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The best Port wine lodges in Porto in 2023

Guide to the best Port wine lodges - including detailed information on schedules & prices of each tour, languages provided and shipping.

Sara Riobom

January 25, 2023

Full day Private tour in Porto

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If you’re traveling to Porto, visiting one of the best Port wine lodges should be on the top of your list, because it is a unique activity that you can’t do anywhere else in the world! Therefore, I prepared this list of the best Port lodges, so that you don’t waste your time with bad wine.

Before I write my personal pick of the best Port wine lodges, let me give you some advice:

  • The two very best Port wine lodges are actually NOT in this article, because I only take there my clients of the Full day private tour in Porto. I am talking about two very exclusive, very secluded places, with fantastic wines, that tourists never discover on their own. So if you’re serious about Port wine and about getting to know Porto, you should consider booking a tour with me 🙂
  • Visiting the lodges is one of the most popular things to do in Porto, and, naturally, a very touristic one. With this in mind, if you are a serious wine person, I recommend you to ignore the cheapest wine tastings, as you’ll be tasting entry level Port wines, which are not particularly interesting. It’s worth it to pay more and taste better Port wines!
  • However, if you are a budget traveller, there are some good deals for you. One is to get a combo ticket to Port wine Lodge + Fado show, where you get to visit Calém Port wine lodge followed by a Port wine tasting while watching a Fado show. This allows you to save A LOT of money as a visit to a Port wine lodge costs 20 / 25€, and a Fado show with dinner costs around 30€ / person. By getting this online combo ticket you pay only 23€ – this is really cheap, people!
live fado show calem port wine lodge

If you want it to be EVEN CHEAPER, you can go for a Fado show with Port wine – but without a visit to the ageing barrels cellars. This experience is the Port wine tasting at Quevedo with a fado show, that only costs 17€ and that is the cheapest option on the market.

Another great deal is to get a combo ticket for the Hop On Hop Off Bus, river cruise and Port wine cellar for 30€. This is very cheap because the river cruise costs 15€, a visit to a Port wine lodge around 15 / 18€ and the Hop on Hop off Bus around 18€ / day.

Enough talking. These are the best Port wine lodges:


Avenida de Diogo Leite, 344 | Vila Nova de Gaia
interactive museum calem port wine lodge
tasting room calem port wine lodge

Calém is the best Port wine lodge if you are looking for a relaxed and interactive experience.
First you’ll visit a small interactive museum where you will learn about the Douro Valley region, the different grape varieties, etc. What I like the most about it is that it has a large table where you can test your smelling abilities – a major hit with kids!
Then you join a group tour that lasts 30 minutes, when you will visit the cellar where the wine is aged. Calém uses some cool video projections on the barrels to give you an idea of interesting facts, like how many days it takes to build a barrel or how many Mini Coopers (yes, the car) fit inside one.
Finally, you head to the Port wine tasting which can take place in the main room, a private room or the terrace.

port wine bottles calem

Calém is good value for the money if you are looking for a lighter, more easy-going tour, so I especially recommend it if you are traveling in groups or with kids. It is also one of the CHEAPEST Port wine lodges, so hurry up and buy your online ticket to Calém, which costs 15€.

You can also buy a combo ticket for a visit & wine tasting at Calém + Fado show for 23€, which is a bargain – typically, fado shows cost 15€ (the cheapest version) and a visit & tasting at a Port wine lodge around 15 / 18€ (the standard tastings), so this ticket is a good opportunity.

Schedule: 10h – 19h. Last visit at 17h40. Bookings on or call +351220907316.
Tours & Prices: visit + tasting in the standard Room vary between [15 ; 20] €, depending on the type & number of Port wines. Private Port wine tastings vary between [30 ; 35] €.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR and ES.


Rua do Agro, 141 | Vila Nova de Gaia
wine barrels graham port wine lodges porto
group friends toast port wine

Graham’s, a Port wine brand founded by two Scottish brothers in 1820, is an elegant and selective choice, ideal for those eager to escape the crowds of the riverside.
At Graham’s, the Port wine tour begins with a short 10-minute video, followed by a professional and informative tour, so that we get to know not only the history of the Symington family, but also the different types of Port wine. When it comes to informative tours, there is nothing like Graham’s. Moreover, I never feel that we are being “rushed” by the guide – which is one of the reasons why I consider Graham’s one of the best Port wine lodges!

Then, you will enjoy a wine tasting in a spacious room with a big window overlooking Porto… it is phenomenal 🙂 If you prefer, there is also a Vintage Room “English style”, with comfortable leather arm chairs.

