The best spa hotels in the Douro Valley

I have already written an article about the best hotels in Douro Valley, but it was missing one about the…

Sara Riobom
7 de March de 2024

I have already written an article about the best hotels in Douro Valley, but it was missing one about the best spa hotels in the Douro. So here it is, my friends! A couple of important notes before I present you my list:

  • One thing I realised when researching for this article is that most hotels in the Douro Valley use the word spa a bit too freely – meaning that they consider themselves a spa hotel if they have an indoors pool, period. But I think that is just not good enough for you, so in order to be included on this list of the best spa hotels in the Douro valley, the hotels had to have at least a hot tub; and most of them have a proper spa, with massage treatments.
  • Usually on my hotels’ articles I focus a lot on the decor / design of both the rooms and the common areas, but on this article I am focusing specifically on the spa facilities. If you want to see the hotel themselves, I suggest you to follow the link to each hotel 🙂

These are the best spa hotels in the Douro Valley

Six Senses Douro Valley

six senses douro valley spa room
six senses douro valley sauna

The Six Senses Douro Valley is probably the best spa hotel in the Douro valley, not only because it has the best spa facilities but because it has the best treatments and the best practitioners available.

This five star hotel has dozens of treatments available, from detox massages to shiatsu and several face and feet massages (my favourite – I find them so relaxing!). The prices range from 80€ to 240€, depending on the treatment you choose and on its duration. You can book it directly at the hotel reception upon your arrival.

Moreover, you can head out to the Six Senses Douro Valley lavish spa, the heated indoor pool (overlooking a beautiful forest) with water jets or the outdoor pool.

Yes, it is a VERY expensive hotel – oh but so, so worth it.

Octant Douro

indoors pool douro41 spa hotel douro valley
douro41 hotel spa lady sauna

Here’s the thing: one of my best friends has a house near Octant Douro, a great spa hotel in the Douro valley, so one day we decided to treat ourselves to a spa day. The moment I arrived in Octant Douro I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they are 100% cruelty free, only using vegan, organic products on its spa.

Then we were offered the spa menu and it was really hard to choose because they have so many diverse treatments available, ranging from river stones’ face massage to bath salts.

Octant Douro also has couples’ massages available (220€ / 50 minutes), as well as stress release / quiet sleep massages, to help you relax and thoroughly enjoy your experience at Douro 41 Hotel & Spa.

Lamego Hotel & Life

water spring indoors pool
outdoor pool douro valley view

Lamego Hotel & Life is one of my favourite hotels in Douro Valley due to its strategic location and gorgeous decor. But not only that: it also has a fantastic spa, with different treatments available:

  • Sensory massages, that range from 58€ / 50 minutes to 98€ / 70 minutes.
  • Therapeutic massages, that include muscle recovery (84€ / 60 minutes) and lymphatic Drainage (79€ / 70 minutes).
  • Face treatments, that include detox, SOS Moisturising, Deep Lifting, etc. The prices range from 46€ / 30 minutes to 84€ / 75 minutes.

But my favourite option is to simply do an entire Spa Day at Lamego Hotel & Life, that includes three different treatments and a light lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. This option costs 190€ and it lasts for 6 very pleasant hours.

You can also enjoy the heated outdoor pool, the indoor pool, the jacuzzi, the Turkish bath or the sauna.

MW Douro Wine & Spa

double bedroom mw douro wine spa hotel
mw douro wine spa hotel living room

A luxury hotel in the Douro was recently renovated – a 12 minute drive from Régua, so really close! – and, of course, I had to take a look and tell you about my experience 🙂

At MW Douro Wine & Spa you will find the discreet comfort of rooms in subtle tones, perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape, over which they have a privileged view, by the way.

The bathrooms are luxurious and discreet, with CastelBel products (for those who don’t know, the best Portuguese company for body products).

But best of all, MW Douro Wine & Spa has an excellent spa, with an indoor pool, Turkish bath and sauna, which is quite unusual even on the best spa hotels in the Douro valley. And to top it off, the massage rooms have a delightful view of the region’s vineyards.

If the weather is nice, be sure to make the most of the outdoor pool, overlooking the largest bridge in the region.

Quinta da Barroca

outdoors pool quinta barroca hotel douro valley
quinta barroca spa hotel douro valley

As far as I know Quinta da Barroca, a lovely wine estate in the Douro Valley, does not provide massages, but honestly WHO CARES when you can enjoy its lovely hot tub with your loved one. It is right next to the indoors pool, that has a 360º glass cover. You can also enjoy the sauna on its premises.

