Welcome to your private tours in Porto!

Highlights of our private tours in Porto

  • Get spoiled with a customised tour in Porto according to your preferences. Whether you are interested in History, Architecture, Local traditions and stories, Port wines, etc… tell us what you enjoy doing when travelling and we will tailor make you a tour in Porto according to your tastes and your pace as a traveller.


  • Get to know Porto with a native guide: regardless of the itinerary that we follow during our tour in Porto, we will let you know local stories and tales that not even the locals know about.


  • Learn what’s hot at the moment: during the tour, we will give you inside tips on the best restaurants and shops, and on what is going on in the city at the moment.


  • Ask anything you are curious about Porto: this is why we created the blog Portoalities in the first place!

 Useful Information about our private tours in Porto

  • Tours provided in English or Portuguese.


  • Tour length: Half a day (~3h) / entire day (~6h), according to your preference.


  • Distance walked: shaped to your fitness level. We will do as many breaks as you want. It is also possible to take transports such as the historical tram line.


  • We run tours every day, according to your schedule in Porto.


  • We do not organise private tours for solo travellers.


  • In Porto, we solely organise walking tours as there is a lot of traffic and it is extremely hard to park. Naturally, if there is someone in your group with mobility issues we would be glad to use a private transport to move around the city.

 How to book your private tours in Porto

  1. Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page with the information required.


  1. We will shortly get back to you so that we can arrange the details of the tour: date & time and payment method (either PayPal, Xoom or wire transfer – we do not take cash on the spot!)

How can we assess the quality of your private tours in Porto?

Every once in a while I get emails from people who feel uncomfortable with the idea of paying in advance to someone they do not know.

I completely understand the feeling, which is why I invite you to read the TripAdvisor reviews written by people who already took our tours.

You will discover that pretty much everyone is in love with our tours.

Are your private tours in Porto suitable for families?

They most certainly are!

We are getting more and more requests from families with kids in Porto that want to spend a relaxed and fun day in the city. We have a lot of experience handling kids from all ages, and we always prepare a private tour in Porto that combines an informative walk for adults and relaxed and interactive experiences for the kids.

Do not worry, you and your family are in good hands!

     Any further questions?

    Please send an email to sara@portoalities.com and We will get back to you shortly.

    PS – If you’re considering to book this tour, don’t forget to pin this page for later! 😉