There are several wine tastings available at Graham’s. You can go for a classic one, if you want to spend the least amount of money, but if you’re serious about trying Ports I recommend going for one of these:

  • Guided tour + Graham’s Premium tasting. I like this particular tasting because it has food pairing included. You’ll be able to taste Graham’s LBV paired with chocolate, Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos paired with cheese, and Graham’s 20 Year Old paired with our famous pastel de Nata. All of this plus the guided tour for 35€. It’s a bargain, and the best value for the money option.
  • Graham’s tasting at the Vintage Room. This tasting costs 45€ and it includes these wines: Graham’s LBV, Graham’s Single Harvest 1990 and Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port.
  • Super Premium tasting at the Vintage Room, perfect for Tawny lovers like myself 🙂 This tasting costs 65€ and it includes these wines: Graham’s Single Harvest 1994, Graham’s 30 Y.O Tawny and Graham’s 40 Y.O Tawny.
Schedule: 9h30 – 17h30. You can book your wine tour & tasting at Graham’s. Free cancelation up to 24h before. No need to print the voucher.
Tours & Prices: visit + tasting in the Main Room vary between [23 ; 35]€, depending on the type & number of Port wines.
Port wine tastings in the Vintage Room vary between [45 ; 135] €.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL and RUS.


Rua Visconde das Devesas, 168| Vila Nova de Gaia
wine shop pocas port wine lodge porto
pocas port wine museum

Another favourite of mine is Poças, which has the particularity of being one of the very few Port wine lodges in the hands of a Portuguese family (unfortunately, most brands belongs to English companies). So, if you are looking for a traditional, family owned Port wine lodge, look no further!

Another thing that I like about Poças is its size – not as large as most other lodges, not as small as Quinta dos Corvos. It is just about the right size to be able to provide professional visits, yet very intimate and personal.

Another advantage is that, if you are traveling with people who are not so found of Port wines, at Poças they can make a Wine and Port wine tasting while you enjoy your 100% Port wine tasting.

The visit is short but very informative, and then you have the wine tasting at a really cute wine shop. You will be able to taste three different Ports: a white Port (dry or sweet, you choose), a Ruby Port and a 10 Years Old Port. After that tasting, make sure to grab a bottle of an old Tawny Port, as Poças is quite famous for its Colheitas 🙂

As it is a family business, there are no visits taking place on Sundays nor Mondays.

Schedule: From Tuesday to Saturday from 10h – 18h30. You can book your wine tour & tasting at Poças. Free cancelation up to 24h before. No need to print the voucher.
Tours & Prices: visit + tasting varies between [16 ; 50] €, depending on the type & number of Port wines.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR, ES and IT.


Rua Serpa Pinto, 346 | Vila Nova de Gaia
port wine tasting paired chocolate cockburns lodge
wine barrels cockburns port wine lodges porto
cooper team cockburns

The visit to Cockburn’s Port wine lodge is really unique – not only because it has the largest (and, in my opinion, the most beautiful lodge) BUT ALSO because it is the ONLY place where you can watch coopers, the the artisans responsible for repairing wine barrels.

Indeed, the first time I visited Cockburn’s I had the immense privilege of watching the cooperage team fixing Port wine barrels, something I had never seen and will not see as quickly as it is a dying art. It was beautiful – and I even met Symington’s head cooper, Emílio, who won the Medal of Honour due to his contribution to Port wine industry!

In the end, the Port wine tasting at Cockburn’s takes place in a large room overlooking the cellar or, if you prefer the outdoors, in a lovely indoors terrace. There is also the John Smith’s room, for premium tastings, which is is smaller and that provides more privacy.

Schedule: 9h30 – 18h. You can book online your guided tour & Port wine tastings at Cockburn’s.
Tours & Prices: visit + tasting in the main room vary between [20 ; 27] €, depending on the type & number of Port wines.
Tastings in the John Smiths room vary between [40 ; 65] €.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR and ES.


Rua de Santa Marinha, 77 | Vila Nova de Gaia
quevedo wine tasting room
fado singer quevedo port wine lodge

If you are not suuuper interested in seeing cellars but in having a relaxed Port wine tasting, then Quevedo is the right place for you. It belongs to two Portuguese brothers (I am a personal friend of Óscar, who is a sensational person), who have been making Port wines since 1993, being one of the youngest brands on the market.

The tasting room is located in an old cooperage, over 200 years old. It is very spacious and airy, with long tables, ideal for groups, and several barrels turned into tables, next to the windows, which are perfect for couples.

Quevedo has several tastings available but, if you still don’t know much about Port wine, I recommend that you start with the classic tasting of 4 Port wines (one of each style), for 10€. It’s a good introduction to the topic!