But my favourite area of Quinta da Barroca is its outdoors pool, surrounded by the lovely granite houses of this ancient estate. So if you prefer a traditional setting, this spa hotel in the Douro valley is definitely the right place for you 🙂

Douro Palace Hotel Resort & Spa

spa lounge forest view
douro palace spa hotel douro indoors pool

Douro Palace Hotel Resort & Spa is yet another option of you are looking for spa hotels in the Douro Valley. Even though its spa lacks the sophistication of other options on this article, its practitioners are known to give good massages.

This spa hotel in Douro also has indoors and outdoors swimming pools, both of them with fantastic views of the region.

Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa 

vichy shower douro royal hotel spa
couples massage spa hotel douro

Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa has quite a complex spa “operation”, that comprises 4 treatment rooms, 2 indoor relaxation areas and 1 outdoor area, an indoor jet pool, a double Vichy shower room, a Scottish shower room, a Sauna and Hammam (mixed) and a fitness club.

Moreover, what I particularly love about this spa hotel in the Douro valley is that it provides sooooo many different massages and therapies, from hot candles massage to wine therapy rituals, Vichy and Scottish showers and an entire array of couple’s special treats.

Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa also provides massages for bachelorette parties, pregnant women and new mums, following the life cycle of most women 🙂

Douro Scala

indoors pool douro scala hotel
hot tub douro scala

Douro Scala is quite a large hotel with several spa facilities: 3 treatment rooms, an indoor heated pool, sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi and even a small gymnasium for workout addicts.

Besides that, the view from the outdoors pool is ab-so-lu-te-ly breathtaking and it is definitely worth visiting this spa hotel in the Douro valley just for that.

Imaginário D’El Rei Guest House

terrace overlooking douro valley
infinity pool douro valley outdoors hot tub

Imaginário D’El Rei has the most fabulous view of the region and you can enjoy it from the comfort of its outdoors bubbly hot tub and for that alone I consider it is a good spa hotel in the Douro valley. It is also very close to Porto – just 1h10 driving distance. The bedrooms are quite humble (but sparkling clean), but honestly who cares about that when you have a terrace with a breathtaking view of the Douro river.

Vila Galé Collection Douro

vila gale massage room hotel spa douro valley

I have to say that I am not entireeeely convinced by Vila Galé Collection Douro, but the truth is that there are few spa hotels in the Douro valley so I decided to include this one and let you decide if it is worth it or not. 

Besides having heated indoors and outdoors pools, Vila Galé Collection Douro also has spa packages catered mostly to couples or to bachelorette parties (true story), so it might be just what you need for a thematic getaway 😛

I also particularly like the location of this hotel, just a short 5 minutes driving distance from Régua’s train station. Nearby you can find some of the best restaurantes in Douro Valley.

Douro Cister Hotel Resort

douro cister hotel resport swimming pool
indoor pool

Having guided many visitors around the region, I can tell you that Douro Cister Hotel Resort has a unique charm. The hotel is fairly new, with exposed concrete ceilings and large windows, creating an appealing modern design. The apartments are spacious and well-equipped, featuring comfortable beds, air conditioning, and quality rainfall showers.

But what sets Douro Cister Hotel Resort apart is not only its outdoor pool but also the indoor pool, with very warm water. It also has a small sauna. All in all, Douro Cister Hotel Resort offers a unique blend of modern design, well-equipped accommodations, and nice pools that makes it stand out.

Moreover, it is located at one of my favourite villages in the region, Ucanha, which has a fantastic medieval tower.

Quinta Vale das Papas

quinta vale papas jacuzzi douro valley

Guiding visitors around the Douro Valley, I’ve come to appreciate the unique charm of Quinta Vale das Papas. The property has AMAZING views, among the best  in the region. The rooms come with balconies that overlook the valley, providing you with a serene environment.

The property also offers a spa and wellness center with a sauna, hammam, and open-air bath, and that will be a highlight of your trip in the douro valley 🙂

Quinta Vale das Papas is close to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the region, Casal de Loivos.

Quinta dos Padres Santos, Agroturismo & Spa

jacuzzi quinta padres santos douro valley
women massage douro valley

Quinta dos Padres Santos, Agroturismo & Spa stands out because of its amazing staff. They go above and beyond to ensure their guests comfort, taking the time to explain the history of the property and the surrounding area. The accommodations are in refurbished old watermills, with each room elegantly designed, and equipped with an HD flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi access.

Quinta dos Padres Santos, Agroturismo & Spa also offers a spa and outdoor pool in the Varosa river valley. Guests looking for relaxation can use the hot tub overlooking the valley, and the variety of therapies available at the Spa is also a unique feature of Quinta dos Padres Santos, Agroturismo & Spa.

The location is quite good, at Lamego – one of the most beautiful cities in the douro valley, with a fantastic cathedral.

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