The best parks and gardens in Porto

The parks and gardens in Porto are perfect for you to relax with your family on a sunny afternoon or…

Sara Riobom
1 de June de 2020

The parks and gardens in Porto are perfect for you to relax with your family on a sunny afternoon or for a romantic walk with your partner, to watch the sunset. These are versatile spaces, most of them free of charge, that will certainly reinvigorate you during your stay in Porto.

So, what are the best parks and gardens in Porto?

There are many parks and gardens in Porto and its surroundings, but I decided to write about the ones with a medium – large size, and exclude the tiny ones that exist in the city centre and those are not so nice to go for a walk.

Parque de Serralves

Rua D. João de Castro, 210 | Porto
gardens serralves porto museum
© Porto Convention and Visitors Bureau

As I have already written several times here, my very favourite park in Porto is definitely Serralves. This park is quite large and it was designed in such a way that there is always a tree blossoming at any time of the year.
Serralves park has lakes, clear paths were you can ride a baby stroller and… horses, sheeps and cows! 🙂 It also has a Treetop Walkway, right next to the tree canopy, that will give you an opportunity to observe the biodiversity of Serralves Park high above the ground.

gardens serralves porto animals
© Damiandude. The animals at Serralves – isn’t this adorable?!

Another great thing at Serralves in that, besides the beautiful park, it has a magnificent contemporary museum designed by Siza Vieira. Inside this museum, you have spacious art galleries but also a bookshop, a café, a library and a large restaurant with a view towards the park.
With so many different spaces within the same place, I believe that spending an afternoon at Serralves is one of the best things to do in Porto for couples as well as for families with kids.

How to get there: buses 201 (stop SRV1), 203 (stop SRV2), and 207 (stop SRVM1).

Tickets to Serralves: You can get an online ticket for 20€, which gives you access to the museum and to the park. It’s pretty convenient – you don’t need to print the voucher, just show it on your mobile! Don’t forget that children [13-18] and adults >65 years old get 50% discount on the online ticket to Serralves 😉

Porto’s City Park

Avenida do Parque| Porto
city park porto
© Jorge Garcia

Porto’s City Park (Parque da Cidade) is not only the largest park in Porto but probably the most popular as well. I don’t fancy it so much precisely because it is so big, and I prefer some of the more intimate parks and gardens in Porto.
Still, I recognise that Porto’s City Park is a great spot to make picnics with your friends, play group games like football and walk the dog. It also has several restaurants (mostly at the boarders) and several entrances.
On Saturday mornings there is a farmer’s market that takes place in Porto’s City Park, right next to the restaurant Soundwich. This is where I get some of my weekly groceries, so I’ll see you there!

How to get there: there are several entrances to this park in Porto. The Western entrance, close to the Atlantic ocean, is close to the subway station Matosinhos Sul (blue line). You can also take the buses 203, 205, 500 e 502 (all at the stop CQ8) and 504 (at the stop PRCD2).

Tickets to Porto’s City Park: Free entrance.

The Crystal Palace Gardens

Rua de Entre-Quintas, 20 | Porto
crystal palace gardens porto
© Chilangoco

Now here’s one of my favourite parks and gardens in Porto. I already wrote about the interesting story of the Crystal palace, so now I’ll focus be writing about the park itself.
Even though the Crystal Palace gardens are not as wide as the city park, they have much more variety. Besides the beautiful trees and other plants, there is a discrete garden of feelings, a romantic garden of roses and a beautiful lake where you can find swans and ducks swimming all the time.

crystal palace gardens portochapel
© wHaTEvEr

The Crystal Palace gardens have a large avenue called Avenida das Tílias where there book fairs, music concerts and activities for families take place. Porto’s City Hall also organises several physical activities for the local population, over the summer weekends, at the Crystal Palace Gardens.
Moreover, from there you can get a fabulous view towards the Arrábida bridge, which is particularly beautiful at sunset. It is definitely one of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Porto!

How to get there: this garden has many bus connections: 200, 201, 207, 208, 303, 501 (all at the stop PAL4), 507 e 601 (both at the stop PAL5).

Tickets to the Crystal Palace gardens: Free entrance.

Jardim das Virtudes

Passeio das Virtudes, 14 | Porto

garden virtudes porto
Usually people mistake Jardim das Virtudes (the gardens) with Miradouro das Virtudes (the viewpoint). In fact, I have already written about Miradouro das Virtudes on the article about the best viewpoints of Porto. But if you continue down the street (moving right for those of you who are facing the viewpoint) you will see a discrete gate to Jardim das Virtudes, the beautiful gardens I am talking about.
What I absolutely love about this park and garden in Porto is that as it was built in terraces down the slope, from pretty much any spot you get a fabulous view towards Ribeira, the Douro river and Gaia.
This unpretentious garden in Porto, well located at the city centre, is a premium spot to make picnics (I have done a few myself). Moreover, it is just 10 minutes walking distance from Taberna de Santo António (an easy going tavern) and the romantic Árvore restaurante.
Therefore, Jardim das Virtudes is definitely one of the best parks and gardens in Porto in terms of scenery and convenience.

