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Get to know the best urban terraces in Porto, ideal for a sunset party or to simply grab a beer after walking in the city.

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The best urban terraces in Porto are:

Miradouro Ignez

Rua da Restauração, 252

urban terraces porto miradouro ignez
Miradouro Ignez  was a recent discovery but it already won my heart. Let’s see: a fa-bu-lous view, an amazing location (behind the Crystal Palace gardens), hamburgers made in pão do Caco (a typical bread from Madeira island) and refreshing drinks perfect for a lazy afternoon. It is definitely one of the best urban terraces in Porto!



Passeio dos Clérigos
Fotos retiradas da página de facebook do BASE.

Photos taken from the facebook page of BASE.

BASE is the versatility in the form of both terrace and garden. Next to the terrace itself there are long tables ideal for larger groups, but during these hot Summer days we are tempted to just look for a puff and enjoy the warmth while indulging ourselves with a fresh drink from BASE. No wonder tourists always consider BASE as one of the best urban terraces in Porto 🙂

Livraria da Baixa

Rua das Carmelitas, 15
Foto retirada da página de facebook da Livraria da Baixa.

Photo taken from the facebook page of Livraria da Baixa.

If we only paid attention to the terrace of Livraria da Baixa we would miss the story of an ancient library, called Fernando Machado, that opened in 1922. We can still feel it in every decor detail of Livraria da Baixa, and all the love & care that the owner, Rui Guerra, placed in the renovation of the space.

But today let us focus just on the urban terrace, which has a great view of Lello bookshop, the so-called Harry Potter bookstore.

Aduela Taberna Bar

Rua das Oliveiras, 36

urban terraces porto aduela taberna bar
Aduela is a cafe/bar full of character, built in an old warehouse of sewing machines. In between the main arteries of the nightlife district, this top urban terrace in Porto could easily be ignored; but a good wine list coupled with real Portuguese snacks (that tapas thing is Spanish, my friend!), ensure that this will never happen 🙂

Moustache Coffee House

Praça Carlos Alberto, 104

urban terraces porto moustache coffee house
Another excellent urban terrace in Porto, where you can find not only a wonderful 100% Arabica coffee taken by professional baristas, but also a wide selection of sweet temptations. It has a small outdoor terrace, ideal for these days of intense heat but also for Winter days, as it has heat on the outside (and some cute blankets too!).

Champanheria da Baixa

Largo de Monpellier, 1 / 2

urban terraces porto champanheria baixa
Champanheria da Baixa is well known by all people of Porto due to its strawberry champagne sangria, a wonderful choice for hot Summer nights. Moreover, it is at the intersection of two streets of Porto’s movida: it is definitely an excellent venue for a Saturday night!


Rua da Conceição, 3

urban terraces porto candelabro
I have excellent memories of Candelabro, right next to Champanheria da Baixa:it is a relaxed yet cosmopolitan bar, with a good selection of drinks that you ask at the counter and enjoy on the outside. During the day it is also a great place to have a few cold beers, so for me it is one of the best urban terraces in Porto.

Tuareg Baixa

Rua da Laje, 46
Fotos retiradas da página de facebook do Tuareg Baixa.

Photos taken from the facebook page of Tuareg Baixa.

I don’t know about you, but I love Moroccan Shishas and therefore I am easily seduced by Tuareg da Baixa, close to the wonderful viewpoint of Virtudes. In between a Shisha and a cold beer, you can spend a sunny afternoon in this cozy terrace without realizing it. I recommend this place both during the day and at night.

Centro Comercial Bombarda

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 285
Fotos retiradas das páginas de facebook do Centro Comercial Bombarda, Pimenta Rosa e Sabores & Açores.

Photos taken of the facebook pages of Centro Comercial Bombarda, Pimenta Rosa and Sabores & Açores.

I already wrote about this unusual shopping center, right in the center of the artistic street of Porto, in the article on the places to work & study in Porto. At this spot there is a very nice indoor terrace (you can get something to drink / eat both at the really cheap Pimenta Rosa or at the exotic Sabores & Açores, which I have told you about on the article on the best restaurants for a low budget in Porto). It’s fabulous, and one of the best urban terraces in Porto that I attend the most!


Rua do Breyer, 85
Foto retirada da página de facebook do Breyner85.

Photo taken from the facebook of Breyner85.

