Top wineries in the Douro Valley, picked by a local guide

The best thing you can do on a day trip from Porto is to visit one of the top wineries…

Sara Riobom
6 de September de 2023

The best thing you can do on a day trip from Porto is to visit one of the top wineries in the Douro Valley, where the famous Port wines are produced. And hence this article, where I reveal the top 20 wineries in Douro Valley.

This is a very detailed guide, where you’ll learn:

  • 1) How to choose the best wineries for YOU. I’ll give you several criteria to do so.
  • 2) How to explore the wineries taking into account your traveller’s profile and budget.
  • 3) A detailed list of the top 20 wineries in the Douro Valley, with description, schedules and prices.

Let me point out though, that the truly unique wineries with superb wines are not on this list; we save them for the guests of our private wine tour in Douro Valley and our river cruise and private wine tour.

Enough said. Let’s get this started! 🙂

No time to read a long article? Here’s a quick summary:

If you don’t want to waste time choosing wineries, you can book a tour and let the tour company pick the wineries and handle all the bookings. If you want a:

If you prefer to visit the wineries on your own, then these are my overall recommendations:

How to Choose the top wineries in the Douro Valley for YOU

lady tasting wines douro valley

As with everything else in life, the top wineries in the Douro Valley is a relative concept that varies for each person. Before choosing the best wineries for you, consider these criteria:

  • Type of wines: some people prefer to just drink still wines, some people prefer to focus on Ports and some people prefer to try both. Similarly, there are wineries that are most famous for their Ports (like Quinta do Noval), and many wineries only produce still wines.
  • Large or Small: some people prefer to only visit small scale producers, others don’t mind the big crowds at the large scale producers and prefer to stick to famous brands (like Quinta da Pacheca).
  • To Drive or not to Drive: that is an important consideration that you should make before booking your wine tastings! If you are driving, you can venture to more remote wineries (like Quinta Nova), but if you are taking the train you’re bond to only explore the wineries close to the train stations of Peso da Régua and to Pinhão.
  • Your Budget: this plays such a big role when choosing wineries in Douro Valley! A wine tasting can go from 25€ / person to 150€ / person, depending on the type of wines. Similarly, you can choose between joining a group tour in the region (for around 100€ / person), a private tour with us (which can be double the price) or simply taking the train. If you’re on a tight budget, that will be by far the most important criteria to choose a winery.

How to Explore the top wineries in the Douro Valley

portoalities private wine tour douro valley

I believe that the best way to explore the region (which has hundreds of producers) is to join a tour in Douro Valley. There are two types of wine tours available:

  • Group Tour that includes a Wine Tasting, a boat Cruise and Lunch for around 90€ / person. This is one of the most affordable ways to get a glimpse of the region, and it is a good opportunity to meet like minded travellers.
  • If you prefer to have a more exclusive experience, with premium boutique wineries and the best restaurants in the region, you should consider our Private Wine Tour in Douro Valley. This is more suitable for true wine travellers, who prefer to have a premium, private experience with a professional guide specialised in wines.

    By the way, NONE of the wineries we take our clients to is listed on this article. We save those exclusively for them 😉
  • Last but not the least, you can also explore the region on your own, taking public transports (there are a few trains connecting Porto to Peso da Régua and to Pinhão, the main towns in Douro Valley) or renting a car on AutoEurope. If you are planning to drive, take into account that the roads in Douro Valley are very windy and narrow, and that you shouldn’t drink and drive!

The Sub regions of Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is divided in three sub regions: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior, going from West (the Atlantic Ocean) to East, as pictured below.

I could write articles dedicated to each specific sub region in Douro Valley, but for the purpose of this one, let me give you a general idea of all of them:

  • The more you move to East the less rain you get and the temperature range gets more extreme, with warm Summers and cold (yet dry) Winters.
  • Baixo Corgo is the closest sub region to the Atlantic Ocean and hence it is the fresher one. Over a third of this sub region is planted with vineyards, and hence you can find some amazing producers of both still wines and Ports. The heart of Baixo Corgo is the city of Peso da Régua, where you can find plenty of good restaurants – and, more importantly, a train station. This sub region is the most accessible from Porto (it is 1h30 driving distance).
  • Cima Corgo is considered the best place for Port wine production and hence it should be on the top list for the true appreciators of this type of wine. Here you can find some famous large scale producers such as Croft (Quinta da Roêda), Real Companhia Velha (Quinta das Carvalhas) and Dow’s (Quinta do Bomfim). The heart of this subregion in Douro Valley is the tiny town of Pinhão, which is 2h driving distance from Porto. It has just a handful of restaurants, the pier for the fantastic Douro river cruises and a train station.
  • Douro Superior is the one further apart from Porto (2h30 driving distance). It is the subregion with least area of planted vineyards, but I particularly like it because it produces some amazing red wines. The region itself is magnificient – remote, wild, silent. The main train station is Pocinho, but Douro Superior is best explored by car.

