The best boutique hotels in Porto (that no guide will tell you about)

I already wrote about the most romantic things to do in Porto but it was missing a list of the best boutique…

Sara Riobom
28 de February de 2024

I already wrote about the most romantic things to do in Porto but it was missing a list of the best boutique hotels in Porto.

There are plenty of good options in the city, so to help you out, I divided the best boutique hotels in Porto according to neighborhoods, and explain you in detail why you should consider staying in each specific neighborhood.

Before reading this article, I recommend you to start your quest by reading my guide about Where to Stay in Porto – the best neighborhoods as it is a very comprehensive guide, offering a list of pros and cons of staying at each different area of the city.

You can quickly navigate this article using this table of contents:

Best boutique hotels in Porto: Ribeira neighborhood

Ribeira is the most picturesque neighborhood in Porto, with its tiny colorful houses and rabelo boats. There you can find the famous Palácio da Bolsa and the stunning St Francis church. In Ribeira you are also within waking distance from the best Port wine lodges.

It is also the place to get the pleasant 6 Bridges cruise in the Douro river, or the famous tram ride 1 in Porto, that goes all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The only downside is that as Ribeira is by the riverside, to get to Downtown Porto (Baixa) you have to go up the hill (quite ironic, uh?!).

Ribeira is the perfect neighborhood in Porto for those who want to enjoy the most photogenic views of the Douro river and take advantage of all the activities taking place by the riverside.

Descobertas Boutique Hotel

descobertas boutique hotel twin bedroom
descobertas boutique hotel porto sala jantar

Descobertas Boutique Hotel has a lot of character, which is one of the reasons why I consider it one of the best boutique hotels in Porto. Its discrete entrance hides a modern hotel where each floor is dedicated to a place that Portugal found during the Discoveries.

The bedrooms are not huge but the bathrooms are amazing, covered in marble, with a lot of space and light. The common areas are also very cozy, as you can see on the pictures, and the breakfast is definitely one of the highlights of Descobertas Boutique Hotel.

Exmo. Porto

double bedroom exmo. boutique hotel porto
breakfast room exmo. boutique hotel porto

Exmo. Porto is on this list of the best boutique hotels in Porto due to its amazing common areas (I don’t know about you, but I don’t fancy spending time inside a bedroom when I travel!). This hotel beautifully merges the old granite walls of Porto with English leather sofas and vintage desks, creating a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Another positive aspect of Exmo. Porto is the variety of its continental breakfast and how accommodating they are to food allergies.

Mo House

double bedroom mo house boutique hotels porto
terrace with a view mo house porto

I have a thing for bright, white bedrooms with a vintage touch and in that regard, Mo House is a dream come true. This lovely boutique hotel in Porto combines the timeless elegance of white furniture with the exoticism of fantastic textiles. Most rooms have comfortable armchairs by the window, with an incredible view of the Douro river, providing a relaxing and introspective moment 🙂

Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel

porto as 1829 hotel double bedroom
porto as 1829 hotel restaurant

Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel is a place that leaves a lasting impression. Its location in a historic building (it used to be a famous stationery shop in Porto) adds a unique touch of charm. The rooms are moderate in size but stylish and comfortable, with a modern aesthetic that’s hard to miss. Moreover, I love it that the balconies face Largo de São Domingos, one of the most beautiful square in Porto, full of great restaurants and street musicans.

The wonderful breakfast and restaurant food, especially the ‘pastel de nata’, are a delight. All in all, Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel offers a unique blend of history, comfort, and gastronomy.

1872 River House

1872 river house double bedroom
1872 river house lounge
1872 river house boutique hotel porto

1872 River House is located right in front of the Douro River, providing scenic views over the riverside area, as well as of the Luis I Bridge.

The hotel is set in a wonderful pink waterfront mansion that was restored to its former glory after a fire destroyed much of its interior. Each room at the hotel retains unique and charming details from the original design, including bold stone and brickwork tastefully framing the Egyptian-cotton-sheeted beds.

