Specialty Coffee Shops in Porto

Aaaaaaaages ago I wrote an article about the best cafés in Porto to work from, but I realised it was…

Sara Riobom
6 de February de 2022

Aaaaaaaages ago I wrote an article about the best cafés in Porto to work from, but I realised it was missing something for the hipster, snobbish coffee lovers among my readers. That would be you, of course. So here it is: a list of the best Specialty Coffee Shops in Porto.

Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Porto owned by coffee roasters:


Rua do Morgado de Mateus, 29 | Porto
cappuccino double espresso
combi specialty coffee shop porto

Combi was the first specialty coffee shop in Porto where I got a proper introduction to coffee – after all, it is located in the trendy Bonfim neighborhood, where I am from. The owners, Gonçalo and Francisco, are passionate about coffee and Gonçalo in particular has an eye for design, which is why Combi is such a nice looking place.

There, you will find single origin coffee from South & Central America as well as from African countries and you can choose your extraction method (French Press, Aeropress, V60 and Cold Brew).

Combi also sells natural juices and a few cakes, but they could have a wider variety of food during the day, to accommodate different meals.

How to get there: the subway station 24 de Agosto is a 2 minutes walking distance.

So Coffee Roasters

Rua Sá de Noronha, 119 | Porto
americano turkey sandwich so coffee roasters porto
coffee beans

So Coffee Roasters is the newest addition to this list of the best specialty coffee shops in Porto. Tucked in a small shop on a discrete street, you can easily miss the spot – but it would be a pity because So Coffee Roasters is specialised in small scale producers that make their coffee in high altitude, resulting in lower caffeine coffees (which I really like). They are super nice and able to explain you everything about their coffees.

So Coffee Roasters also serves great sandwiches and toasts (I love the turkey and pickles’ one), smotthies and bowls (including overnight oats, which is rare to find!).

How to get there: the subway station Aliados is a 5 minutes walking distance.

7g Roaster

 Rua de França, 52 | Gaia
acai bowl cappuccino 7g roaster gaia
living room 7g roaster gaia

7g Roaster is, among these specialty coffee shops in Porto, the place where I hang out the most because they have by far the best food (and yes, for me coffee rhymes with pancakes, specially on Sunday mornings). Their food menu is extensive, but why would you even bother to read it when I am telling you that they have CARAMEL. AND APPLE. PANCAKES!

Yes, it is one of the best brunch places in town. But more importantly, 7g Roaster has an array of coffee drinks made from Espresso, Filter coffee (Chemex, V60, Kalita etc) and Cold extraction. You can also order a batch brew from 2€, a bargain!

How to get there: 7g Roaster is not accessible by car nor by subway, but it is a street away from Gaia’s cable car, that departures from Jardim do Morro’s subway station.


Rua de Passos Manuel, 44 | Porto
cappuccino calma specialty coffee shop porto

C’alma is a small café with a very hipster vibe, where you go especially – and almost exclusively – for coffee. They actually prefer to call themselves a “Brew Bar” where, besides the traditional coffee drinks, you can order a:

  • Brew Flight (1 coffee, 3 ways) or a
  • Coffee Flight (3 coffee, 1 way)

Quite cool, uh?

C’alma regularly organises friendly “battles” with all the other specialty coffee shops in Porto to determine who is the best coffee barista, or who can make the most perfect latte, and I am thankful for that as it is always great fun 🙂

PS – don’t be fooled by the photos of C’alma published on google – the place is super tiny!

How to get there: the subway stations Aliados and Bolhão are a 5 minutes walking distance.

Senzu Coffee Roasters

Rua do Rosário, 211 | Porto
espresso senzu coffee roasters porto
senzu coffee roasters cru cowork porto

If you feel like drinking your coffee in an unusual setting, then Senzu Coffee Roasters might be the right place for you. This specialty coffee shop in Porto is located at Cru, the most artsy coworking space in Porto, more specifically in a small shop / gallery where you can purchase handcraft produced by the resident artists.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the owner, Diogo, make the most of the opportunity – he is a well of knowledge and a friendly person.

The only reason I don’t go to Senzu Coffee Roasters more often is because it does not serve ANY food, and I am a foodie.

How to get there: the subway stations Lapa is a 15 minutes walking distance.

Fábrica Coffee Roasters

Rua de José Falcão, 122 | Porto
cold brew coffee
fabrica coffee roasters porto

I had zero expectations about Fábrica Coffee Roasters, one of the best specialty coffee shops in Porto, when I first visited it, since the reason we entered was because it was the only place open on that cold, winter sunday. But it made my day!

Fábrica Coffee Roasters is a large bright place, where you can order your coffee to go along with several brunch menus or toasts. It doesn’t have many coffees or even extraction methods available, but I didn’t miss it because the coffee is good.

During the weekends it gets very busy, so try to go on a week day.

How to get there: the subway stations Aliados is a 5 minutes walking distance.


Rua do Rosário, 22 | Porto
kalita coffee extraction method slice cake
turkish eggs epoca specialty coffee shop porto

Época Porto is different from all the other places in this article in the sense that a) it does not roast coffee and b) it sources their coffee from foreign coffee roasters (and that is a pity, because in Portugal we have fantastic roasters, as you have seen). Indeed, Época serves coffee from two European roasters: La Cabra, from Denmark, and Kawa, from France.

Besides serving great coffee, YOU HAVE TO try the food at Época Porto! They serve vegetarian friendly, organic and seasonal food, so the menu is constantly changing and one dish that I absolutely LOVE is the Turkish eggs, served with loads of dill and its own sourdough bread.

It is truly a great place to have brunch in Porto and, because it is quite a small place, I recommend you to get there as soon as it opens!

How to get there: the subway station Aliados is a 15 minutes walking distance.

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