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As Der Spiegel wrote, Porto is being flooded by tourists which is good for the local economy, but it also brings its downsides, such as an up rise of tourists traps.

This is the reason why I think it is my moral obligation to write about the few surviving traditional restaurants in Porto, hoping that you might like them as much as we do and contribute to its survival.

A few things before we dive into the amazing world of the traditional restaurants in Porto:

  • Don’t expect vegetarian / vegan / gluten free options in traditional restaurants in Porto. Out of courtesy they might come up with an omelet or with a fresh salad to accommodate your dietary restrictions – but then again you will not really be taking advantage of eating in such restaurants, would you?
    Therefore if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, I strongly recommend you to stick to the restaurants mentioned of our Survival Guide for Vegetarians, in order to avoid having a disappoint meal.
  • These are traditional restaurants in Porto, so don’t expect to find proper English menus. Instead, make sure you are patient enough to use google translator and creative communication techniques with the waiters!

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It’s time to unveil the best traditional restaurants in Porto:

O Ernesto

Rua da Picaria, 85 | Porto

traditional fish chips ernesto porto

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best traditional restaurants porto ernesto

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I’ve been going to Ernesto since I am a little girl, to eat hake fillets with my family. In fact, Ernesto is one of the few Portuguese restaurants that has been part of the families from Porto from generation to generation.

The restaurant’s menu consists of the traditional Portuguese flavours couple with daily dishes that depend on the day of the week:

  • Monday: bacalhau à Gomes Sá (traditional codfish dish from Porto) and coelho assado no forno (roasted rabbit)
  • Tuesday: tripas à moda do porto (beef’s stomach cooked in a stew with white beans, carrots and cumin)
  • Wednesday: filetes de pescada com arroz de feijão, de grelos ou de legumes (hake fillets with vegetables’ or beans’ rice)
  • Thursday: filetes de polvo com arroz do mesmo (octopus fillets) and cozido à portuguesa (amazing Portuguese dish with different types of meats and sausages served with rice, potatoes and boiled vegetables)
  • Friday: arroz de pato (roasted duck rice)
  • Saturdays: rojões (pork cubes cooked in pork lard) and cabrito assado no forno (baby goat cooked in the oven, it’s to die for!)

There are those who recommend Ernesto’s famous fruit salad to finish off the meal, but I prefer a burnt crème brûlée. It never fails to amaze me!

How to get there: Aliados metro station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Cozinha do Manel

Rua do Heroísmo, 215 | Porto

roasted meat cozinha do manel porto

© Cozinha do Manel

famous portuguese traditional restaurant porto cozinha do manel

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One of the most traditional restaurants in Porto is hidden in Bonfim, the hipster neighborhood that divides the tourist area from the the oriental part of the city. I’m talking about Cozinha do Manel, a restaurant that has been cheering Porto’s palates for the past 30 years.

Cozinha do Manel is one of the most welcoming traditional restaurants in Porto: you enter through a narrow hallway, from where you can take a sneak peek at the delicious desserts displayed on the fridge. The hallway gives access to a cozy dining room, covered in granite and tiles.

The starters are simply to die for: alheira assada (traditional Portuguese sausage) from Trás os Montes and queijo da Serra (soft sheep cheese) are a mandatory presence at my dining table.

As main dishes I recommend cabrito assado no forno (baby goat cooked in the oven – you need to order it with at least two days in advance!), arroz de pato (roasted duck rice) and vitela assada (roasted veal – even though, to be honest, it always feels a bit rubbery). If you prefer to go for fish, then I recommend you to try bacalhau assado no forno (oven roasted codfish) or hake / octopus fillets.

You should not leave Cozinha do Manel without trying its fabulous rabanadas – the Portuguese twist on French toasts -, served throughout the entire year.

How to get there: Heroísmo metro station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Adega do Carregal

Travessa do Carregal, 102 | Porto

traditional rice chicken porto adega do carregal

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top traditional restaurants porto adega do carregal

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I ate my very first rojões in Adega do Carregal, a couple of years ago. Even though I am not a huge fan of this traditional Portuguese dish, that consists of pork’s cubes cooked in pork lard, I couldn’t resist to try one of the famous dishes at one of the best traditional restaurants in Porto.

At Adega do Carregal I recommend you to try the codfish dishes as well as posta à mirandesa (an amazing steak with a olive oil & vinegar sauce). There are always daily dishes like the infamously good tripas à moda do Porto (beef’s stomach cooked in a stew with white beans, carrots and cumin) and anho assado no forno (roasted lamb).

