Shopping in Porto: best shops guide

Porto is not just a city with monuments and landscapes to enjoy. There are plenty of trendy stores scattered throughout…

Sara Riobom
19 de October de 2023

Porto is not just a city with monuments and landscapes to enjoy. There are plenty of trendy stores scattered throughout the city that can provide an amazing shopping experience.
I have a myriad of suggestions from clothing sellers to quality places to get your souvenirs so that you may never forget your visit.
You can explore them after booking your hotel in the city, following my guide about the best neighborhoods to stay in Porto.

Important remarks about shopping in Porto

  • Street shops usually run from 10am to 7pm, unlike shopping centers, which run from 10am to midnight.
  • Sunday is the only day of the week when we do not advise to go shopping in Porto, as in general the street shops are closed, except during the Holidays.
  • In shopping malls you find the same urban garbage you find everywhere else in the world (Zara’s and the like), which is why I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and discover the amazing street shops in Porto, including the stunning traditional Portuguese grocery stores.

Shopping in Porto: Concept stores

Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda

Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 285

centro miguel bombarda collectiva jewelry store porto
Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda is the only shopping mall that I like going to because it provides one of the best user experiences in terms of shopping in Porto.
There you can find a phenomenal Japanese store called MIU Concept where you can choose from a fine selection of Japanese and Chinese teas but also all the utensils for storing, preparing and serving tea.
There is also another store called Collectiva which is a congregation of female jewel designers from Portugal. It is a great place to buy unique jewels in Porto, particularly if you don’t fancy so much the traditional Portuguese filigree.
Finally, another store that I like is called Organii, that sells organic cosmetics and personal hygiene items.
Once there, take time to have lunch at the fusion restaurant Sabores & Açores.
How to get there: the subway stations Lapa and Aliados are a 15 minutes walking distance.

Ó! Galeria

Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 61
o galeria illustration store porto
© O! Galeria

Ó! Galeria is simply the place to do some shopping in Porto if you enjoy design, illustration, zines and author pieces. It showcases some famous Portuguese artists such as Mariana Miserável and David Penela but also a lot of international artists as well.
The good thing is that the products they sell there are so light that you can easily take them back home without taking a lot of precious luggage space.
How to get there: the subway stations Lapa and Aliados are a 15 minutes walking distance.

Almada em Branco

Rua do Almada, 125
almada em branco concept store porto
© Almada em Branco

This is one of the most tempting concept stores in this list of shopping in Porto.
At Almada em Branco you will find a wide range of carefully selected products from both national and international brands of clothing, shoes, ceramics and travel bags.
How to get there: the subway station Aliados is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Almada 13

Rua do Almada, 13
almada 13 souvenir store porto
© Almada 13

Right next to Almada em Branco is a large store completely full of objects with a touch of urban design and a lot of humor called Almada 13’s store.
This store gathers five stores in one: the urban design objects from Águas Furtadas Design, the clothing and decoration pieces in burel (A Portuguese handmade fabric made of wool), cork products from Cork & Co, Yellow Boat’s maritime products and WE-Rota tea’s home decor products and teas.
Almada 13 definitely deserves to be on this list of the best shopping in Porto but to be honest I find it too touristy for my own, personal taste.
How to get there: the subway station Aliados is 5 minutes walking distance.

Suuuper_creates like a lab / sells like a store

Rua de Sousa Viterbo, 73
handcrafted mugs portugal

Really cool curated shop with ceramics, art, some clothes and assorted gifts, where you can also see a beautiful exhibition or participate in a Workshop. The care that Diva takes in choosing the artists she represents at Suuuper shows her genuine concern in publicizing the talent that exists hidden in Portugal. She also provides remarkable service, governed by great friendliness and efficiency.

A little pricier than other similar shops in Porto but worth it for the experience and ambiance.

Shopping in Porto: Fashion

Loja da Burel

Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 83
burel portuguese wool fashion shop porto
© Burel Mountain

This is, without a doubt, one of the most special places to do some shopping in Porto.
As the name implies, burel (100% wool material) is transformed into unique, urban pieces, handmade by its seamstresses. The end result combines the dedication of those who work this ancient knowledge with a unique and innovative design.
It is a must-have for anyone who likes elegant and good quality fashion items.
In a prominent touristic area of Porto, after visiting this shop you can also visit Palácio das Artes and Igreja da Misericórdia. You can grab a light lunch at the restaurant of the Hard Club, or at the vegetarian restaurant daTerra Baixa.
How to get there: São bento subway station is 5 minutes walking distance.