1872 River House superbly presented breakfast is a highlight. An array of local cheeses and meats are offered, along with your cinnamon-topped cappuccino. In the evenings, you can enjoy a glass of the unlimited free beer in the dining room, as the sun sets over the city’s famous port cellars on the Douro’s southern bank.

Best boutique hotels in Porto: Cedofeita neighborhood

Cedofeita is the artsy neighborhood in Porto as it isfull of interesting art galleries and concept stores. It is also one of the most romantic neighborhoods to stay in Porto.

It is home to some great restaurants and a lovely shopping mall called Miguel Bombarda. You can also go for a relaxed walk at the Crystal Palace Gardens, or enjoy a Fado show at Casa da Guitarra.

Cedofeita is just 5 / 10 minutes walking distance from Baixa (downtown Porto), where the most famous monuments in the city are located, but in a quieter (and still very central) location.

Cedofeita is perfect for romantic vacations, families with young kids or simply for people who want to be close to Downtown Porto, but in a quieter neighborhood.

Canto de Luz

canto luz luxury hotel cedofeita porto double bedroom

From the moment you arrive at Canto de Luz, it’s like stepping into a beautifully restored luxury Maison. The charm of the elegant merchant townhouse, combined with a modern atrium, creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. The staff went above and beyond to make my stay special. I’ll never forget the surprise birthday celebration they arranged for my boyfriend, complete with a beautifully decorated room and a delicious homemade cake. It was soooo cute :’)

Moreover, Canto de Luz has an exceptional breakfast, a delightful spread that changes daily and featured freshly sourced local ingredients, and that you can enjoy in the garden.

Hotel Tipografia do Conto

design hotel tipografia conto porto

Hotel Tipografia do Conto is a boutique hotel in Porto designed by a famous architecture office, and you can tell that as soon as you step on the door as it has a pretty unique blend of modern aesthetics and traditional elements. Its location, just a stone’s throw from the city center, makes exploring Porto a breeze.

But what truly sets Hotel Tipografia do Conto apart is its bar. With its fabulous, funky, and quirky atmosphere, it is the perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Casa Antiga

blue bedroom casa antiga porto
living room casa antiga guest house porto

Casa Antiga is the new sweetheart when it comes to the best places to stay in Cedofeita. It is a lovely boutique guesthouse where every bedroom is decorated in a different style, using mostly vintage furniture. Moreover, the bedrooms are full of natural light, creating a really romantic atmosphere. Honestly, if I had to pick a hotel for a romantic getaway in Porto, this would be it 🙂

Another thing that I love about Casa Antiga is its location, in a quiet street full of cute little concept stores, just 10 minutes walking distance from Downtown Porto.

Casa do Conto – Arts & Residence

casa conto porto double bedroom

Casa do Conto – Arts & Residence one of the best hotel boutique in Porto thanks to its monochromatic and minimalist style. No one could guess that behind a very traditional façade lies something so innovative, and even disruptive, from a design point of view.

The rooms are all equipped, with a huge white bed and a ceiling decorated with quotes carved in concrete. There are wooden pieces and golden details that break the monochromatic vibe beautifully. Yes, this is not for everybody, but it’s a very unique place to stay in Porto.

One Shot Palácio de Cedofeita

one shot palacio cedofeita double bedroom

Fun fact: my mother has a boutique clothing store rights next to One Shot Palácio de Cedofeita and I think she has lunch there half of the week; she is indeed crazy about this hotel, to a point that we did my father’s 70 birthday party there 🙂

It’s easy to understand her love affair with the One Shot Palácio de Cedofeita, though: it is a magnificently decorated hotel, especially the beautiful dining room. The staff is absolutely outstanding (I learned this first hand, at my father’s birthday party).

Something else that sets this hotel apart is that it has a a great Finnish sauna. It’s location is also superb, just 10 minutes walking away from the city center and a couple of minutes away from Lapa subway station.

Best boutique hotels in Downtown Porto

Baixa, the word we use to describe Downtown Porto, is basically the neighborhood between the artsy Cedofeita neighborhood and Bonfim neighborhood, the hipster area of town.

