Top boutique hotels in Douro Valley

I already wrote a detailed article about where to stay in douro valley – the best areas, but I thought…

Sara Riobom
13 de October de 2023

I already wrote a detailed article about where to stay in douro valley – the best areas, but I thought it would be interesting to write about the best boutique hotels in Douro valley. I hope you like it and in any case make sure to read not only the article I just mentioned but also the one about the best spa hotels in Douro valley, as both of them might prove very useful to you.

Best boutique hotels in Douro: my expert tips

Before you dive into the list of the best boutique hotels in douro valley, let me give you a few hints:

  • Douro Valley is a rural region, so don’t expect the level of fanciness you could find in a city like Paris. This being said, some hotels are really top notch, like the Six Senses Douro Valley.
  • One thing you should consider before booking any hotel in Douro Valley is a) its location and b) how you plan to get there. If you are planning to rent a car (namely on AutoEurope, the best price aggregator in the market) then you can stay in more remote locations, but keep in mind that you’ll have to drive back and forth to explore the region. Another option is to choose a more central hotel, near the main cities with train stations – Régua and Pinhão.

To help you have a better geographical understanding of the region, I made a map that signals the main train stations in black and my boutique hotels in Douro’s recommendations in dark pink:

Best boutique hotels in Douro

Six Senses Douro Valley

six senses boutique hotels douro valley
bedroom six senses hotel

The Six Senses is possibly the best boutique hotel in Douro Valley, in the luxury segment. It has a modern, contemporary decor, with neutral colors and a rustic appearance that hides immense sophistication, particularly in its restaurant – with a fantastic sommelier – and an enviable list of activities for guests.

The Six Senses Douro Valley has 18 different types of accommodation, some with private pools – all with incredible views!

swimming pool six-senses douro valley

The hotel also has a wonderful spa, a heated indoor pool with water jets (with a magnificent view of a forest), a beautiful outdoor pool and a gym.

The location of this boutique hotel in Douro couldn’t be more central, just a 10-minute drive from Régua.

It is, indeed, a perfect (and veeeeery) expensive choice.

How to get there: take the train to Régua, then take a 10 minutes taxi ride to the Six Senses Douro Valley.

Quinta de São Bernardo – Winery and Farmhouse

quinta sao bernado boutique hotels douro valley
bedroom quinta sao bernardo

Quinta de São Bernardo is a little paradise lost in the Douro Valley. Belonging to a wonderful wine producer of the region, it has accommodations that are both luxurious and cozy. It also offers beautiful common spaces, such as a garden, a terrace, a shared lounge and an outdoor swimming pool. The restaurant is excellent, from the dinner menu to the pool snacks (only available to guests).

villa quinta sao bernardo

Quinta de São Bernardo offers just 5 rooms and a villa with a private pool, meaning it is truly one of the best boutique hotels in Douro Valley.

It’s an expensive hotel but it fills up quickly, so it’s important to book months in advance.

How to get there: take the train from Campanhã to Marco de Canavezes and from there take another train to Barqueiros. The property is within 5 minutes walking distance.

Casa de Canilhas

casa canilhas outdoor space
bedroom casa canilhas
living room fireplace casa canilhas

Casa de Canilhas is perfect. Perfect. It is an old manor house that combines, with great taste, the decoration of the past with the amenities of a modern hotel. The rooms are very comfortable and the common outdoor spaces are divine, not to mention the living room with bar and fireplace. Furthermore, all the outdoor spaces invite you to rest and enjoy the view of the Douro River, from the infinity pool to the immense breakfast terrace. It really is an unforgettable boutique hotel in Douro.

How to get there: take the train to Régua and then a 9 minutes taxi ride.

Quinta de Ventozelo – Hotel e Quinta

quinta ventozelo pool
quinta ventozelo bedroom decoration
ventozelo hotel quinta private pool

The facilities at Quinta de Ventozelo, a beautiful property close to Pinhão, were recently renovated, maintaining the welcoming spirit and its traditional roots, which is not always the case.

Quinta de Ventozelo has a pleasant swimming pool available 24/7, however it is too small for the number of guests, and this boutique hotel in Douro clearly lacks a spa. To compensate, Quinta de Ventozelo provides different activities such as electric bike rides and wine tastings in its cellar.

It is a very popular property for families with children in Douro, so it can be a little noisy for couples without kids.

How to get there: take the train to Pinhão, then take a 13 minute taxi ride.

Quinta do Valdalágea

quinta valdalagea boutique hotels douro valley
quinta valdalagea bedroom

Quinta do Valdalágea is the best boutique hotel in Douro with a truly traditional decor – a rustic, authentic and old style that I personally love, because it reminds me of my childhood 🙂 It only has 5 rooms, with beautiful decor and lots of authentic, which makes Quinta do Valdalágea a very pleasant and private place.

Despite having a very central location, less than 10 minutes by car from Régua, it is a very quiet and peaceful place, great for resting and disconnecting from the outside world.

On the other hand, the breakfast is magnificent – and I won’t say anything else 🙂

How to get there: take the train to Régua and then a 8 minutes taxi ride.

