Are there Christmas markets in Porto?


November 23, 2015

Asked by Maria, Ireland

Asked by Maria, Ireland

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During the holidays, I don’t really need any particular reason to go to the Christmas markets in Porto.

More than shopping, I like to go there to see happy faces, friends gathering together, charming Christmas lightnings…

And Porto, with its mild temperatures and airy squares, is asking for you to go shopping on the little markets, instead of going to shopping malls where all the shops look exactly the same!

What you should know about Christmas in Porto:

Even though the Christmas season is very strong in the city, don’t expect it to be as in Central Europe. We don’t have a centralised Christmas market in Porto, but rather small markets spread all over the city, where you can find not only the traditional Christmas decoration stuff, but also traditional Portuguese food products, urban design and much more.

Moreover, we don’t have snow and we don’t have Christmas carols. On the other hand, we have a very welcoming weather and you can always go for a fabulous rabanada at Café Guarany or at Café Majestic – trust me, it’s to die for!

Oh yes, Southern European Christmas will certainly blow your mind, just not in the way you’re expecting it to 🙂

Given this introduction, let me introduce you to…

…the best Christmas markets in Porto! 🙂

Christmas Wine Experience

1st – 2nd Dec, 15h – 19h | The Yeatman Hotel
christmas markets porto christmas wine experience

Photo taken from the facebook of The Yeatman Hotel.

The famous Yeatman Hotel is hosting its Christmas Wine Experience. With 100 high quality wines for tasting, several snacks with the signature of Chef Ricardo Costa, many wine workshops and, naturally, a Christmas market. This is a unique experience for wine lovers, where you can not only enjoy fantastic wines, but also taste the atmosphere of The Yeatman Hotel, all combined in this Christmas market in Porto.

As it is a rather unique event the admission cost is € 50.

How to get there: the subway station General Torres is 12min walking distance.

Solidarity Christmas market @ Quinta da Boeira

4th – 9th Dec | Quinta da Boeira
christmas markets porto quinta boeira

Photo taken from website

From December 4th to 9th, Quinta da Boeira hosts a very special Christmas market. In this market you can count on dozens of exhibitors with 100% Portuguese pieces of the most traditional arts. There will be live work, some articles can be customized to offer to someone special. There will also be, besides the crafts, wines, jams, cheeses and chocolates. There will be 2 tertúlias and this Christmas market in Porto has a joint purpose, collection of food goods for the parish councils of Mafamude, Vilar do Paraíso, Santa Marinha and São Pedro da Afurada

How to get there: the subway station General Torres is 12min walking distance.

Christmas Market @ The District

16th – 17th Dec | Rua Augusto Rosa, 39
christmas markets porto district

Photo taken from the facebook of District

This year the District (a complex with offices, several stores and food stalls) is organising a Christmas market in Porto. There you’ll be able to find Portuguese jewelery, clothing, urban design and some of District’s physical stores.  You can also count on live music (DJ on Saturday and Fado on Sunday), yoga classes and workshops.

This Christmas market has free admission.

 How to get there: the subway station Batalha is 2min walking distance.

Handcrafts’ market

Every Fri & Sat, 10h-18h | Praça Parada Leitão and Reitoria da Universidade do Porto

christmas markets porto craft market
This Christmas market replaced the old handcraft market in Ribeira, in order to let that small neighbourhood breathe from the tourism pressure. It takes place close to Clérigos tower, and you can shop a little bit of everything over there.

How to get there: there is a hub station close called CORDOARIA, where a lot of bus departure. You can also go to the subway station São Bento, which is 10min walking distance.

Xmas Market

24th – 26th Dec |  Alameda Shop & Spot
christmas markets porto alameda shop spot xmas market

Photo taken from the facebook of Alameda Shop & Spot

This Christmas market of Porto will take place inside a mall, but I assure you that you’ll find gifts for all tastes and prices. You can count on clothing, accessories, home decor, children’s fashion, sweets and wines.

This Christmas market has free admission.

How to get there: the subway station Estádio do Dragão is 11min walking distance.

Aniki Bebé 

3rd Dec | Hotel Cristal Porto
christmas markets porto aniki bebe

Photo taken from the facebook of Hotel Cristal Porto

Finally a Christmas market in Porto entirely dedicated to the little ones! Here you will find everything for children from toys to accessories, home decor and fashion. The cherry on top is the playground which includes face paintings and balloons – it’s certainly a delight for kids and adults!

How to get there: the subway station Faria Guimarães is 7min walking distance.