Breyer85 hosts concerts, jam sessions, karaoke nights, … the list is endless. But today I leave the music aside because my intention is to tell you about its fabulous terrace, in the garden, away from street noises. It is great for a relaxed drink or to organize a private event 🙂

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Maria Bôla

Rua de Cedofeita, 516
This photo was a courtesy of Maria Bôla :)

This photo was a courtesy of Maria Bôla 🙂

Maria Bôla has an immaculate girly style, its delicious “bôlas” (a typical savoury cake prepared with great care and love) and also… its terrace, of which we don’t even suspect when we walk down Cedofeita Street. Moreover, it has a delicious brunch every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm. Do you need more excuses to get there? 🙂


Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 287

Terraplana won me over with its cosmopolitan mood and its cocktails that, frankly, are very unlikely to be found in other bars in Porto. It also organizes DJ sessions, live music, beer tastings, … it is a really special place!

Guindalense Futebol Clube

Escadas dos Guindais, 43

Guindalense is a space that presents itself  “from and for the community of Porto”, not as a “coffee house” or as a “bar”. It is the arrival point of those taking the trip of Guindais’ funicular, the favourite viewpoint of tourists, the coffee spot of students. It is an invitation to long coffees and refreshing beers, a game of cards, or its famous party during St. John’s festivity, the most important night in Porto. We just love our Guindalense, period.

Galeria do Largo

Largo de S. Domingos, 45 – 55

Galeria do Largo is right at the tourist heart of Porto, aka Largo de S. Domingos, precisely under the Hotel A. S. 1829. Even though it is a restaurant, during the afternoon it works as a coffee place, so it is one of the most popular urban terraces in Porto among tourists.

N’O Mercado (Hard Club)

Praça do Infante, 95

urban terraces porto no mercado hard club
I’ve already told you the story of Ferreira Borges’ Market, a beautiful building made of glass and red iron, close to Ribeira. What I didn’t tell you  is that right at the entrance of the market there is a “glass box”, which is actually a cafe with a nice urban terrace outside.

Bar Ponte Pênsil

Right next to Luiz I bridge
Foto retirada do website do Bar Ponte Pênsil.

Photo taken from the website of Bar Ponte Pênsil.

Location, location, location. It is the main asset of this terrace, built precisely on a pillar of the old D. Maria II suspension bridge, that was dismantled in 1887. The service is not particularly fast and don’t have high expectations regarding the menu of this urban terrace in Porto, but the fabulous view of the Douro river, Ribeira and the stunning iron bridge Luiz I outweighs these disadvantages.

BB Gourmet Bolhão

Rua de Fernandes Tomás, 174
Foto retirada da página de facebook do BB Gourmet.

Photo taken from the facebook of BB Gourmet.

BB Gourmet is a restaurant chain known particularly for their meals prepared in vacuum, which are very convenient when you are hungry and in a hurry. Despite having several locations (like the one on Cedofeita Street), I’ve chosen BB Gourmet Bolhão because it is, as the name indicates, located in front of our dear Bolhão’s Market. In addition to the large terrace, you can also enjoy its beautiful interior.

Casa Agrícola

Rua do Bom Sucesso, 241
Fotos retiradas da página de facebook da Casa Agrícola.

Photos taken from the facebook page of Casa Agrícola.

Casa Agrícola has been and continues to be one of my usual “landing places”. The stupendous location – right next to the renovated Bom Sucesso’s Market, with the simple Chapel of Bom Sucesso welcoming you at the entrance, it has not one but TWO terraces: one outdoors and another one indoors. Moreover, it is one of the best bars of Porto to watch football games.

Casinha Boutique Café

Avenida da Boavista, 854
Fotos retiradas da página de facebook da Casinha Boutique Café.

Photos taken from the facebook page of Casinha Boutique Café.

Casinha Boutique Café is a love at first sight. Two steps away from Casa da Música, the discreet entrance conceals a renovated old house with a terrace inside. It serves delicious sandwiches, quiches, home made ice creams and a fantastic cheesecake.

Casa Vasco

Rua do Padrão, 152
Foto retirada da página de facebook da Casa Vasco.

Photo taken from the facebook page of Casa Vasco.

Casa Vasco, in Foz, combines a relaxed atmosphere with a sophisticated menu, that is not only focused on the ordinary boards of cheese and sausages.

The Bird

Rua da Agra, 143
Foto retirada da página de facebook do The Bird.

Photos taken from the facebook of The Bird.

The Bird has a simple yet inviting decor, a good tea menu and some delicious cakes, with the advantage of being also in West Porto. A small hidden paradise.

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