Fantasy Boutique

Rua de Cedofeita, 447

fantasy boutique women fashion store porto
Fantasy is the boutique shop in Porto where I buy all my clothes. I particularly like this place because it has premium brands such as Kenzo, Moschino and Red Valentino but also younger, more affordable brands such as Hoss Entropia, Patrizia Pepe and Anonyme.
I am not going to lie to you: this is an expensive shop but what most people don’t know is that it has an outlet store practically across the street where you can find clothing from previous collections which are very affordable.
How to get there: take buses 202, 502 or 3M to Cedofeita stop – the store is very close by. Otherwise, the subway station Lapa is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Lufa Lufa

Rua das Flores, 255
lufa lufa clothing shop porto

Lufalufa is a minuscule clothing shop (seriously, it is the tiniest shop I’ve ever seen) that is specialised in T-shirts with a cool design. Most of the T-shirts have a reference to Porto and / or to Portuguese culture, so it is a really cool gift to bring back home from Porto. They have T-shirts for both men and women, and me and my boyfriend have some of them and love them.

How to get there: the subway / train station São Bento is a 2 minutes walking distance.


Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, 270A
ecola wood clothing shop
ecola shop porto facade

Founded in 1925 and remaining in the third generation of the same family, Ecolã is a small store that is easy to miss and hard to resist. Its production unit follows the entire wool cycle of Bordeaux sheep, from shearing to the final product, on an ecological and sustainable basis. In this store you can find a wide range of products made with 100% wool from Portuguese sheep. These items include blankets, clothing and accessories, whether knitted or burlap.

How to get there: the subway / train station São Bento is a 2 minutes walking distance.

Shopping in Porto: Food & Wine

Loja das Conservas

Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 240
canned fish concept store porto
© Evasões

This shop in Porto needs no introduction! As its name implies, in this shop the highlight is the Portuguese canned fish, of which I am particularly found of.
The shop is organized by brands from various coastal regions of the country. The stars are the sardine and the mackerel, but there is also space for octopus, cockle, cod, mussels, swordfish… oh yes, you’ll have a hard time to choose among so many fish varieties, sauces (most common ones are tomato and extra virgin olive oil) and spices (think cloves, lemon, ginger, pepper…).
My favourite brands are Briosa (the spicy “picas” are to die for!) and the Santa Catarina tuna from the Azores.
Add some cheese, artisanal Portuguese sausages, a decent wine and a few jars of jam and dinner is ready.
How to get there: São bento subway station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Terroir Gourmet

Rua da Boavista, 22 | Porto
terroir gourmet shop porto
© Terroir Gourmet

Terroir Gourmet is probably the most complete gourmet store in the city and one of the best places to do some shopping in Porto for those who appreciate the delights of Portuguese gastronomy.
This shop combines the quality of the products with an elegant and intimate environment.
It has an immense range of biological and gourmet food products, mainly from Portuguese origin. There you will find from olive oils to cheeses and sausages, spices, biscuits, candies and jams. For more exquisite palates, there is also caviar, foie gras and truffles (unfortunately these are all imported products, and hence we don’t recommend them as much).
You can also count on a selection of the best wines, liqueurs, sparkling wines and Port wines.
How to get there: Lapa subway station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Meia Dúzia

Several locations, namely Rua de Santa Catarina
meia duzia gourmet jams store porto
© Meia Dúzia

Meia Dúzia is quite a peculiar addiction to this article of shopping in Porto as it is solely dedicated to selling… jams.
That’s right: it produce and sell fruit jams made with fruits and vegetables from organic production or protected designation of origin (in the case of pineapple coming from Azores).
However, although the product they sell is a classic staple, they chose to sell it in a completely unusual package: each fruit has a tube of different color, each color a distinct flavor.
There is a wide variety of jam flavours that you can choose from and I highly recommend you to try them at their cute stores spread across the city.
Meia Dúzia prepared some pack ideal for specific types of food (for example, jams to go along with cheeses, etc) that make really good and affordable gifts to bring back home.
How to get there: the train station São Bento is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Gota a Gota Wine House

Rua de Cedofeita, 572
gota a gota wine shop porto

Gota a Gota is a wine store created by two friends of mine, both passionate about the pleasure of enjoying a good wine. Together they created Gota a Gota, a store in Porto with an excellent selection of wines from all regions of Portugal as well as Port wine, which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or on the store itself, in a space that combines a wine cellar with a welcoming atmosphere, also dedicated to organizing events and promoting wine producers.

