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I must be the professional blogger who pays less attention to such an important social media platform as Instagram. But I totally get that you are on vacation and want to create some perfect memories of your trip, which is why I made a list of the best Instagram spots in Porto (and how to get there).

Because I am a lousy photographer, I used the photos of some Instagrammers that I follow to inspire you. Enjoy!

Let’s discover the best instagram spots in Porto!

Stock Exchange Palace

stock exchange palace atrium instagram porto

© goncalo_saraiva27

The Stock Exchange Palace is not only one of our most famous buildings but also one of the best Instagram spots in Porto. Usually people go there to take a picture of the famous Arab room, but I honestly prefer the atrium, as it has a stunning glass skylight (the largest in the city, in fact).

To get there, you just need to get down from Rua das Flores.

Largo de São Domingos

sao domingos church instagram spot porto

© marianamachado___

To get to this Instagram spot in Porto, simply go down Rua das Flores and at the end of it you’ll find a tiny square with a beautiful church called Igreja de São Domingos. Make sure you frame it as well!

Casa da Música

casa musica rooftop instagram shot porto

© marianamachado___

Casa da Música is a great instagram spot in Porto whatever angle you photograph it from BUT I particularly like to photograph it from its rooftop – doesn’t the floor look amazing?!

The stairs at the bottom of Rua 31 de Janeiro

31 janeiro street staircase porto

© marianamachado___

Another great Instagram spot in Porto is the magnificent (and highly underrated) staircase right next to São Bento train station. To get there, you can either use the secondary exit of the train station (right next to the lockers) or simply get down Rua 31 de Janeiro – the staircase is on your left hand side.

São Bento train station

sao bento train station platform porto

© goncalo_saraiva27

It is particularly hard to take a decent picture of São Bento train station because it is always, well, packed. Therefore my recommendation is to enter the station itself (don’t simply stay in the atrium, because that is where everyone else is!) and go all the way to the end of the trains’ platforms. From there you can take a shot like this amazing picture!

Cathedral of Porto

dom pedro pitoes sidewalk porto cathedral

© Joanavaz_

The cathedral is of itself one of the best Instagram spots in Porto but there is an angle that I particularly love: the perfect framing that you get when taking the picture from Calçada Dom Pedro Pitões. It is right in front of the cathedral, it is impossible to miss it!

Miradouro da Rua das Aldas

rua das aldas viewpoint instagram porto

© Maracujaroxo

If you continue down Calçada Dom Pedro Pitões you will reach a viewpoint called Miradouro da Rua das Aldas. It is one of the best Instagram spots in Porto because from there you can photograph the last Jewish neighbourhood of Porto (which you can see on the picture above) as well as the beautiful Igreja dos Grilos.

The façade of Igreja do Carmo

azulejo tiles igreja do carmo façade porto

© Alison__wu

You cannot possibly visit Porto without taking a decent picture of our famous azulejo tiles. That picture cannot be taken inside São Bento train station, #Iamsorrytobreakthenews (ok, maybe I am not so bad at this social media stuff!).

The best way to photograph azulejo tiles in Porto is to choose the façade of a church. I highly recommend you to try the façade of Igreja do Carmo or Capela das Almas. To get to the spot where this particular picture was taken, simply get a subway to Aliados or to São Bento and climb from there (it is 10min walking distance).

Luiz I bridge (upper deck)

sunset luiz i bridge instagram spot porto

© Maracujaroxo

I don’t think even I could mess up a photo taken at the upper deck of Luiz I bridge. The effect is particularly stunning when you take the picture during sunset hours.

Jardim do Morro

view from morro garden gaia

© goncalo_saraiva27

We say that the only good thing from Gaia, the city across the Douro river, is the view towards Porto. This photo might explain better than words why we say that!

To get to this Instagram spot in Porto, simply take the subway to the station Jardim do Morro. This beautiful garden is right next to it.

Clérigos Tower

clerigos tower seen from lello bookshop

© goncalo_saraiva27

There are a gazzilion ways of photographing the famous Clérigos tower but my favourite framing is the one you can see on the picture above.
To take it, just go to Lello Bookshop. Face its façade, then turn around et voilà! You’re at one of the best Instagram spots in Porto.
Another great option is to go to the front of the Clérigos tower and take this picture:

clerigos tower front view

© barnadrift

Capela do senhor da Pedra

senhor da pedra chapel gaia

© goncalo_saraiva27

Another great spot in Gaia (ok, maybe they have a couple of things worth visiting :P) is the famous Capela do Senhor da Pedra. It is a tiny chapel built in the middle of the beach. It is simply stunning.

To get there, take the train to Miramar – you should get it at São Bento train station.


rabelo boat luiz i bridge ribeira porto

© catiaribeiros

Ribeira is the most popular neighbourhood in the city so even though it is one of the best Instagram spots in Porto, it is also extremely hard to get a decent picture there (as in, not packed with total strangers).

The trick is to get close enough to the water so that you can frame Luiz I bridge and one or two traditional rabelo boats without massive cruises. But please be careful, we don’t want any of those strange stories of people who put themselves in danger for the sake of Instagram!

Farol de Felgueiras

felgueira lighthouse foz porto

My all time favourite Instagram spot in Foz in Porto is the famous Felgueiras’ lighthouse, which has been featured on National Geographic.

Now, a word of caution. Don’t go all nuts trying to photograph this place during a storm or when the weather is unstable. Plenty of people have already fallen from here and trust me, if you make it alive from that foolishness you will regret it the rest of your life.

To get there, get the #tram 1 or bus #500.

Viaduto do Cais das Pedras

view from cais das pedras viaduct porto

© viveroporto

A really underrated place that I absolutely adore is Viaduto do Cais das Pedras, a discreet viaduct that helps to relieve the traffic at Ribeira area. From there you get a decent picture of Serra do Pilar, the white monastery that you see on the picture above.

To get there, simply take tram #1 or bus #500.

Port wine cellars

cockburns port wine cellars

© cockburns_port

Maybe it is my passion for wine speaking here but coming to Porto and not having an Instagram picture of the Port wine cellars is like going to the Vatican and not photographing the Pope (hmm thinking about it, I have been to the Vatican twice and never got to photograph him. This is a stupid analogy. Nevermind!).

All of them are magical but Cockburn’s is particularly impressive.

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