The service is very attentive, without fake pretentiousness; we’re at home.

How to get there: Aliados metro station is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Garfada do Ouro

Rua Senhor da Boa Morte, 84 | Porto

This is one of the well-kept secrets of Porto: Helder, one of the former owners of the amazing restaurant O Carteiro, fell in love with an Italian woman and they both created a new project that rescues the concepts of sustainable food using local, seasonal and biological ingredients.

Helder opens the doors if his house – and what a house, located in Foz Velha – every Tuesday and Thursday night.

They are often wonderful events for meeting new people, but it is also a good place to have private dinners with friends or business colleagues.

You have to subscribe to attend these amazing dinners so there is no point in showing up unannounced. To book your place, send an email to geral@garfadadoouro.pt. The dinners cost 60€ / person, which include all dishes plus wines. Do not forget to use the code PORTOALITIES5 which gives you a discount of 5 € / person on your meal.

In order to have dinner at Helder’s place just send an email to geral@garfadadoouro.pt to check his availability.

How to get there: take the tram Line 1 until the stop Ouro. The house is a 2 minutes walking distance.


Rua da Picaria, 26 | Rua Dr. Alberto Macedo, 437 | Porto

best sandwiches traditional-restaurants porto badalhoca

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Purists will have to forgive me, but the way I see it, one could not miss Badalhoca in this list of best traditional restaurants in Porto.

It is true that Badalhoca is not quite a restaurant, it a down-to-earth tavern where we lay our appetite in smoked ham sandwiches and small plates of pork liver baits or octopus cooked with green sauce.

Always watered with a tap Super Bock – the traditional beer from Porto-, as if we order a soft drink we are greeted with a bell ring that will embarrass you in front of everyone. It’s really worth going there!

How to get there: For the downtown location, Aliados metro station is a 5 minutes walking distance.. For the other location, take bus 502 (direction Matosinhos Mercado) until Gomes da Costa bus stop. The restaurant is a 6 minutes walking distance.

O Gaveto

Rua Roberto Ivens, 824 | Matosinhos

steamed clams seafood restaurant gaveto matosinhos

© Gaveto

main room gaveto best seafood restaurant porto

© Gaveto

O Gaveto is undoubtedly my favorite seafood restaurant in Porto. It helps the fact that fish and seafood always have primacy on my table and that Gaveto serve both in an irreproachable way.

In this beautiful (almost) seafront restaurant, I strongly recommend you to try the amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (steamed clams with a garlic and white wine sauce – who would have guessed that such a simple dish could be so delicious!), the monkfish rice and the pièce de resistance, the seafood açorda (bread stew with seafood and loads of spices).

In my opinion Gaveto is also one of the most interesting traditional restaurants in Porto as it has a superb wine list, making it a mandatory stop for wine lovers like myself.

How to get there: Matosinhos Sul metro station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Manuel Alves

Avenida de Fernão de Magalhães, 782 | Porto

traditional portuguese dish porto manuel alves

© Manuel Alves

traditional food porto manuel alves

© Manuel Alves

Hidden from the tourist sights, in the Paranhos neighborhood, is one of the best traditional restaurants in Porto, Manuel Alves.

The menu of this restaurant is very diverse, consisting of countless fish options (baked shrimp and cod are always safe bets) and meat (we particularly like the veal medallions and the roasted beef).

How to get there: Campanhã and Estádio do Dragão metro stations are both a 15 minutes walking distance.

Rogério do Redondo

Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar, 19 | Porto

hake fillets traditional portuguese food rogerio redondo restaurant porto main room rogerio redondo restaurant porto

When Anthony Bourdain first landed in Porto, in 2000, the first restaurant he went to was Rogério do Redondo. I think this alone tells you about the importance of Rogério do Redondo in the gastronomic scene of Porto.

One thing that I love in this traditional restaurant of Porto is that the owner, Rogério Sá, really took the time to source the best ingredients from all around the country, such as seafood from Vila Real de Santo António and prosciutto from Barrancos. The potatoes come from Trás os Montes, where my family comes from.

Here you can taste delicious traditional Portuguese food, like cabrito assado (roasted baby goat) and tripas à moda do Porto. If you want my advice, just get there and be like Anthony Bourdain, who, according to the legend, tried everything, including a giant hake’s eyes (yes, we eat the fish eyes).

How to get there: 24 Agosto subway station is a 5 minutes walking distance.

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