Quinta do Bosque

quinta bosque boutique hotels douro valley
swimming pool quinta bosque
bedroom quinta bosque

Quinta do Bosque is one of the best boutique hotels in Douro, especially for those who love standalone bathtubs, like me 😛

It only has 5 rooms available (two of them are suites, which is where you find the aforementioned standalone bathtubs) and a fantastic outdoor pool. Another great thing about this boutique hotel is that you can book a candlelit dinner with a magnificent view over the Douro River – we’ve already done it, and I highly recommend it :’)

Being a “only” 3-star hotel, Quinta do Bosque is a place that exceeds all expectations, both in terms of cleanliness, service, quality of food, decoration… the only flaw I find is the location, half an hour away by taxi from the main city in the region, Régua.

How to get there: take the train to Régua and then a 28 minutes taxi ride.

Casa dos Varais Manor house

casa varais douro valley

Casa dos Varais Manor house is a house with a lot of history. Having been in the same family for more than 6 generations, it is a manor house that stands out for its old, but very well preserved, decoration.
The surrounding gardens and vineyards, in particular, are perfect for a walk at the end of the day, but this boutique hotel in Douro offers other activities to its guests, such as canoeing.

dining room casa varais
wine house casa varais

Furthermore, you can enjoy a dining room (meals can be ordered and served upon request) and also the friendliness of both the owners and the staff, always available to help us during our stay. Visits and wine tastings accompanied by the owner are also available to guests.

Casa dos Varais Manor house is located right on the riverbank – you can get there via a short taxi ride (departing from Régua) or a 20-minute walk along the Douro River, which is very pleasant.

How to get there: take the train to Régua and then a 6 minutes taxi ride or 21 minutes walking.

Quinta Nova Winery House – Relais & Châteaux

quinta nova boutique hotels douro valley
quinta nova bedroom
bedroom quinta nova

Quinta Nova, in addition to being a stunning property, has one of the best boutique hotels in the Douro. It is a hotel covered in slate and cork, two traditional Portuguese materials. The rooms have a very traditional decor and are very comfortable; the infinity pool, with bar service, as well as the restaurant with a terrace, are an invitation to disconnect from the world and enjoy the landscape.

If you choose to stay at Quinta Nova, I recommend that you visit and taste the property’s wines – the visit itself is very informative and the wines are phenomenal. There is also a small store selling traditional Portuguese products that is great for buying last-minute gifts but of excellent quality and good taste.

The only problem – and it really is a problem – of Quinta Nova is its access, through a very narrow road with no barriers, half an hour away from Pinhão.

How to get there: take the train to Pinhão and then a 30 minutes taxi ride.

Quinta da Gricha

quinta da gricha bedroom decor
breakfast room quinta gricha
main room quinta gricha

Quinta da Gricha, which belongs to Churchill’s (one of the best wine cellars in Porto), is a little out of the way, as it is located about 30 minutes by car east of the town of Pinhão (so, 2h driving distance from Porto). Threfore, I only recommend that those who enjoy driving to stay there.

quinta da gricha garden
swimming pool quinta gricha

But, for the daring ones, Quinta da Gricha is really beautiful. In addition to the usual stunning views over the terraces of the Douro, Quinta da Gricha has an infinity pool and a small garden in the middle of schist ruins. It’s very, very romantic and one of the best boutique hotels in Douro. 🙂

How to get there: take the train to Pinhão and then a 30 minutes taxi ride to Quinta da Gricha.

Quinta de Santa Marinha

outdoor space quinta santa marinha
bedroom quinta santa marinha

Quinta de Santa Marinha has only 6 rooms available, all very pleasant and spacious, making it one of the most hidden boutique hotels in Douro. It has a very tasteful architecture, which beautifully combines wood and granite, and a swimming pool with a beautiful view.

The owner, Cidália, is an extraordinary person, who makes everyone feel at home – especially at breakfast time, served on a terrace with magnificent views, with delicious regional products.

A stay at Quinta de Santa Marinha is delightfully private and remote, but it’s not for everyone. There is nothing close to the hotel, so it is necessary to rent a car, also taking into account that the hotel has a reduced menu and does not offer dinner. On the other hand, like many places in the Douro, access is not very easy – prepare your trip well before going.

How to get there: take the train to Pinhão and then a 25 minutes taxi ride.

A Tendinha Guesthouse

bedroom tendinha guesthouse
tendinha guesthouse

If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Douro that does not involve renting a car or taking taxis all the time, then I highly recommend Tendinha Guesthouse, which is located a 5-minute walk from Régua train station. The location is, in fact, the key element of this hotel, as it is located right in the city center) and next to lots of restaurants.

Tendinha Guesthouse, as the name suggests, is a small bed and breakfast with small but very comfortable rooms, where every day they offer us homemade cookies and jam, which is very pleasant.

I recommend Tendinha Guesthouse for those of you that value convenience over luxury.

How to get there: take the train to Régua and then a 4 minute-walk.

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