Best restaurants in Foz

Foz is a beautiful neighborhood on the western side of Porto where the Douro river pours into the Atlantic Ocean.When…

Sara Riobom
17 de May de 2018

Foz is a beautiful neighborhood on the western side of Porto where the Douro river pours into the Atlantic Ocean.
When you arrive here, you need at least a full day to discover everything Foz has to offer including the sandy beaches, the gorgeous architecture and the wonderful restaurants with outdoor seatings.

So to help you stay energised for your adventures, I want to make sure you eat at the best restaurants in Foz. In this article, I’ve gathered some of my favourite spots to eat including those suitable for families, large groups, vegan/vegetarian diets, romantic date nights and even those that are budget-friendly.

Here are the best restaurants in Foz…

Casa Vasco

Rua do Padrão, 152 | Porto

casa vasco best restaurants foz
casa vasco restaurant porto mini tacos
For those of you looking for the best restaurants in Foz for traditional Portuguese food, Casa Vasco is a great option.
For the entry, you have bread, marinated tomato, olives and smoked butter (1.80€). For the main course, you can’t go wrong with grilled fish and rice (13€). And you have to try their delicious chocolate cheesecake (4.50€).
Casa Vasco is close to Avenida do Brasil, an avenue in front of the Atlantic Ocean where you can walk by the sea or do some shopping. I recommend Fashion Lovers Boutique for some Portuguese designer pieces. And if you’re a fan of art, stop at Baganha art gallery to see the latest artworks.
How to get there: take bus 202 and stop at Crasto. The restaurant is a 2 minutes walking distance.

daTerra Foz

Rua de Sobreiras, 514 | Porto

daterra vegetarian restaurant foz portodaterra vegetarian restaurant buffet
This is one of the best restaurants in Foz for vegan and vegetarian meals. We have already extensively written about this restaurant because it is, in our humble opinion, one of the best restaurants in Porto.
DaTerra is a buffet style restaurant so it doesn’t have a fixed menu. For 8€ (for lunch, at night it is 12€) you can choose your meal from a selection of delicious cold salads, no-meat sushi, warm meals and incredible desserts (including yummy energy balls). Drinks are paid separately, and I advise you to try its fresh juices.
After you’re done eating delicious food at daTerra, you should check out the mix of modern and traditional architecture in the area. You can also walk until you get to a bird watching observatory in a place called Largo António Calém.
How to get there: take the tram 1 and stop at D. Leonor. The restaurant is a 1 minute walking distance.


Rua da Senhora da Luz, 448 | Porto

peebz burguer restaurant foz
A minute away from Praia dos Ingleses beach you’ll find yourself eating delicious burgers for less than €9! Peebz is one of the best restaurants in Foz for burger lovers like myself.
All the burgers are served with a generous side of fries. They have a selection of veal meat burgers (6.50€ –  8.50€) and salmon burgers (8.70€). Additionally, they provide a kids’ menu with a burger, fries and a drink (6€).
For vegetarians, it has a black bean burger with portobello mushroom, sautéed cherry tomatoes, lettuce and a yogurt sauce (6.60€). It also offers a spicy version for the same price, but with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and a spicy sauce.
Near Peebz, you should check out a cool LEGO store called Netoys (Avenida Brasil, 10). You can also visit Dios Myo, a Portuguese clothing brand that sells handmade clothes and accessories (Rua do Farol, 13).
How to get there: take bus 202 and get off at Praia dos Ingleses. Peebz is a 1 minute walking distance from there.


Rua do Padrão, 100 | Porto

cafeina best restaurant foz porto tartar beef cafeina best restaurants porto
If you want to find the best restaurants in Foz where Portuguese food is done right, you should head out to Cafeína – a restaurant that made it to our best restaurants in Porto.
For starters, try the tuna tartare with avocados and horseradish mayo (10€). Then, you can’t go wrong with salted cod served with spinach and Hollandaise sauce, tenderloin steak (18€) or veal stew (18.50€). There’s a kids’ menu which includes chopped beef, eggs, rice, fries and an ice cream scoop (14€). You can’t leave without dessert, so try Cafeína’s chocolate cake with cocoa, ginger sauce and caramel ice cream (7€).
The restaurant location couldn’t be better. After your delicious meal, take a walk at the Pergola of Foz or walk alongside the many Foz beaches till you get to Passeio Alegre gardens, a 16 minutes walking distance from the restaurant.
How to get there: take bus 200 and stop at Crasto bus stop. The restaurant is a 2 minutes walking distance.

