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We have written about the best beach hotels in Porto and given you some great tips on how to get your toes wet on your trip in the best beaches and swimming pools in Porto.

But if you are like me and are afraid of the sea, maybe something less wild and a bit tamer is what you are looking for.

So I have compiled my recommendations for the best Porto hotels with a pool. I hope you enjoy it! 😉

These are the best Porto hotels with a pool:

My first recommendation is not actually in Porto but in Gaia, the city on the other side of the Douro river.

It’s quite a bit away from the center of Porto, but a double whammy for water lovers.

It is right in front of the ocean (not for my scared self, thank you very much), with a stellar view of the big blue and, of course, it has a pool.

Casa da Granja – Charming Hotel is an old style mansion that is a beauty to behold. The interior is finely decorated in a vintage familiar style with great colors and patterns.

I have to say that everything about this hotel is absolutely stunning and the pool – oh the pool!

The pool is right in the middle of the elegant garden that surrounds the house and it looks right out of the 1920’s. An absolute dream amongst the Porto hotels with a pool.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is HF Ipanema Park with a truly futuristic pool. Located in an open rooftop lounge area, the pool is surrounded by bubble like sofas and tables – perfect for a refreshing drink under the hot sun.

I definitely recommend a late night drink at the pool because the ambience at night is absolutely stellar. The illuminated lounge and pool at night is perfect for a party or simply for a relaxing hangout.

The hotel itself is known for comfort due to its huge beds, open spaces and calming decor. Besides the great pool, it also has a restaurant, a bar and a fitness center.

A truly dynamic hotel, HF Ipanema Park is honestly one of the best Porto hotels with a pool.

A three star hotel in the mouth of the Douro river, Hotel Boa Vista is another great place for avid swimmers. Located where the river meets the sea, you have three choices of swim spots: the sweet water river, the salty sea and the rooftop pool.

With this pool you get all the commodities of an indoor pool and the best views over the Foz area.

Its location is definitely the best thing about this hotel and you have access to some pretty amazing Instagram spots right nearby like the Felgueiras lighthouse. It’s a staple of the area and a great background for some impressive vacation shots. And you can see it right from the pool.

With more than 150 years, the hotel is one of the most charismatic Porto hotels with a pool.

Before I talk about Torel Avantgarde’s pool, I have to rave about this hotel’s decor. The bar and restaurant, for example, look straight out of a 40’s noir crime thriller. The rooms are creatively decorated with strong colors and modern art pieces. The wood accents throughout the hotel give it a perfect balance of lavish and rustic.

Now the pool is just the most luxurious spot in the place, a rectangular piece of heaven with a view to die for. You have to try it for sure!

And if you are a fan of museums, you can visit the Soares dos Reis Museum which is about 5 min away on foot from the hotel.

Another great option whether you have kids or are a kid at heart (aren’t we all?) is the World of Discoveries Museum which is about 10 min away.

And I have a great tip for you: you can get the online skip the ticket line for World of Discoveries here for a discounted price. The ticket costs 12€ but if you buy it at the museum you pay 14€ per person.

It’s a great bargain and you get to skip a line – there’s nothing better than that, is there?

We now come to the embodiment of luxury. Axis Porto Business & Spa Hotel is the perfect choice if you are all about that chic lifestyle.

If I’m being honest, it is a bit much for me personally, but I can definitely see the appeal of having all your needs catered to – which is precisely what Axis does for you.

First impressions are everything and this hotel makes sure you know exactly what you are in for right in the entrance lounge. Richly decorated in warm browns and reds, it is expansive and truly impressive.

The pool, which is what Axis is on this list for, is magnificent. If we stick to the movie comparisons, this pool could be the setting for a Russian spy movie – I can totally picture the intrigue unfolding in that mesmerizing pool. Someone get me a camera!

All this talk of movies reminds me of this hostel dedicated entirely to the moving pictures and pop culture icons. Rivoli Cinema Hostel is an ode to best and most illustrious icons of cinema. Decorated around figures from Tim Burton movies, Tarantino flicks, auteur masterpieces and cartoon characters.

You’ll be surprised to find Jessica Rabbit, Jack Skellington, Pokémon and the Jaws shark sharing space in a wonderful wall drawing that livens up the shared lounge space in this creative hostel.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel offers mainly bunk beds and double rooms and don’t expect the luxury of the previous suggestions on this list. But if you are travelling on a budget and love some cheeky fun, this is the place for you.

The pool is on the rooftop and offers a great view of Porto. Plus it’s located smack in the middle of the city. It’s certainly one of the most creative Porto hotels with a pool.

I have some apartment suggestions for you and the first has a really interesting concept surrounded entirely on the sea. Sete Domus Pool & Garden Suites is the perfect example of renovating an old building into a really cool, functional and space saving place.

The white walls and light wooden floors give the illusion of a much bigger space and create a soft and clean feeling. The modern furniture versus the classical architectural accents create a harmonious atmosphere.

The outdoor pool gets loads of sun during the day and is perfect for a late night dip. And of course the nautical features all around the house just add to charm of this apartment.

One word: ceilings. I know this is a list of the best Porto hotels with a pool, but I have to talk about the best feature of Aparthotel Oporto Alves da Veiga (not counting the pool, of course).

And that is the fantastic ceilings this place has.

Some gorgeous plaster art decorates the ceilings of some of the rooms. They are straight out of an interior designer’s dream, I tell you. From really intricate designs to very simple and elegant ones, this Aparthotel has everything.

And consider: exposed beams all over. Some love them, some hate them. I’m a sucker for them, and I just think they look so stylish and quaint.

But enough about the inside, let’s talk about this Aparthotel’s golden feature: the garden pool.

Gardens are great. Pools are great. Pools in gardens are perfect – enough said.

You should also check out their magnificent terrace which is great for some early morning breakfasts and late night drinks. 😉

733 Costa Cabral Metro Residence has an outdoor pool which can be used during the summer but also during the winter. In a genius move, this apartment has the pool on offer all year because they cover it and heat the water during the winter. It is the perfect place to soak the winter away and let some warmth into your bones.

The building is a centenary house that was renovated in 2017. While the interior was almost entirely renovated, the walls and façade of the building were kept, as well as some rock and wooden structures. So, you will have all the comforts of modern life while also experiencing the centenary building.

I could absolutely go on with this list of the best Porto hotels with a pool because there are so many great contenders. However, these are definitely my favourite ones. Check out our other articles about accommodation in Porto.

We have something for everyone: the best neighborhoods in Porto, places that are pet friendly, perfect hotels for families and if you are travelling in style, we recommend the best luxury hotels in the city.

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