It is basically the place where you will find the most important monuments of Porto, including São Bento train station, Lello bookstore and the Clérigos tower. In our main avenue, Avenida dos Aliados, you will find best luxury hotels in Porto.

Downtown Porto is always bustling with life, with plenty of restaurants and bars, and many events taking place during the weekends.

Therefore, Baixa is the perfect neighborhood to stay in Porto if you want to be where the action takes place… and that you should avoid if you do not!

Village Aparthotel By BOA

village aparthotel double bedroom
sun terrace village aparthotel

Village Aparthotel By BOA is a standout in Porto’s hotel scene. The apartments are designed with a Scandinavian aesthetic that’s both minimalist and functional, making you feel as if you are traveling in the pages of a Danish decor magazine 🙂

The use of neutral colors and natural materials creates a calming and inviting atmosphere that’s hard to find elsewhere. But what really sets it apart is the sun terrace. It’s a peaceful outdoor space right in the heart of the city where you can relax and soak up the Porto sun. Whether you’re starting your day with a cup of coffee or winding down in the evening, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Casa da Companhia

vignette collection casa compania porto

Casa da Companhia is a standout in the city’s boutique hotel scene. Housed in a building with a rich history, once belonging to the Porto Wine Company, it effortlessly blends the past with the present. The rooms are a marvel – spacious and adorned with mirrors, they feature large windows that overlook internal patios, bathing the space in natural light while ensuring privacy. The historical charm of the place is palpable, yet it doesn’t compromise on modern comforts. And let’s not forget the dining – the food is fantastic, adding to the overall appeal of the hotel. All in all, Casa da Companhia offers a unique and memorable stay, making it a must-visit on your next trip to Porto.

Torel Avantgarde

torel avantgarde quarto
torel avantgarde outdoor lounge
torel avantgarde swimming pool

Torel Avantgarde opened its doors a few years ago and it went all the way to the top of the best boutique hotels in Porto. After all, it has already won several international awards, such as the Best Luxury Art Hotel in Europe by the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

It is, indeed, an exceptional hotel that stands out not only for its exquisite decoration (each bedroom is inspired by a famous Avantgarde artists) but also for its amazing outdoors swimming pool and panoramic garden with a beautiful view over the Douro river.

Torel Avantgarde has one of my favorite locations in Porto, located close enough to the city attractions that you can get there walking, but sufficiently away so that you can enjoy a noise – free neighbourhood and a stunning view of Ribeira’s neighbourhood.

It also has a bar, a restaurant and a spa (one of the best spas in Porto!).

Hotel One Shot Aliados Goldsmith

double bedroom one shot goldsmith boutique hotel porto
rooftop one shot aliados goldsmith hotel porto

There are several things I enjoy about Hotel One Shot Aliados Goldsmith, most notably its fantastic location in Avenida dos Aliados (Allies’ Avenue), only a few minutes away from most city attractions. Moreover, it has a fan-tas-tic rooftop from where you can enjoy the views of the aforementioned avenue. It is quite a treat 🙂

Hotel One Shot Aliados Goldsmith also has single bedrooms that are perfect for solo travellers in Porto, and that are not easy to find elsewhere in the city.

Charm Palace Porto

double bedroom charm palace boutique hotel porto
charm palace loft

I found one of the best boutique hotels in Porto where you get to stay walking distance from the most famous monuments, but you’ll still be far away from all the crowds.

You can’t help but fall in love with Charm Palace Porto, a romantic blue-tiled bourgeois residence from the early 1900s. The building has 5 suites, all with stunning wooden floors, high ceilings and beautiful plasterwork that is original to the building. 

There is also a large living room where you can relax by the fireplace while enjoying a glass of wine. But the cherry on top in the minimalist garden in the backyard, with lovely Italian Cypresses.

PortoBay Teatro

double bedroom portobay teatro

PortoBay Teatro is not only one of the best boutique hotels in Porto, but also a unique one. The theme of PortoBay Teatro is precisely “theater”, therefore every room is decorated in dramatic yet elegant tones, with dark curtains and glass doors. The cherry on top is the freestanding tub on the bedroom; I loved it!

