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Good weather finally arrived and with it came the trips to the best beaches of Porto.

For those who prefer a swim in one of the pools in Porto, at the end of this article, you will find information about 5 swimming pools that are not to be missed.

If you are a beach lover you should check the best beach hotels in Porto, but not before reading our guide to the best neighborhhods to stay in the city.

These are the best beaches in Porto:

Porto: Beach of Homem do Leme

beach homem leme water sun sand
The beach of Homem do Leme is not only one of the best beaches in Porto, is probably one of the most famous because of this popular song.

It has good access to the bath area, even for people in a wheelchair, as well as adapted sanitary facilities and an accessible first aid station.

Also, I find this beach very good for families with children in Porto, as it has a small playground in a nearby garden. It is wonderful!
beach homem leme families kids park
How to get there: Bus 1M, 200, 202, 203 and 500.

Restaurants and bars: this beach has a not so good beach bar called Bar Homem do Leme, but on the beach next, there is the CaipiCompany with its famous caipirinhas 🙂

Porto: The 5 beaches at Foz neighborhood (Luz, Ingleses, Ourigo, Carneiro and Pastoras)

beach gondarem porto peolple families
A lot of people say that the best beaches in Porto are the ones at Foz neighbourhood, not only due to their proximity to the city centre but also because they are easily accessible via the picturesque tram of Porto. Located nearby is a boutique hotel called Hotel Boa Vista.

These beaches are ideal for families with kids in Porto as they are close not only to a public garden called Passeio Alegre, where there is mini golf.

How to get there: Tram line #1 (leave at the last stop) and buses 1M, 200, 203, 204 e 500.

Restaurants & Bars: These beaches are close to several restaurants in Foz. There is the Museu dos Presuntos, (close to Praia do Ourigo and Praia do Carneiro), Varanda do Sol, a fantastic pizzeria near Ourigo Beach and the famous pastry shop Tavi, behind Praia dos Ingleses. In addition to this, in front of Praia dos Ingleses there is my favourite bar: the Bonaparte 🙂

Porto: Beach of Gondarém and Molhe

beach gondarem porto foz rocks sea beach gondarem foz sea
The most famous photos of Foz are taken precisely between Praia de Gondarém and Praia do Molhe. There are weekly craft markets taken place there on Saturdays, where you can find many things to shop! 🙂

These beaches are close to several restaurants and bars, making it some of the best beaches in Porto for those looking to extend an afternoon on the beach into a dinner with friends or family.

How to get there: Buses 500, 200 and 202, as well as tram line #1.

Restaurants & Bars: On the backstreets of these two beaches there are several trendy and very expensive restaurants such as Terra, Cafeína and Casa Vasco). For quick and affordable meals, I suggest Creperie La Bombarde (excellent crepes, even though the service is super slow) and the coffee shop The Bird. There is also the pastry shop Doce Mar, for some delicious croissants 🙂

Gaia: Beach of Canido Sul

beach canide south gaia sand sea

Vila Nova de Gaia (we simply call it Gaia) is the city just south of Douro river. It is famous for the Port wine lodges and for having the best beaches in the region.

The wonderful beach of Canido Sul is one of the best beaches in Porto because it has a wall that “creates” an area without waves and that cuts the North wind, making it ideal for those who like to spend hours sunbathing.

On the other hand, you’re very close to Principe de Salgueiros, where you can enjoy some croissants coming straight from the oven! 🙂

How to get there: Bus 906. Since last year, the City Hall of Gaia as been providing free transport to its beaches in minivans departing from Cais de Gaia.

Restaurants & Bars: If you have a sweet tooth, check the café Príncipe do Salgueiros.

Matosinhos: International Beach

beach internacional matosinhos porto people sea
The International beach is, for many reasons, one of the best beaches in Porto. It has an immense sidewalk perfect to run / ride a bike / walk the dog / go on a date. In addition to this, it has many nice bars and it is easily accessible by subway.

This beach is protected by the walls of the Port of Leixões, so it has smooth waves. Thus, it is ideal for those who are just starting with their surfing classes, as well as for families with kids in Porto.

How to get there: Subway station Matosinhos Sul (blue line).

Restaurants & Bars: At this beach, you can find Cremosi, a very popular ice cream shop in Porto, as well as Leitaria da Quinta do Paço, with its tempting éclairs. There are also several snack bars at Edifício Transparente, a giant glass building right next to the sand.

Matosinhos: Beach of Leça da Palmeira

beach leca palmeira matosinhos sea sky people families
The beach of Leça da Palmeira is not only one of the best beaches in Porto, but also that of my childhood 🙂 When I was a little girl, I spent endless afternoons picking up shells in the form of little kisses, and, during Winter inter, writing on the sand.

This beach is close to good restaurants and bars, as well as a supermarket. It’s really a nice beach!

How to get there: Bus 507.

Restaurants & Bars: there is an excellent sushi restaurant called Sushiaria. It also has the wonderful Esquina do Avesso (perfect for a romantic date), the Mauritânia Grill and the Mamma Bella Pizzeria. There are also lots of bars – Fuzelhas Bar, Beijobar, Óscar Bar, all of the low quality and high prices as usual.

Since you are on the beach, why not take the opportunity to get some exercise under your belt and see the sights on two wheels? Rent a bike and enjoy!

Specially for families: A list of swimming pools in Porto!

swimming pool porto mares leça palmeira kids families

  • Piscina das Marés (Leça da Palmeira) – CLOSED UNTIL JULY 2020: It is a saltwater swimming pool, designed by Siza Vieira, right on the beach of Leça da Palmeira. There is also a kids swimming pool and a small terrace. You can check the price and the schedule here.
  • Piscina da Quinta da Conceição (Leça da Palmeira): For me it is one of the best swimming pools for families with kids in Porto because it is located in the middle of a park called Quinta da Conceição. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to take a bath at this pool and then go for a picnic at Quinta da Conceição. You can see the price and the schedules here.
  • Piscina da Quinta da Gruta (Maia): this is another great option for families with kids in Porto as it has an adult pool, another for children and even a small “splash” for babies. Very close to the Quinta da Gruta swimming pool there is also a playground 🙂 You can check the price and the schedule here.
  • Solário Atlântico (Espinho): Another great option for families with kids in Porto is the saltwater pool of the Solário Atlântico, which also has a swimming pool for the little ones. It has the advantage of having a train station right next to it. You can check the price list here.
  • Piscina da Granja (Gaia): Another swimming pool filled with fresh sea water – check here for more informations.

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