Down below you can find the top wineries for each sub region of the Douro Valley, and here is a map to help you picture them:

Sub region Baixo Corgo: Top wineries in the Douro Valley

Quinta da Portela

quinta portela baixo best vineyards douro valley
wine tasting quinta portela douro

Quinta da Portela is an old property steeped in history, originally owned by the 1st Viscount of Arneirós, a title awarded in 1870. Still in the hands of the same family (which is extraordinary!), Quinta da Portela has 20 hectares of vineyards and olive groves and it produces still wines and Ports, olive oil and sparkling wines (which is a rarity in the region!).

The visit to its wine cellar museum is led by Rui and Beatriz, two lovely guides who will explain the 200-year history of Quinta da Portela, as well as its wine production process.

The wine tasting itself is VERY generous, as it includes not only 3 still wines and 3 Ports, but also amazing Portuguese snacks like bôla (a savory pastry), olive oil, cheeses and jam. In all honesty, for the amount of wines and snacks on offer, I consider the guided visit and wine tasting at Quinta da Portela to be very worthwhile.

Another advantage of Quinta da Portela is that you can book your wine tasting online – unlike other quintas, which require emails exchanges / phone calls.

Schedules of the visits: In English or Portuguese (you can choose the language when you book your wine tasting), at 11h, 12h, 13h, 14h, 15h, 16h.

Prices: guided tour + wine tasting with food pairings (6 wines) costs 25€ / person.

How to make a reservation: you can book your guided visit + wine tasting at Quinta da Portela directly.

Quinta do Vallado

quinta do vallado best vineyards douro valley
One of the first wineries I visited in Douro Valley… this picture is at least 8 years old! 🙂

Quinta do Vallado, one of the oldest wineries in Douro Valley, is a pleasant surprise for those looking for an informative and very well structured tour. Its wine tours are masterfully led young professional guides, most of whom have previously studied Oenology and hence truly understand the wine production processes.
At the end of the wine tour you’ll be treated with a tasting of superb red wines – the trademark of Quinta do Vallado.

Schedules of the visits: In English, at 11h, 14h30 and 16h30. In Portuguese, at 12h, 15h30 and 17h30.

Prices: guided tour + wine tasting (5 wines) costs 30€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to

Quinta da Pacheca

quinta da pacheca best vineyards douro valley

Quinta da Pacheca is one of the top wineries in the Douro Valley because, in addition to wine tastings, it organises weddings, cooking classes, picnics,… the limit is the will of its customers! It also has one of the most popular wine hotels in the region – you can even sleep in giant wine barrels, and indulge yourself at their vineyard spa.

When time comes, Quinta da Pacheca also organises a day full of activities (including stomping) during the harvest season 🙂

The property itself is stunning (both the ageing cellar as well as the outdoor terrace, with plenty of comfortable sofas). However, I must warn you that these days (I am writing in 2023) the Quinta da Pacheca welcomes sooooo many visitors that the guided tours & wine tastings feel very standardised and superficial. It is a pity!

Schedules of the visits: every month Quinta da Pacheca does a new visits schedule, so the best thing to do is to contact them, let them know what time you want to do you visit and they will let you know the slots they have available for your dates.

Prices: the guided visit + wine tasting (which includes 2 Ports and 2 still wines) costs 15€ / person. If you want to add cheese and compote to your wine tasting, it costs 28€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to emails or

Quinta da Casa Amarela

quinta da casa amarela top vineyards douro valley
quinta casa amarela pool

Quinta da Casa Amarela was one of the first properties I visited in the Douro Valley (around 10 years ago!), and it’s been a pleasure to follow its development. It’s a beautiful old house, where you’re welcomed by the owners – Gil and Laura. Both are extremely knowledgeable about the region’s wines and even the history of the Douro Valley, which makes for a very enriching experience.

As well as wine tastings, Quinta da Casa Amarela also serves traditional Portuguese meals for groups (subject to booking). And, in 2020, they finally opened a project I’d been waiting for for years: a guest house with just 4 suites, surrounding a swimming pool with a stunning view.

The only thing to point out is that the property can be a little difficult to find, because it’s located on a small winding street, and the entrance is covered in foliage.