Before staying at PortoBay Teatro I was a bit afraid that it would be too dark for me, but once I there, I didn’t have that feeling; it felt as if I were at a jazz bar 🙂

M Maison Particulière Porto

maison particuliere hotel stay porto
m maison particuliere porto entrance

M Maison Particulière Porto is a place that stands out in the city as it looks like an art gallery. Its location in a 16th-century building in Porto’s old town adds a unique touch of historical elegance. The timeless decor of unique furnishings, high ceilings, stucco details, and wall paintings in each room reflects the classic feel of a Paris hotel.

But what really sets it apart is the exceptional service. The staff at M Maison Particulière Porto goes above and beyond to make guests’ stays special, from arranging surprise celebrations to providing helpful recommendations.


double bedroom saboaria best hotels porto old town

When stepping into Saboaria you are immediately struck by its unique blend of history and modernity. The hotel, set in a noble residence that once housed an Offenbach soap factory in the XIX century, has been beautifully restored. How cool is that, to sleep in a former factory?! 🙂

The room are a delightful surprise – spacious (which is not common at all in downtown Porto), well-designed, and artistically decorated.

Moreover, After a day of exploring Porto, you can simply unwind in the wet sauna, take a dip in the pool, or relax in the jacuzzi.

Casa dos Lóios by Shiadu

casa loios hotel porto suite

A great breakfast, cozy units with a lot of natural sunlight and a very central location are some of the reasons why Casa dos Lóios by Shiadu is one of the best boutique hotels in Porto.

The characteristics of this 16th century building can mostly be seen on the stunning ceilings, that add a sense of spaciousness and grandeur to the rooms.

The hotel also has a lovely deck area outside, which is perfect to enjoy the exceptional breakfast of Casa dos Lóios by Shiadu. A 5-minute walk takes guests to restaurants serving authentic local flavors, adding to the overall gastronomic delight of this hotel.

Pousada do Porto – Rua das Flores

double bedroom pousada porto flores

Pousada do Porto – Rua das Flores is a real standout in Porto’s hotel scene. Nestled in a historic building, it carries a unique charm that’s a testament to the city’s rich history. The rooms are a highlight, offering spacious comfort that’s hard to come by. The design is thoughtful, with a focus on comfort and aesthetics. The marble-clad bathrooms add a touch of luxury that elevates the whole experience. And let’s talk about the location – right on Rua das Flores, you’re in the heart of Porto’s vibrant arts scene and just a stone’s throw away from some of the best gastronomic delights the city has to offer. It’s a place that truly embodies the spirit of Porto, offering a unique blend of history, comfort, and local culture.

Malmerendas Boutique Lodging

malmerendas boutique hotel porto suite

On my hunt for the best boutique hotels in Porto I stumbled upon Malmerendas Boutique Lodging, a boutique lodging that will make you feel right at home. It located in a 19th century building that showcases the traditional construction of the bourgeoisie class of Porto.

The units are huge and they all come with a stunning bathtub, except for the lofts, they have stand up showers. Outside, there is a lovely garden which you can sit down, have a glass of wine and relax.

Best boutique hotels in Porto: Bonfim neighborhood

And finaaaaally I get to talk about my childhood neighborhood, which is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Europe by The Guardian. 

Bonfim is the hipster neighborhood of Porto, as it is home to both the Faculty of Arts AND most of the expat community. Therefore, there you will find plenty of craft beer pubs, specialty coffee shops, second hand shops and everything else that hipsters need 😛

It is also the Mecca of Francesinhas, the famous sandwich from Porto, and it recently became a popular nightlife spot.

But generally speaking, as Bonfim does not have any popular monument, it is a more quiet, local neighborhood, and still within 15 / 20 minutes walking distance from Downtown Porto.

Bonfim is definitely the place for artsy, cool people looking for an under the radar neighborhood in Porto.

Mouco Hotel

double bedroom mouco hotel
terrace mouco boutique hotel porto
swimming pool mouco hotel porto

Mouco Hotel opened very recently and it has a concept that is difficult to remain indifferent to: music!