Pedro Lemos Restaurante

Rua do Padre Luís Cabral, 974 | Porto

pedro lemos michelin star restaurant foz portopedro lemos michelin star restaurant porto codfish meal
This is not only one of the best restaurants in Foz, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones. This 1 Michelin star restaurant is great for special occasions or romantic date nights. Just remember to book in advance as the waiting list is rather long.
The price is around 110 / 120€ for a two-course meal without wines.
If you just finished lunch at Pedro Lemos Restaurante, challenge your partner to a game of mini-golf on Passeio Alegre gardens (Avenida de Dom Carlos I) or take a stroll along the beach.
How to get here: take bus 500 and get off at Passeio Alegre or take an Uber.

Wish Restaurante & Sushi

Largo da Igreja, 105 | Porto

wish sushi restaurant portowish best sushi restaurant foz
The location and the food make Wish one of the best restaurants in Foz to eat sushi.
The menu in this restaurant is rather versatile. For starters, you can order a fish and shellfish soup (5€), oysters (10€), grilled scallop (12€) and much more. For sushi and sashimi, you can get five pieces of different types of sashimi (7€ – 9€) or a mix of maki, gunkan, sashimi, nigiri (19€ for 16 pieces, 28€ for 24 pieces).
For the main course, it has different types of fish (all 19€) including codfish served with potatoes and tuna fish served with vegetables. The most expensive item on this menu is tiger shrimp with tagliolini (26€). They have pasta and risotto (18€ – 26€) as well as salads (7€ – 14€).
On the kids’ menu, you have soup, chopped meat with fried eggs, potato fries, rice and a scoop of ice cream (15€).
After you have a nice seafood meal, you can go for a peaceful walk and explore the area around known as Foz Velha. It has colorful houses and narrow photogenic streets.
How to get there: take the tram 1 and get off at Passeio Alegre. Wish sushi restaurant should be a 3 minutes walking distance.

Twins 19.74 Restaurante & Bar

Rua do Passeio Alegre, 1000 | Porto

twins restaurant bar foz porto
If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Foz to eat some regional Portuguese food and then dance afterward, Twins 19.74 is the place to go.
Twins is a chic restaurant that allows you to eat like a VIP. It has an accessible location and live DJs on Saturdays. This is perfect for couples or large groups so make your reservations accordingly.
You can start with bread, marinated olives and butter (2€), salads like octopus salad (6€) or the famous Portuguese caldo verde soup (3.50€). Its seafood menu (19€ – 48.50€) includes octopus, codfish, sea bass and more. They also have red meat options like pork and veal (16.50€ – 47.50€).
Close to Twins 19.74, you have the stunning Passeio Alegre garden with its mini-golf. And make some room for dessert because nearby, you’ll find a precious pastry shop called Paparoca da Foz, which serves numerous options for desserts such as guardanapos (Portuguese folded cake) and brigadeiros (Brazilian chocolate dessert).
How to get there: take the bus 500 or the tram #1 to Passeio Alegre, or take an Uber.

Restaurante da Praia do Homem do Leme

Avenida de Montevideu | Porto

homem leme beach restaurant foz
With an outstanding view, a playground nearby and a great outdoor seating area, Homem do Leme is for sure one of the best restaurants in Foz, especially if you’re traveling with kids.
For entry, try the Portuguese mixed sausages (5.50€) or a codfish cake (1.50€). For the main course, you can get a grilled sirloin steak (20€), a hamburger on a plate (9€), a hamburger in a bun (5.50€) or a hot dog with cheese and ham (3.50€). They also offer the famous Porto dish, francesinha (10€). For dessert, go with a chocolate cake (3.50€), a chocolate mousse (3€) or a fruit plate (5€).
While you’re there, I recommend taking a walk in Parque da Cidade, the biggest urban park in Porto. Furthermore, a visit to Sea Life Porto is a must! For onsite tickets, adults pay 13.5€, kids aged 4 to 12 pay 9.50€ and children under 4 have free entry. But get your tickets online, it’s cheaper!
How to get there: take bus 202 and get off at Molhe bus stop. The restaurant is a 4 minutes walking distance.

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