Schedules of the visits: the schedules are quite flexible, but they usually range from 11h to 13h and them from 15h to 17h30.

Prices: the guided visit + wine tasting costs 25€ / person.

How to make a reservation: call +351969103027 ou send an email to

Gueda Wines

gueda wines view
gueda wines tasting

Gueda Wines is one of those well-kept secrets that we want to keep to ourselves 🙂 It’s a small business that represents the history of the region well, as it belongs to a family that used to sell its grapes to the region’s big producers since the 19th century, but that launched its own brand in the 2000s. And it has done well since then! 🙂

The visit begins with an audio tour of the winery, followed by a tasting with the owner, Luís, a passionate winemaker with whom you can chat about wines, history, economics, etc. The tasting is intimate, personalized and accompanied by a charcuterie board and olive oil. Personally, I really like the white Port wine from Gueda wines.

The property is beautiful (like almost all of them in Douro Valley!), and you have the opportunity to stay there, at their Casa do Romezal, which is even better.

Schedules of the visits: 10h00, 11h30, 15h00 or 16h30.

Prices: it ranges from 16€ (1 port, 2 still wines) to 25€ (3 still wines, 2 ports).

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call them on +351935171239.

Cellars of Murganheira

douro valley wineries cellars of murganheira

If you’re a huge fan of sparkling wine (like me :D) it would be a pity not to visit the best vineyard in Douro Valley for that particular style of wine. I am talking about the cellars of Murganheira, one of the most famous sparkling wines in Portugal.

The visits at this wine cellar is quite short (30 minutes), but it is comprehensive and well structured, so I really feel that, at the end of it, I learned the production process of sparkling wine. And, naturally, you get to taste their sparkling wine 🙂

Schedules of the visits: From Tuesdays to Saturdays, at these specific slots: 09h30h, 10h30h, 11h30h, 14h30, 15h30 and 16h30. It closes on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays.

Prices: the guided visit + wine tasting costs 7,5€ / person and it includes 4 different sparkling wines. You can also choose a premium sparkling wine tasting for 25€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call +351254670185.

Sub region Cima Corgo: Top wineries in the Douro Valley

Quinta do Bomfim

quinta bonfim top vineyards in douro valley
quinta bonfim wine tasting

We have a particular client that comes to Portugal every other year and he always, ALWAYS wants to go back to Quinta do Bomfim. He is a vintage Port aficionado, and he enjoys to drink his Ports sitting at Quinta do Bomfim’s gorgeous terrace, overlooking the Douro river. I think this gives you an idea of the place 🙂

Indeed, even though Quinta do Bomfim is quite touristy – not only because it is walking distance from Pinhão’s train station but also because it belongs to one of the largest producers of the region -, it is, nonetheless, one of the top wineries in the Douro Valley to 1) have a proper guided visit and 2) more importantly, try older Ports.

Therefore, I recommend you to book a guided visit + wine tasting at Quinta do Bomfim for those of you who want to try Vintage Ports but also older Tawny Ports.

Schedules of the visits: they run visits everyday from 10h to 12h and then 14h30 to 17h30. Visits in French are available only at 14h30.

Prices: they range from 35€ / person to 75€ / person, depending on the type and quality of wines that you want to taste. Private guided tours are available for an extra 200€.

How to make a reservation: you can make an online reservation for a wine tasting at Quinta do Bomfim.

Quinta do Tedo

view from quinta do tedo winery douro valley

Quinta do Tedo, from the lovely Kay and Vincent Bouchard, has the perfect location, where Tedo river meets the Douro river, making this estate ideal for taking breathtaking pictures (yes, I am talking to you, Instagram addicts! :P). It is such an amazing spot that they have decided to open a B&B there (where I already stayed and, let me tell you, the view is truly a treat).

Kay is from California and Vincent is a seasoned winemaker from Burgundy, and together they brought the knowledge of French and American winemaking to Port wines in Douro Valley. Their speciality is truly Port wines and, more specifically, the Tawny style, which is why I particularly love their Tawny Port wine tasting at Quinta do Tedo.

Moreover, the guides at Quinta do Tedo are very experienced and kind, conducting great guided visits, very professional yet warm at the same time.

Schedules of the visits: every day from 10h to 18h.

Prices: guided tour + Tawny Port wine tasting at Quinta do Tedo costs 57€ / person. They have other wine tastings upon request.

How to make a reservation: you can book your guided visit + wine tasting at Quinta do Tedo directly.

Quinta do Pôpa

wine barrels quinta do popa best vineyards douro valley

I already knew Quinta do Pôpa’s wines, so I visited this vineyard with high expectations. Leila, the guide on my wine tour, fully corresponded with an informative yet not boring tour, during which I learnt the story of Mr. Pôpa, who had the dream of having his own winery in Douro Valley.