Christmas Sensation Market

2nd – 3rd Dec | Hotel InterContinental Porto – Palácio das Cardosas
christmas markets porto christmas sensation market

Photo taken from the facebook of Hotel Intercontinental Porto

If you’re having trouble to findChristmas gifts, then this is the place to go. Located at the Intercontinental Hotel, the Christmas Sensation Market has clothes for women, men and children, wines, home decor, among many other things.

Another Christmas market in Porto not to be missed!

How to get there: the subway station São Bento is 2min walking distance.

Xmas Experience Marketplace

19th – 23rd Dec | Hard Club
christmas markets porto xmas experience marketplace

Photo taken from the website of Porto Lazer

This event is ready for the holiday season. There will be a selection of 30 designer brands and limited edition, 100 percent Portuguese brands. It will be brands in the areas of gourmet, design and jewelery. There will also be workshops and the possibility of taking family photos. This is a christmas market in Porto not to be missed!

How to get there: the subway station São Bento is 7min walking distance.


1st Dec – 23rd Dec, 10h-20h (Fri & Sat until 24 p.m)| Largo Amor de Perdição

christmas markets porto artesanatus
Artesanatus gathers traditional handcraft from all around the country on a giant plastic bubble, which makes it one of the most traditional markets during this season.

How to get there: the subway station Aliados is 5min walking distance.

Family Market – Xmas Edition

8th Dec | Hard Club
christmas markets porto family market xmas edition

Photo taken from the website of

This Christmas market is all about the family. You have everything you need for this holiday season with your loved ones, kids fashion, decoration, gifts to all tastes. There will be also workshops and classes. You really have to visit this Christmas market in porto!

How to get there: the subway station São Bento is 7min walking distance.

Christmas Antique Fair

16th – 23rd Dec | Armazém, Miragaia
christmas markets porto christmas antique fair

Photo taken from the website of viveroporto

The name itself says it all: on this Christmas market in Porto, you’ll be able to find plenty of antiques for a bargain! It’s definitely one of the markets I won’t miss, as I’ll find exquisite presents for the entire family.

How to get there: the subway station São Bento is 13min walking distance.

Mercado Porto Belo

Every Saturday, 11h-19h (19th to 22nd Dec, 10h-18h) | Praça Carlos Alberto

christmas markets porto belo market
Mercado Porto Belo is one of the most popular markets in Porto, due to the variety of products being sold (from used vinyls to organic onions) and to the intimate atmosphere you can breath in the cozy square it takes place: Praça Carlos Alberto.

How to get there: the subway station Aliados Aliados is 10min walking distance.

Arca de Natal

6th – 7th Dec, 11h-18h30 | Estação de S. Bento

christmas markets porto arca natal
All the revenues generated in this cute little market will be donated to NGOs that support the local community of Porto. And, besides the great feeling of knowing that your money is going to the right hands, take a moment to appreciate São Bento train station, the old train station where the market takes place.

How to get there: take the train or the subway to São Bento train station.

Flea Market + Mini Porto Belo

16th Dec | Silo Auto

christmas markets porto flea market mini porto belo
The Flea Market is regarded as one of the coolest markets in the city, where you can find pretty much everything. It takes place on a circular car park called Silo Auto (yes, it is a car boot sale), and this year it will have the mini Porto Belo market on the inside: kids will sell their stuff for the symbolic price of 1€ (how sweet is that!).

How to get there: the subway Trindade is 10min walking distance.

Urban Market

8th – 10th Dec, 11h-19h | Praça das Cardosas

christmas markets porto urban market
The Urban market, as the name points out, is a reference of urban handicraft markets in Porto. It is so hard to choose among so many fun, irreverent and unique products! Moreover, it takes in Praça das Cardosas, a renewed square just in front of São Bento train station.

How to get there: take the train or the subway to São Bento train station.

Christmas Market

15th – 17th Dec | Ateneu Comercial do Porto

christmas market porto
It could be just another Christmas markets, but it’s not. This Christmas market, organised by Lufthansa and taking place in the most charming Ateneu Comercial do Porto, gets the best out of two worlds: typical products from the Northern region of Portugal and gastronomic products of the German Christmas.

How to get there: the subway station Bolhão is 10/15min walking distance.


1st – 3rd Dec | Núcleo Museológico da Santa Casa da Misericórdia
christmas markets porto chocolatrends

Photo taken from the website of chocolatrends

There is nothing more “Christmas – like” than chocolates, and hence you won’t be able to resist this Christmas market entirely dedicated to chocolate. You can count on chocolate tastings and workshops, chocolates for all tastes, coffees, teas, wines and even spirits.

How to get there: the subway station São Bento is 4min walking distance.

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