The rooms, full of natural light and with a minimalist, industrial look with a musical touch, are perfect for relaxing. You can borrow a record player, records and also music instruments to listen and play in your room. In addition they’re also having a music venue in the near future. Just imagine: from bed to concert in a minute! Do I need to say more?

Maybe I will say two more words: swimming pool. Oh yeah, Mouco is definitely one of the coolest boutique hotels in Porto!

Cocorico Luxury Guest House

cocorico luxury guest house porto double bedroom
standalone bathtube cocorico luxury guest house porto

Some years ago I had the most memorable night in Cocorico Luxury Guest House, an elegant boutique hotel in Porto. It was the inauguration night and I was already quite impressed with the lovely patio, worthy of the One Thousand and One Nights’ tale. Then they took us to the bedrooms and oh my – they are so delicately decorated, so full of natural light, that it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

If you decide to book a room at Cocorico Luxury Guest House, take my advice and go down the street: you will find one of the best viewpoints in Porto.

Jardim da Batalha Boutique Hotel by Shiadu

jardim batalha boutique hotel porto double bedroom
jardim batalha boutique hotel porto living room
jardim batalha boutique hotel porto balconies

In urban centers it is increasingly difficult to find a hotel where we truly feel at home, which is why I decided to include Jardim da Batalha Boutique Hotel by Shiadu in this list of the best boutique hotels in Porto.

The rooms are small but very cozy, with balconies overlooking a small garden at the back of the hotel. In the main room, an inviting leather sofa beckons you for a long read. For breakfast, generous slices of chocolate salami to start the day with a smile.

All these subtle gestures made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my stay at Jardim da Batalha Boutique Hotel by Shiadu

The Convo Porto Hotel

rooftop metier boutique hotel porto
double bedroom metier boutique hotel porto
bar metier boutique hotel porto

I have one word for you: rooftop. Some people like to complain about how far away The Convo Porto Hotel is but honestly who cares when you can enjoy an elegant, sophisticated bar with a fantastic rooftop overlooking the city. No one!

Besides, you can easily overcome the distance (30 minutes walking) simply by taking a subway at Marquês subway station and getting out in Trindade, in Downtown Porto. It literally takes 5 minutes (I do this everyday), so stop whining and book a room at the gorgeous The Convo Porto Hotel.

Catalonia Porto

double bedroom catalonia hotel porto
indoor swimming pool catalonia hotel porto

I had already walked past Catalonia Porto about fifty times before deciding to enter – a shame, because it is a beautiful hotel, with very comfortable rooms and spacious and well-organized common areas, perfect for relaxing or doing some work for a couple of hours.

The location is fantastic: between Jardim de São Lázaro and the Batalha area; meaning it is a 10 / 15 minutes walk from the main monuments of the city, while being in a much calmer and quieter area.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight the quality of the breakfast: we have already picked up several clients from our private tours in the Douro valley, and they all mentioned the variety of delights (especially natural fruit juices!) and eggs made to order. A luxury!

GA Palace Hotel & Spa

double bedroom ga palace spa porto

From the moment you arrive at GA Palace Hotel & Spa, you’ll be enveloped in luxury. The attention to detail in the design of the rooms is impeccable, from the high ceilings to the delicious linen and beautiful bathroom. The spa is a haven of tranquility, with fantastic treatments that are fairly priced.

I do like the location as well: right at the beginning of the Bonfim neighborhood, just 10 minutes walking distance from the cathedral of Porto and from the Café Majestic, but in a much more quieter street.

Arts Hotel Porto

double bedroom arts hotel porto bonfim

At the Arts Hotel Porto you are immediately taken by its unique blend of historical charm and modern comfort. The hotel, set in a historical XVIII century building, has a unique and inviting atmosphere that made me feel right at home. My room was a delightful surprise – larger than expected and thoughtfully laid out, maximizing both comfort and utility. The location is another highlight, just a couple of blocks from several touristic attractions and excellent dining and shopping options.

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