The best viewpoints in Douro Valley

If you need a break in between wine tastings in Douro Valley or are simply looking for a great romantic…

Sara Riobom
10 de October de 2021

If you need a break in between wine tastings in Douro Valley or are simply looking for a great romantic place in the region, then you might want to check this list of the best viewpoints in Douro Valley.

As it is a vast region, I decided to include a map with the location of the viewpoints, so that you can better assess how far away they are from Porto / your hotel in Douro Valley.

These are the best viewpoints in Douro Valley:

São Leonardo da Galafura

galafura viewpoint douro valley
Me on one of my private tours in Douro Valley 🙂

São Leonardo da Galafura is, most likely, the most famous viewpoint in Douro Valley. No wonder: besides its breathtaking view of the Douro river, it is easily accessible by car and it is not too difficult to park. At the top of the hill you will find a small chapel with a poem by Miguel Torga, one of the most famous Portuguese writers of all times, engraved in stone.

From there, you can go down the hill a bit and you will find some stone tables, under the shade of trees, that are perfect for a quick picnic. If you are not in the mood for cooking, then I recommend you to have lunch at the restaurant S. Leonardo – it is one of the best restaurants in Douro Valley and, given its strategic location, it has a great view.

GPS Coordinates: 41°10’21.8″N 7°40’19.5″W
Parking spots: Not really, but you’ll manage just fine.
Picnic tables: Yes

Panoramic Way (old road to Sabrosa)

viewpoint old road sabrosa douro valley

The most recent viewpoints of Douro Valley just popped up, after the lockdown, on the old road to Sabrosa (from Pinhão). Don’t get me wrong, that road always existed and I used to drive there several times a week – but during the pandemic I didn’t get as many opportunities to visit the region and uow, didn’t that road changed, becoming a promenade of the best viewpoints of Douro Valley!

The Town Hall converted and old and slightly unsafe road into a panoramic road with 11 fantastic viewpoints. It is truly, truly the most beautiful road in Douro Valley (yes, a lot more beautiful than the popular N222 by the river!) and a wonder for people who love riding, like myself, so I highly recommend you to hit it!

Each viewpoint is quite small, by the road side. They have no shade AND no place to sit down, so they are the kind of places where you stop the car, take a photo and continue your trip.

GPS Coordinates: it is an ENTIRE road with several viewpoints, so not particular GPS Coordinates. Just take the road from Pinhão to Sabrosa, or vice versa, and stop along the way.
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: No

Quinta do Tedo’s Viewpoint

view quinta tedo douro

I already named Quinta do Tedo as one of the best vineyards of Douro Valley and one of the main reasons is that it has an unusual and very, very pretty view of Tedo river, a tributary of the Douro river.

As it is a private property you cannot simply walk in saying “Hey! I want to check your viewpoint!”, so the best thing to do is to book a guided tour and wine tasting at the premises. The price ranges between 12€ to 35€, depending on the wine tasting that you choose (personally, I REALLY like the Tawny tasting but I am a Tawny girl all the way!) and you can get the guided tour in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

Another great option (which I already did) is to stay a night at Quinta do Tedo and enjoy your breakfast with a fabulous view.

GPS Coordinates: 42°21’36.36″N – 7°38’22.92″W
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: NA

São Salvador do Mundo

sao salvador mundo viewpoint douro valley

São Salvador do Mundo, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Douro Valley, is like a maze of winding paths and when you least expect it, something new and even more beautiful appears.

At the top you can enjoy a surprising view over the Douro river, more specifically over the Ferradosa pier and the dam of Valéria, and visit the chapel of Senhora da Peneda.

It is possible to go up by car halfway up the climb, with the rest being done on foot. It has a place to park the car and picnic area.

Unfortunately, the last time I was there I thought the place was a bit run down, with papers on the floor and uncut vegetation – I hope they have resolved the situation!

GPS Coordinates: 41°09’09.9″N 7°22’02.9″W
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: Yes

Vargelas’ Viewpoint

quinta vargellas view douro river

In São João da Pesqueira, at the confluence of two sub-regions of the Douro (Cima Corgo and Douro Superior), you will find the unknown Miradouro da Quinta de Vargellas.

It is a viewpoint with a fantastic view of this part of the Alto Douro, where the mountainous landscape contrasts with the careful agriculture of vines, olive trees and almond trees.

It is an excellent stopover for those traveling to these parts, with tables for a snack and to enjoy the views of the Douro river and enjoy the silence.

GPS Coordinates: 41°08’08.4″N 7°19’22.0″W
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: Yes

Abelheira’s viewpoint

abelheiras viewpoint sao joao pesqueira
bike picnic tables

Easily accessible on the road to São João de Pesqueira, at Abelheira viewpoint you will fin beautiful and wide views, where you can enjoy the action of viticulture in the landscape. You will contemplate the course of the Douro river and its cliffs, the terraces with the vineyards and various wine estates and tiny villages.

Abelheira is really a beautiful viewpoint in Douro valley, with picnic tables (without shade) where you can rest and have a meal. Despite being right on the side of the road, this one has little movement.

It has parking for four cars, so it gets full in no time!

