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What to do on a party weekend in Porto

Porto is the best place for a parties: lively nightlife, affordable and great weather. Here's what to do on a party weekend in Porto.

Sara Riobom

October 30, 2019

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Porto is simply perfect for a party weekend: it is affordable, it has great food, a lively nightlife and the weather is amazing compared to other European countries.Therefore I present you my guide for a party weekend in Porto which includes: tips & tricks for the nightlife district of Porto, places for late breakfast, free & cheap must do activities in the city and accommodation ideas. Enjoy! 🙂

It’s time to party in Porto!

First thing: figure out your accommodation in Porto

If you are planning a party weekend in Porto then I would recommend you to stay in Downtown Porto, as there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs in this area.You can start by reading my guide to the best neighborhoods in Porto, but I think you should either stay in a great hostel in Porto (they are always the most affordable option and there you can hang out with other people) or rent one of the best apartments in Porto.
Here’s my list of top hostels and guesthouses in Porto:

Second: understand the Portuguese nightlife

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Usually, we start our Saturday nights at “Leões”, a square called Praça de Gomes Teixeira. At Leões there are tons of little cafes where we get a cheap drink while we are waiting for our friends. Check the blue spots on the map.
Then, we move to what I like to call the real nightlife district of Porto. It’s basically composed of two streets, Galeria de Paris e Rua de Cândido dos Reis. There, every other door is a bar or a café.
There are some really elegant bars at the nightlife district of Porto, and usually you pay a small entrance fee that is deductible on drinks. For those, check the green spots on the map below.
You can also keep drinking on the streets, as at the nightlife district of Porto there are also several cafés where you can get a drink on a plastic cup.