How to get there: there are many buses connecting to this garden: 200, 201, 207, 208, 300, 301, 303, 501, 507, 601, 602 e 801 (stop: HSA and HSA1). You can also take the trams 18 and 22 (stop: Viriato). Last but not least, the subway station Aliados (yellow line) is a 15 minutes walking distance.

Tickets to Jardim das Virtudes: Free entrance.

Botanic garden of Porto

Rua do Campo Alegre, 1191 | Porto

botanic garden porto
Even though the botanic garden is expectably one of the top gardens in Porto, it is not very popular among the locals, probably because it is not at the city centre and it is not easy to park close by. Still, this is definitely one of my favourite parks and gardens in Porto.
I first went there to write about the beautiful camellias of Porto and I immediately fell in love with the decadent charm of this garden, where you can find centenary trees, cactus and succulent plants, several greenhouses and lakes as well. It is usually a quiet garden, except the fact that you can hear the noise of the highway that is behind its walls.
Right next to it is the Gallery of Biodiversity in Porto, an amazing museum for children (and adults alike).

How to get there: take the bus 200, 204, 207 or 504 (and get out at the stop CART2).

Tickets to the Botanic garden of Porto: Free entrance.

Parque de São Roque

Rua São Roque da Lameira | Porto

park sao roque porto
Parque de São Roque is by very far one of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Porto. Most locals don’t go there because it is not in the city centre, even though it is just 10 minutes walking distance from the subway station Estádio do Dragão (go figure… sometimes people are weird).
Nonetheless, at this amazing park in Porto you’ll find not only many different types of trees and flowers but also interesting human constructions such as fountains, a humble chapel, some stairs covered in tiles, a haze, and even a grotto! There are also granite tables that are very suitable for picnics, and large sidewalks where it is easy to ride baby strollers.
Visiting this beautiful park in Porto is definitely a great plan for families with kids, couples and runners.

How to get there: take the subway to the station Estádio do Dragão, which is a 15 minutes walking distance from this park. There are also many bus connections – buses 401, 700, 800, 801, 806 and V94.

Tickets to Parque de São Roque: Free entrance.

Quinta do Covelo

Quinta do Covelo | Porto

park covelo porto
I don’t regularly go to this park in Porto but I definitely should. Such as the botanic garden, Quinta do Covelo is very close to the highway but you don’t actually hear much noise. Inside, you can find beautiful trees, large sidewalks for runners and even a BTT lane. There is also a playground for kids.
In the middle you’ll find a chapel and a manor house, which remain in ruins since the Siege of Porto, in 1832 – 1833.

How to get there: this park is a 10 minutes walking distance from the subway station Marquês (yellow line).

Tickets to Quinta do Covelo: Free entrance.

Extra: Parks and gardens near Porto

Jardim do Morro

Avenida da República | Vila Nova de Gaia
jardim morro public garden porto
© Gabriele Duarte da Silva

Whomever first said that the only good thing from Vila Nova de Gaia is the view towards Porto, was probably thinking of the view from Jardim do Morro. This humble garden, located just across Luiz I bridge, has a stunning view towards Ribeira and the Arrábida bridge. There is not much to do there so I recommend you to bring a towel, some yummy snacks and good friends and enjoy your sunset picnic.

How to get there: Jardim do Morro subway station is literally across the street. You can also walk the upper deck of Luiz I bridge, it is a stunning walk.

Tickets to Jardim do Morro: Free entrance.

Quinta da Conceição

Avenida Antunes Guimarães, 13 | Leça da Palmeira

quinta conceicao park leca palmeira portugal
I remember going to this garden in Leça da Palmeira with my high school sweetheart and it is still a place I thoroughly enjoy visiting on Sundays.
This site was the premises of the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, that arrived there in 1481. A few decades later the harsh climate made everyone leave the place, which was completely abandoned for over three centuries.
Today, the old cloister of the convent, some fountains, a Manueline-style portal (the beauty on the picture above) and the chapel of St Francis are still visible, making this one of the most romantic parks and gardens in Porto.
Moreover, at Quinta da Conceição you can find one of the best swimming pools in Porto, designed by Siza Vieira.

How to get there: there is a bus stop just across the street (take the bus 601, which departures nearby Casa da Música subway station).

Tickets to Quinta da Conceição: Free entrance.

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