GPS Coordinates: 41°10’21.4″N 7°29’29.4″W
Parking spots: No
Picnic tables: Yes

Teixeirô’s viewpoint in Douro Valley

teixeiro viewpoint cinfaes douro

The viewpoint of Teixeirô offers a breathtaking view over the landscape. You can see the meeting of the Douro river and the Bestança river, the Porto – Régua train line and the bridge that allows the car crossing from Cinfães to Baião. The path to the viewpoint point is, of course, narrow, steep and winding (otherwise you wouldn’t be in Douro Valley!).

Unfortunately, when you arrive at your destination, there are no easy parking spaces, but it is possible to park on the access street as there are hardly any vehicles. The lane is narrow and there is no turn-around; This was fine in a medium sized car but I would not take a long vehicle here.

This viewpoint in Douro Valley is a bit neglected, but the views are worth it.

GPS Coordinates: 41°05’11.0″N 8°05’07.0″W
Parking spots: No
Picnic tables: No

Casal de Loivos’ viewpoint

amigos tirando selfie miradouro casal loivos pinhao

Everyone keeps talking about Casal de Loivos’ viewpoint but honestly, it is such a nightmare to get there. The problem is not the road (it takes 10 minutes driving from Pinhão). Thing is: as soon as you arrive in Casal de Loivos, you will have to drive in very narrow and busy alleys; and worse of all, the viewpoint is always full so it is a stressful endeavor to try to park your car there.

Casal de Loivos is, indeed, one of the best viewpoints in Douro Valley, but given everything I just told you, I recommend you to get there a) early in the mornings and b) during the low season (December – April).

GPS Coordinates: 41°11’55.1″N 7°31’55.4″W
Parking spots: it is a NIGHTMARE to park there!
Picnic tables: No

Penedo Durão’s viewpoint in Douro Valley

picnic area penedo durao viewpoint douro valley
picnic tables douro valley
stairs access penedo durao viewpoint

Located in the Douro International’s Natural Park, from the viewpoint of Penedo Durão you will get an exceptional view of the Portuguese and Spanish territories. On days with clear skies, you can even see Serra da Estrela’s mountains, in the South, which is truly impressive!

In addition to the fabulous views, you can see the large birds that inhabit these cliffs, including falcons, hawks and vultures, flying beautifully in blue skies.

The road goes all the way to this viewpoint in Douro Valley, and then there are some surrounding unpaved paths, for those who want to explore a little. It is necessary to descend stairs to access the picnic area, the statue of Our Lady, the mini playground and the viewpoint/observatory. It also has a swing (a bit old, but still functional).

Although those with reduced mobility will not be able to easily go down the stairs to see some angles of the river, they will still have a privileged view of the Douro river from the parking area.

GPS Coordinates: 41°02’48.3″N 6°49’15.0″W
Parking spots: Yes – good ones!
Picnic tables: Yes – good ones!

Quinta de Santa Eufémia’s viewpoint

douro valley quinta santa eufemia

One of the great things about Douro Valley is that no matter how many times I head there, I always end up finding fabulous spots… which is what happened when I visited Quinta de Santa Eufémia for the first time!

It is a small-scale producer famous for its aged Ports, and at the start of one of its vineyards they built a wooden platform with glass walls all around it, that has a fantastic view of the region. It is, indeed, one of the best viewpoints in Douro Valley!

It is owned by a very kind Portuguese family, and they will certainly love to welcome you on one of their guided tours & wine tastings. However, make sure to book your visit in advance because (too many) tour operators go there everyday.

GPS Coordinates: 41°08’14.0″N 7°44’44.8″W
Parking spots: No – you can find an informal parking car a bit down the road.
Picnic tables: No

Misarela’s viewpoint in Douro Valley

misarela viewpoint armamar village douro

Right next to the main church of Armamar, one of the most beautiful wine-growing villages (which I recommend in my guide about What to do in Douro Valley), I found, by chance, a beautiful viewpoint.

It’s called Misarela viewpoint and it has a beautiful view over the Douro mountains, even though you can’t see the Douro river. It’s right at the entrance to the village, on the side of the road, but I didn’t find it very difficult to find parking.

The village is so beautiful (and the road to get there is so spectacular) that, if you have a few days and want to enjoy the region, I recommend you to stay in Armamar.

GPS Coordinates: 41°06’35.0″N 7°41’42.7″W
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: No

São Silvestre

swing sao silvestre viewpoint

I usually say that São Silvestre’s viewpoint is for those who can, not for those who want to get there. This is because the climb is a bit steep, even for a car. The road is not very wide, so driving should be done with great care and attention.

However, the effort of climbing and your driving skills will be rewarded with the breathtaking view from this viewpoint in Douro valley, over the Teixeira river and the picturesque village of Mesão Frio.

It also has a swing where you can take pictures (in Portugal everyone is hysterical with swings, I don’t quite understand!), and a chapel that is usually closed.

GPS Coordinates: 41°08’58.7″N 7°54’12.7″W
Parking spots: Yes
Picnic tables: No

Boa Vista

boa vista viewpoint
boa vista viewpoint access road

The Boa Vista viewpoint has an unusual view over the cities of Lamego, Régua and Vila Real, without neglecting the numerous surrounding villages.

However, it is a very simple viewpoint, with no parking space, shaded trees or picnic tables. However, just a few minutes away (by car) is the Serra das Meadas Biological Park – Lamego, with several species of animals and a beautiful green area, which is worth visiting.

GPS Coordinates: 41°06’40.0″N 7°49’57.5″W
Parking spots: Not exactly – but you can stop on top of the viewpoint for a couple of minutes.
Picnic tables: No

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