What I particularly enjoy at Quinta do Pôpa is its extraordinary marketing skills, which were able to introduce its wines to younger consumers.

Moreover, the view is BREATHTAKING – by far, one of the best views on this list of the top wineries in the Douro Valley. You can also treat yourself with a picnic overlooking the Douro river, which is why I recommend this vineyard for young couples or families with kids.

However, I must warn you about two negative points:

  • Quinta do Pôpa is VERY touristy. VERY.
  • This winery does not produce Port wines, so if you want to taste this iconic Portuguese wines, you should not go there.

Schedules of the visits: from April to October, Quinta do Pôpa opens from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10h30 to 17h30. From November to March, it’s open from Monday to Friday, from 10h to 17h.

Prices: guided tour + wine tasting (1 white wine + 3 reds) costs 30€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to

Quinta do Crasto

quinta do crasto best vineyards douro valley

Quinta do Crasto well deserves to make it to the top wineries of the Douro Valley. It is a bit difficult to get there, because of the curves all the way from Pinhão, but well worth it: the view is magnificent, and the wine tasting takes you on a first class trip to some of the best wines produced in Portugal.
However, I must warn you that the tour is a bit sloppy and that they really pressure you to buy wines at the end of your wine tasting, which I find very inelegant.

Schedules of the visits: everyday, from 10h to 18h.

Prices: their guided tour + wine tasting (5 wines) range from 37€ / person to 70€ / person, depending on which tasting you chose.

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call one of these numbers: +351254920020 or +351937760572.

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

robert parker icon wine tasting quinta nova
wine barrels douro valley

Right next to Quinta do Crasto is Quinta Nova, one of the top wineries in the Douro Valley, and the house of the famous Mirabillis wines, which are among the best wines of Portugal.

It is a property of unquestionable beauty, where you can find one of the best hotels in the region (it has a fantastic swimming pool overlooking the region that I have enjoyed many times! :). It also has a restaurant, a picturesque chapel and short hiking trails that you can enjoy on our own.

When you get there, you can join one of Quinta Nova’s guided visits + wine tastings or simply sit down for a wine tasting at the Patamar Wine Shop & Bar, as you prefer. Moreover, the staff is very charming, which makes you immediately feel at home.

Schedules of the visits: open from Tuesdays to Sundays. From April to October, it opens from 10h30 to 19h. From November to March, it opens from 10h30 to 17h30.

Prices: the standard guided visit + wine tasting start at 38€ / person, but if you have money available, I suggest you take the Douro Icon wine tasting (130€ / person / person), that includes wines that have received a score of at least 94 points on Robert Parker.

How to make a reservation: you can get the online ticket for the standard guided visit + wine tasting at Quinta Nova or for the Douro Icon wine tasting.

Quinta de Santa Eufémia

quinta de santa eufemia wineries douro valley

Quinta de Santa Eufémia immediately seduces you with its beautiful view over the vineyards, where you can sit down and have a glass of port wine.
It is a smaller winery, where you can see the entire production process often accompanied by family members who manage it with so much love. At the end of the wine tour, a tasting of some fine Port wines accompanied by homemade marmalade.

Given its informality I believe that this vineyard is a great place for someone looking for a more down to Earth experience at a small scale producer on the heart of the Douro Valley. However, I must warn you that Quinta de Santa Eufémia is, at the same time, VERY touristy, as it welcomes large groups from group tour agencies.

Schedules of the visits: they are open from 10h to 12h and then from 14h30 to 18h, but they only do guided visits at 10h and 16h (they have contracts with tour agencies for the rest of the day!).

Prices: the guided visit + wine tastings costs 20€ / person (3 wines).

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call them on +351919040355.

Quinta do Noval

quinta noval douro valley

Quinta do Noval is a brand particularly known for its Vintage Ports, as in 1931 it launched to the market two of the most exceptional Vintages of the past century. Nowadays, you can taste their wines at their tasting room in Porto (I believe I have included it on the list of the best Port wine lodges in the city), but also on their property in Douro Valley, just 10 minutes driving distance from Pinhão.

One think that strikes me as unique about Quinta do Noval is how it combines a modern tasting room with the comforting feeling of visiting a traditional winery. That always gives me a great warm feeling 🙂 Moreover, the guided visits and wine tastings are always private – which is becoming increasingly rare the the region.

One negative aspect is that Quinta do Noval, given the range and quality of its older Ports, could prepare much better standard wine tastings than the ones it has available. However, you can go around this by ordering an entire bottle and paying for it on the spot.