Chocolataria Equador

Rua de Sá da Bandeira, 637
chocolataria equador chocolate store porto
© Chocolataria Equador

Call me crazy for including a chocolate store on this list of shopping in Porto, but I am Portuguese so for me food is a very important thing and the most valuable gifts of all 😀
Chocolataria Equador is a premium brand of handcrafted chocolates from Porto. When you enter the store it is hard to choose from its careful selection of products that vary in size, format and origin. You can go for bonbons, pralinès, truffles, tablets, as well as coffees and hot chocolates.
A great time to head to Chocolataria Equador is during the Christmas season, because they usually display the most sensational chocolate Christmas tree.
There are two stores in Porto from Chocolataria Equador but for me, the most beautiful one is located at Rua de Sá da Bandeira.
How to get there: São Bento train station is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Fábrica do Azeite

Rua de Ferreira Borges, 73
fabrica azeite food shopping porto

Fábrica do Azeite is a small family store, right in front of the Ferreira Borges Market, which is essentially dedicated to selling the best olive oils (from small producers) in Portugal, as well as complementary products, such as dried fruits and honey.

Fábrica do Azeite is one of the stores in Porto where the staff is truly knowledgeable about the product on display, and can help you narrow down my selection for gifts for back home.

Shopping in Porto: Personal hygiene

Claus Porto and Castebel

claus soap store porto
© Claus Porto

Maybe you can already tell that I have a serious problem about soaps and the like: I simply love them!
With that in mind, two of my best shops in Porto are Claus Porto and Castelbel. Even though I am listing them together, they belong to different companies and are placed in different locations in Porto:

  • Claus Porto was born 130 years ago and it sells luxury soaps, colognes, hand creams and scented candles, with Vintage inspiration. Its flagship store in Porto is located in Rua das Flores, 22.
  • CastelBel is a contemporary brand that was born 20 years ago in Porto, and it sells scented body care and home products (such as fragrant sachets, drawer lining paper, etc). It is located at the beginning of Rua de Ferreira Borges.

How to get there: Claus Porto is a street away from São Bento train station (5 minutes on foot). To get to CastelBel take the ZM bus to Palácio da Bolsa stop.


Rua de Cedofeita, 330
couto vintage toothpaste store porto
© Evasões

If you are into vintage design then don’t waste time reading about more shopping in Porto and head straight to Couto, an iconic – and centenary – brand of tooth paste. Getting curious?
There you can find not only their iconic tooth paste but also other personal hygiene products such as moisturising cream, after shave, shaving cream, shaving shampoo, shaving conditioner oil and, more recently, a commemorative centennial premium line, including soap and cologne.
How to get there: the subway station Lapa is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Benamor 1925

Rua das Flores, 43
benamor personal hygiene products portuguese brand

After opening three street stores in Lisbon, the famous Portuguese cosmetics brand Benamôr finally heads to the north of the country to open its first store. It is located in the middle of Rua das Flores and the atmosphere immediately reminds us of the imagination of old pharmacies, in shades of green and with red, glass-enclosed cabinets that hold the brand’s various ranges, without forgetting the central marble counter with the usual wash basins. to try the products. The products sold include bath gels, oils, balms, body butters or even micellar water. Excellent service, diverse range of products and extensive experience in making them.

How to get there: São Bento train station is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Shopping in Porto: Azulejo Tiles

Prometeu Artesanato

Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, 136
prometeu azulejo tiles shop porto
Portuguese azulejo tiles

Prometeu Artesanato is one of the best places to buy azulejo tiles in Porto. It’s a store that took a traditional art and turned into something new and creative. Its azulejos tiles are made and painted in-house. They carry the old-school geometric tiles, the religious figures’ tiles and some funny tiles that would make a great gift – like a cat drinking wine!
Watch this video to see how azulejos tiles are made in Prometeu Artesanato.
How to get there: take the subway to São Bento station. Prometeu Artesanato is a 5 minutes walking distance.


Rua das Taipas, 63
azulejo tiles fleurdelis shop porto
glass vintage bottles azulejo tiles

Fleurdelis is a small store that sells restored tiles and new hand-painted tiles inspired by the old ones, many of them painted by the owner herself. They also sell decorative objects (such as coffee cups), some made of blown glass. The store is run by a charming woman, who crafts some of the things she sells. Furthermore, she is very friendly and takes great care in packaging the products purchased to ensure that they do not end up in hand luggage during the flight. These tiles are indeed a unique souvenir from Porto!

How to get there: São Bento train station is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Vista Alegre

Rua das Carmelitas
vista alegre store porto
Ⓒ Nembo Oficina

Vista Alegre is the most prestigious Portuguese tableware brand, mostly made of porcelain and crystal.
Naturally the tableware is quite expensive, but it is supposed to last a lifetime and we usually inherit it from our mothers. I think this shows you how important and present Vista Alegre is at Portuguese’s homes 🙂
If you are traveling with limited luggage space you can always buy one of the famous Bordallo Pinheiro porcelain sardines owned by Vista Alegre. They are all designed by Portuguese artists and are a beautiful souvenir from Porto.
How to get there: São Bento train station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

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