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How to travel by tram in Porto?

Learn all about using the Tram in Porto: tram lines and schedules, prices and where to get your tram tickets. Enjoy your tram ride!

Sara Riobom

December 1, 2019

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Have you decided where to stay? If not, read my article about the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Porto.

After you booked your hotel in Porto, you’re on your way to discover the city.
One of the things you must do is ride the historic tram.
There are three lines on the tram in Porto, and on this article you will find not only the trajectories of each tram line, but also its schedules, where to buy the tram tickets, etc.
I hope this guide helps you make the most of your tram ride! 🙂

How the tram in Porto works

historical tram downtown porto

Believe it or not, the tram in Porto is one of the oldest electrified transport systems in Europe, as it was inaugurated in 1895.
It was a very popular transport, but since the 60s it has been slowly abandoned by the locals, that prefer to use faster (and cheaper!) means of transport on their daily lives.
Nowadays, there are only three lines on the tram in Porto, that are mostly used by tourists and a few elder locals.Take a ride on a tram in Porto is a good idea for families with kids, or to simply take a ride to the past 🙂
However, you shouldn’t see it as a proper way of transport, as it is rather slow (so many cars / bikes / people get on the rails, you wouldn’t believe it!).
With this in mind, let us move on to the lines of the tram.

What is the best way to travel by tram in Porto?

If you just want to do ONE tram ride, it is probably best to buy the ticket on board – one way costs 3,50€ / person.

But if you want to really discover the city (including by the riverside) using several transports, then I suggest you to get the combo ticket Tram + Hop Off Hop On bus + Guindais’ Elevator, valid for 2 days. It costs 23,40€ / adult (kids from 4 – 10 years old pay 13€).

It is quite a good price, because if you buy one tram ride it costs 3,50€, a classic Hop Off Hop On bus tour costs 17€ / day and the elevator costs 2,50€ / ride. Therefore, to use this transports ONCE you would pay 23€ / day, and this ticket costs that exact same price but it gives you unlimited access to Porto trams for 24h, one ride at Guindais’ Elevator and 2 hop-on hop-off open-deck bus tours.

Enough talking. These are the lines of Porto trams:

Porto Tram line 1: From Ribeira to Foz

Line 1 of Porto tram is the most well known by tourists, as its trajectory is by the riverside between Ribeira neighbourhood to the mouth of the Douro River, at Foz neighborhood.

The ride starts at the Infante stop, in front of the São Francisco Church, and ends at the Passeio Alegre stop, in the beautiful Jardim do Passeio Alegre. But, naturally, you can enter and exit at any stop during the way.

It is a short trip – about 20 minutes, if there are no major interruptions (read, cars crossed the line!), But very beautiful.

Local tip: there are queues of dozens and dozens of people to take the route on line 1 of Porto tram, so I recommend that you go in the morning, as early as possible. Another option that no one thinks about is taking the aft tour, that is, taking the tram at Passeio Alegre, because it usually has a lot less people.

Because it is such a popular tram line, I suggest you to get the tram right in front of Igreja de São Francisco – the famous church of St. Francis, precisely where the tram rail starts – or at the end of the tram rail, at the garden of Passeio Alegre, in Foz.

If you try and get the tram 1 at any other stop, specially during the high season, the probability of not getting a place is really high!

Check the trajectory of the line 1 of Porto tram:

how travel tram in porto tram line 1 ribeira foz

Timetable of line 1 of Porto tram (direction Infante – Passeio Alegre)

travel tram porto timetable tram 1 infante passeio alegre

Timetable of line 1 of Porto tram (direction Passeio Alegre – Infante)

travel tram porto timetable tram 1 passeio alegre infante

This is a great option to get from the city center to the riverside, and if you want you can try the activities available on the banks of the Douro River.

You can, for example, take the tram at Passeio Alegre and get off at the stop Infante, in front of St Francis Church. Then, walk down to the riverside (it’s a 5-minute walk) and use your online ticket to the 6 Bridges Cruise, the famous boat ride that provides you with a fantastic view of the city, the bridges of Porto and Cais de Gaia.

As it is a very popular activity, I recommend that you to buy the online ticket to the 6 Bridges Cruise.

six bridges cruise douro river porto

Another option is to visit the World of Discoveries museum, especially suitable for families with children. The face-to-face ticket is more expensive than the online ticket, so I recommend you to buy the online ticket to the World of Discoveries. Then you can take the tram 1 at a stop close to the World of Discoveries: just turn your back on the museum and walk for 3 or 4 minutes to your right hand side. The stop is called Alfândega.

Local tip: As most people take tram 1 at the first stop (Infante), when it arrives at Alfândega stop it is already full. Therefore, you can take the reverse route: take tram 1 near the end of the line, in Passeio Alegre, and make the journey towards the center of Porto, then exiting at Alfândega to visit the World of Discoveries.

Porto tram 18: Roundtrip between Massarelos and Carmo

Tram line 18 is a circular tram line that starts at the Tram Museum, by the riverside, then goes all the way up to the area around Clérigos’s tower – a central area for those who visit Porto, since it is close to the famous Lello Bookshop and to the nightlife district.

Then it goes South towards the Douro River, stopping in front of the Electric Car Museum (which is a treat, let me tell you!).

Line 18 of the Porto tram has the advantage of not being a route so sought after by tourists, so it usually has fewer people. In any case, you should expect to find some people waiting in line at the first stop (Carmo), in Jardim da Cordoaria, right in front of Café Piolho.

Check the trajectory of the line 18 of Porto tram:
how travel tram in porto tram line 18 massarelos carmo

Timetable of line 18 of Porto tram:

travel tram porto timetable tram 18 circular massarelos carmo

Porto tram 22: Round trip between Carmo and Batalha

Tram line 22 is a circular tram line that starts precisely at Praça Gomes Teixeira.

It is perhaps the least known tram line in Porto but it’s my favourite one, because it circulates not only in the area around Clérigos, but also on the Avenida dos Aliados (the most important avenue of Porto), then in front of the beautiful São Bento train station and finally in Batalha square.

Once you reach Batalha, you can get a ticket to Guindais’ funicular, an ancient elevator that has transported people from Porto to the Ribeira area since 1879. It is a short but very fun trip, especially because it has a very unusual view of the D. Luiz I bridge.

If you choose to make these two trips (ie line 22 of Porto tram followed by the Guindais’ elevator), I suggest you purchase the online ticket for the Porto tram + Guindais elevator + Hop On Hop Off Bus.

Check the trajectory of the line 22 of Porto tram:

how travel tram in porto tram line 22 carmo batalha

Timetable of line 22 of Porto tram:

travel tram porto timetable tram 18 circular massarelos carmo

Prices of the tram in Porto

There are these tickets available:
– 1 trip: 3,50€
– 2 same day trip: 6€
– 2 Days adult: 10€
– 2 Days child (4 to 12 years): 5€

The tickets for Porto tram can be purchased here:

– On board STCP trams
– Hotels (2-day tickets only)
– Travel agencies (2-day tickets only)
– Selected kiosks (2-day tickets only)

If you want to ride on all the tram lines and also have the possibility to get in and out at any time without having to pay a new ticket, I recommend that you to buy the combo ticket to Porto tram + Guindais’ Elevator + Hop On Hop Off Bus, which gives you unlimited access to all trams for 24 hours.

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