one of the best restaurants for big groups in Porto.

Reservations / bookings: this pizzaria doesn’t take reservations.
Close to: Ribeira (Unesco’s world heritage); Arrábida bridge.
Car Park: this restaurant doesn’t have great public transport access, so I advise you to go by car (there is a lot of parking space just across the street and on the side as well) or simply take a taxi / uber.

Madureira’s Campo Alegre

Rua do Campo Alegre 359 / 365 | Porto
Photo taken from Madureira's Campo Alegre's facebook page.
© Madureira’s Campo Alegre

Madureira’s Campo Alegre, very close by to Restaurante Capa Negra II, belongs to Madureira’s, a restaurant chain that has a wide range of menu of francesinhas, seafood, pizzas and traditional Portuguese dishes. It also has a snack bar and a take away service.
The quality of the food is surprisingly good for a restaurant chain and not overpriced. Moreover, Madureira’s Campo Alegre is simply huge so it is very popular for the celebrations big groups in Porto such as Christmas dinners, birthday parties and friends’ gatherings in general.
Moreover, it always organises fixed price menus for special dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, Mother’s and Father’s day, etc, to make your life easier when organising something on these holidays. Make sure to book it in advance 🙂

Reservations: call (+351) 223 206 521 or (+351) 916 647 472.
Close to: Crystal Palace Gardens.
Parking: Free access to a paid park close by.

Restaurante Capa Negra II

Rua do Campo Alegre, 191 | Porto
Photo taken from the website
© Webook

Honestly, if you can find anyone in Porto who hasn’t been to Capa Negra II for a francesinha I’ll take my hat out, as this restaurant has been on the loop for over 40 years now. Capa Negra II might be the most popular, main stream restaurant in Porto for francesinhas, but its options surely do not stop there so it is also one of the best restaurants for big groups in Porto.
As usual, you can find on the menu typical Portuguese dishes that are served in generous portions. And you shouldn’t leave without trying its insanely good rissóis (bread dough filled with meat / shrimps, covered in bread crumb and deep fried for a couple of minutes). Every time there is a dinner party at a friend’s place, someone brings rissóis from Capa Negra II, I kid you not!
Capa Negra II has three large rooms where they can easily fit four or five large groups at the same time. The service is incredibly efficient for the amount of people they have, especially over the weekends. As this is an extremely popular restaurant among the locals, I strongly recommend you to book it in advance, specially during the holidays.

Reservations: call (+351) 226 078 380.
Close to: Crystal Palace Gardens.
Parking: there is a paid park is a 10 minutes walking distance, underneath to Cidade do Porto’s shopping center.

Assador Típico

Rua Dom Manuel II, 18 – 22 | Porto
Photo taken from Assador Típico's website.
© Assador Típico

Assador Típico is specialized in barbecued grilled “meats” – from veal steak to octopus steak, and, naturally, grilled codfish as well.
Since its inauguration in 1982, Assador Típico has grown significantly, becoming one of the best restaurants for big groups in Porto, with a capacity for 500 seats, distributed in 6 rooms (one of which is exterior, where you are allowed to smoke). It is very well located, just 10 minutes walking distance from where the nightlife of Porto begins, every Friday and Saturday nights. So if you have a really big group to sit and your plan is to grab something to eat and then head for a drink or two, Assador Típico is the restaurant you are looking for.

Reservations: call (+351) 222 015 149 or send an email to
Close to: Nightlife district of Porto; Hospital Santo António; Crystal Palace Gardens.
Car park: there is a paid parking underneath the Crystal Palace gardens, which is a 10 minutes walking dista

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