Schedules of the visits: 10h30 – 19h. Visits and wine tastings are always private.

Prices: 50€ to 100€, depending on the wine tasting you choose.

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call them on +351223770282.

Quinta dos Frades

quinta dos frades view

Quinta dos Frades is a winery halfway between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, on the iconic N222 road (wrongly considered the most beautiful road in the Douro Valley, in my opinion :P). Neither meat nor fish, the location of this property always acted as a brake on my visit, until a friend of mine, who is a sommelier in the region, dragged me there. And I’m glad he did.

Quinta dos Frades has a very unique guided tour because it gives you the opportunity to visit the estate’s vineyards in a minivan, which is a lot of fun. Arriving at the top of the property, with a beautiful view, we then do the wine tasting. What better way to end a day of tasting in the Douro Valley? 🙂

Schedules of the visits: Visits are available upon request from 09h to 11h, and then from 14h to 16h.

Prices: the guided visits + wine tasting range from 18€ / person to 25€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to or call them on +351254858241.

Quinta do Beijo

quinta beijo wine barrels
portoalities private wine tour douro valley
This is Tommy, our senior wine guide testing the quality of the wine barrels at Quinta do Beijo 😀

Quinta do Beijo is such an interesting winery in Douro Valley. Even though it is very touristy (it welcomes massive groups of large tour operators) it still preserves its charm, condensed on its host, Mr João. He is such a funny character – making jokes all the time, letting you taste wines directly from the barrels… the cherry on top though, is when he invites his guests to enter an empty, massive Port wine barrel. It’s awesome 🙂

The only thing I don’t particularly enjoy about Quinta do Beijo is that indeed, it is very touristy, which translates to very large groups visiting the property at all times.

Schedules of the visits: 10h, 11h30, 15h30, 16h30 (however, it can be quite flexible).

Prices: between 10€ / person and 15€ / person, depending on the wine tasting you choose.

How to make a reservation: fill out the reservation form on their website or call them on +351914635760 (João Monteiro).

Sub region Douro Superior: Top wineries in the Douro Valley

I already visiedt the remote wineries of Douro Superior, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are fantastic wine experiences available to the public.

Quinta do Vale Meão

tasting room quinta vale meao
cellar quinta vale meao best vineyards douro valley

Quinta do Vale Meão is one of the five visionaries that created the Douro Boys, an association created in 2003 to represent those five producers in wine events around the world. Since then, Quinta do Vale Meão has won countless wine medals for its fantastic red wines.

I was warmly welcomed by the bubbly personality of Maria, who took me to the cellar to introduce me to the philosophy of Quinta do Vale Meão’s wines – namely, that they stomp all the grapes by foot, and also that they only mix the different grape varieties once each one has been vinified individually. 

Then, I was taken to the wine tasting room, which has a marvellous view of the property.

woman drinking wine douro valley

I found the tastings to be quite expensive at Quinta do Vale Meão, but it is a great place and it was worth my time. Moreover, it is just 7 minutes driving distance from the train station of Pocinho, which is great!

Prices: from 35€ / person (3 wines + 1 Port) to 75€ / person (4 wines + 2 Ports), depending on the wine tasting you choose.

How to make a reservation: send an email to

Quinta de Ervamoira

port wine tasting douro valley
old port wine bottles ramos pinto

As soon as I arrived to Quinta de Ervamoira, one of the top wineries in the Douro Valley, I was warmly welcomed by Ema, who guided us inside a small museum mostly dedicated to the history of Adriano Ramos Pinto, the founder of this brand of Ports.

But what really stole my heart was a room with super old bottles designed by Adriano!

After the museum, we had our wine tastings outside, on a porch with one of the best views I have ever seen in the Douro Valley – and I know the region as the palm of my hand. Photos don’t make it justice; you need to go there yourself!

view from quinta ervamoira douro valley

One thing that I noticed is that they charge a ticket to the museum and the wine tasting separately, so keep this in mind when booking your visit. You can also order by the glass, if you prefer. And I will DEFINITELY be back to have lunch at that fantastic porch 🙂

Schedules of the visits: from April to October, the guided visits to the museum + wine tastings are available at 10h, 11h, 12h, 15h, 16h, and 17h.

Prices: the ticket to the museum costs 10€ / person and it includes 1 glass of Port. Then, you can add a proper wine tasting, that ranges from 10€ / person to 30€ / person.

How to make a reservation: send an email to or to

Save this article for later:

best vineyards douro valley portugal
top vineyards douro valley

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