What are the best restaurants in Porto for a low budget?

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March 7, 2016

Asked by Lucas, Brazil

Asked by Lucas, Brazil

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My mailbox is full with emails asking me about the best restaurants in Porto to eat traditional Portuguese food without spending too much money.

Places where the locals go, not tourist traps where we all fall into when we travel somewhere new.

Here’s my Top 9 Restaurants for traditional Portuguese food on a low budget in Porto. Enjoy!

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The best restaurants in Porto for a low budget are:

Taberna de Stº António

Rua das Virtudes, 32 | Closes on Monday.

taberna santo antonio affordable restaurant porto Taberna de Stº António is a real Portuguese tavern with a warm service and the best Portuguese food – there is no downside on this place, it is definitely one of the best restaurants in Porto!

If you want my suggestion, make a reservation for dinner and start your evening sipping a beer at the viewpoint of the Virtudes, which is one of the most beautiful spots of Porto and very close by to this tavern.

Cana Verde

Rua dos Caldeireiros, 121 | Mon-Thu midday-2pm.Fri midday-2pm + 7pm-1am.Closes on Sunday.

cana verde low cost restaurant porto
Mr. Luis and his restaurant are worth of an article itself. I don’t know anyone who serves with such good humor – I always feel that I’m entering the house of friends where I am waited with a beautiful Portuguese meal.

The menu of the day with soup, main course, dessert, coffee and drink round 12 € (lunchtime).

Café Ceuta

Rua de Ceuta, 20/26 | Mon – Sat 7am – 2am. Closes on Sunday.

cafe ceuta low budget restaurant porto
Café Ceuta is a typical café from Porto with homemade food at great prices.

During lunchtime it offers a menu with the dish of the day (you can choose among four options, one of which is vegetarian), drink and coffee for 6€. Fridays are dedicated to francesinha, Porto’s signature dish: a menu with a Francesinha, drink and coffee costs € 7 (yes, you read that well!). If you are not too hungry, go for a mini plate for 2,5 €.

Pimenta Rosa

Centro Comercial Bombarda | Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm

pimenta rosa low cost restaurant porto
Located at the beautiful Miguel Bombarda Mall, which has some of the best restaurants in Porto at an affordable price, Pimenta Rosaserves a buffet of both hot and cold dishes for 4,60€ (drinks and dessert paid aside).

Best of all is that after 4pm it serves its famous cakes and pies for 1,50€ / slice and, after 7pm, generous slices of pizza for 1 € . It is a must!


Rua da estação, 82 | Everyday from 11am to 8pm

The Moment’Um was a pleasant addition to the eastern part of the city, Campanhã. At the competent hands of Helena, we get recipes of homemade flavours, but with half the fats and sugars, often without meat or other ingredients of animal origin.

I am particularly fan of the vegan francesinha, and of the chocolate buns (they are such a delight!).

At lunch there are always several meat, fish and vegetarian dishes from 4€ to 12€. At night you can choose from the two menus – yes, because at Moment’Um there is the “regular” menu and a a vegetarian one, which I particularly like. Close your meal with a golden key, sampling one of Helena’s delicious (and healthy!) desserts.

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Sabores & Açores

Centro Comercial Bombarda | Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm

sabores acores traditional portuguese Restaurant porto
Sabores e Açores is such a beautiful restaurant, serving traditional dishes from Azores, as well as international specialties (Indian food, Thai, etc.). For me it’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Porto as it beautifully blends traditional Portuguese food with spices from all around the world.

Once there, try the delicious lentils curry and “espécie”, an Azorean biscuit with lemon grass, which is to-die-for.

O Caraças

Rua das Taipas, 27 | 11:30am – 2:30pm + 7:30pm – 10pm

o caracas low budget restaurant porto
When Caraças opened it immediately conquered the stomachs of Porto. This friendly restaurant offers two courses whose prices range between 4,50€ and 6€ (at lunchtime). It serves home-cooked, unpretentious food in the large room or on the terrace outside.

Novo Paris

Travessa dos Congregados, 19 | Mon – Sat 11:30am – 3pm + 7pm – 10:30pm

novo paris cheap restaurant porto
Given its location, we could easily miss Novo Paris if it did not serve such great Portuguese food at such friendly prices.

The daily menu has a lot of options ranging between 4€ and 7€. Once there, try the grilled mackerel, and do not leave without tasting the wafer cake. It’s a must try on this list of the best restaurants in Porto for a low price!

Maus Hábitos

Rua Passos Manuel, 178 (4th floor) | Tue – Sun midday – 3pm + 8pm – 11pm

maus habitos affordable restaurant porto
In Downtown Porto, in a large, airy room, Maus Hábitos serves menus with include main course and drink for 5,5€ (with dessert, soup and coffee, the price rises to 8€). There is always a vegetarian dish and a meat one.

On Sundays, they serve brunches from 10,50€, from midday to 5pm.

Irmãos Lino

Largo São Domingos, 65 | Mon – Sat midday – 3:30pm + 8:30pm – 10:30pm. Closes on Sunday.

irmaos lino cheap restaurant porto
There isn’t a single week when I don’t have lunch at Irmãos Linos, one of the best restaurants in Porto, and I can easily explain why. It has a fantastic location (just down Rua das Flores), with unpretentious Portuguese food at reasonable prices and a very attentive service, it is a must both for locals and for tourists.

The daily menu has five courses whose prices range between 4,50€ and 6,50€.

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