Another advantage of going to Quevedo is that, besides the Port wine flights, they can also prepare cocktails AND appetisers like Portuguese cheeses, ham and canned fish.

If you want to kill two birds at once, you can combine a Port wine tasting at Quevedo with a fado show. It costs only 17€ and is the cheapest option on the market.

Schedule: 12h – 20h. You can make an online booking to the guided tour & Port wine tasting at Quevedo.
Tours & Prices: port wine flights vary between [10 ; 25] €, depending on the type & number of Port wines.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR and ES.


Rua da Fonte Nova, 5 | Vila Nova de Gaia
tasting room churchills

Churchill’s Port wine lodges, located just below Graham’s, was founded by a member of the same family, John Graham, in 1981. As a very young brand, it focus on differentiation through its noticeably drier wines.
This Port wine lodge itself is much smaller than the others, giving you a sense of familiarity and warmth, ideal for those seeking a more intimate visit, which makes me consider Churchill’s as one of the top Port wine cellars.
The tasting room is very nice and airy, and Churchill’s also has a beautiful “VIP” room, with a fabulous view of the Douro River, where you can organize lunches, dinners or private events.
At Churchill’s you can have a standard Port wine tasting for a lower price or go for a premium Tawny or Vintage tasting for a higher price.

Schedule: 10h – 17h (last visit starts at 17h15). Bookings at
Tours & Prices: visit + Port Wine tasting vary between [10 ; 25] €, depending on the type & number of Port wines.
Churchill’s also has its table wines for tasting, and the prices (which includes the tour) vary between [10 ; 35] €.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR, ES and RUS.

Join a private tour with us

sara riobom drinking port wine private wine tour porto

If there’s anyone who’s visited every single Port Wine Cellar in Porto, then that person is certainly me. I’m so invested in becoming an expert and being able to share that knowledge that I made Port Wine tasting into a sport! Don’t worry though, I didn’t do it all in a day! 😛
If you want to follow in my footsteps and try some of my best recommendations, go on a private tour with us. I can show you all the secrets I learned in my long journey into the depths of the Port Wine Cellars and offer a taste of the best wines in the region.
You can read the reviews of our tours on our TripAdvisor and then simply send an email to telling us when you are coming to Porto and how many people are travelling with you. It will be our pleasure to guide you!


Avenida Ramos Pinto, 70 | Vila Nova de Gaia
port wine cellar ferreira porto
tasting room ferreira port wine lodge

I was very welcomed at Ferreira, a Port wine cellar built by Antónia Ferreira, an extraordinary woman in a male-dominated industry during the nineteenth century.
The tour begins in a small “museum” with objects of Antónia, followed by a detailed explanation of the different types of Port wine, through a tour on this Port wine lodge.
Before the Port wine tasting, you still have the opportunity to visit another museum with old photos, ancient objects used both in the production of Port wine and spirits and on the former cooperage of the company.
The combination of the tour and the two museums is definitely what makes Ferreira one of the best Port wine lodges to visit while you’re in Porto.
Ferreira’s Port wine cellar has two spacious rooms for Port wine tasting, and a tiny premium room, all covered with Portuguese tiles, where I had the privilege of tasting 5 different types of Port wine.

Schedule: 10h – 18h. Bookings at
Tours & Prices: visit + Port wine tastings range between [14 ; 42] €.
Tour languages: PT, EN, FR, ES, IT and DE.


Rua do Choupelo, 250 | Vila Nova de Gaia
audio guide tour taylors
port wine lodge taylors porto

Taylor’s is probably the answer you’ll get if you ask any tourist what are the best Port wine lodges in Porto.
The visitors, instead of being in a huge group (and pressed by time, which is always scarce in Port wine cellars), has at their disposal an audio guide service that I personally loved!
Therefore, I’d say that Taylor’s experience is suitable for people who want to dig deep into Port wine concepts, but not so nice for groups of friends who prefer to have a more interactive visit at one of the best Port wine lodges.
This Port wine lodge has 11 stops with detailed information that visitors can discover at their own pace and according to their personal interest. You go through the cellar, but also through a “museum” dedicated to Taylor’s cooperage, two videos, and you even have a selfie station at your disposal.
At the end, expect a tasting of two flagship wines of Taylor’s: its Chip Dry Port, introduced in 1934 and an LBV 2011 (considered one the best years of the Douro Valley), which I prefer to take in the garden. Fa-bu-lous.
Taylor’s is also extremely versatile because you can ask for a premium tasting (ranging from 20€ – 105€), for a private masterclass, for private tastings at the cellar, etc. The sky (or rather say, your wallet) is truly the limit.

Schedule: 10h – 18h.
Tours & Prices: the audio guide tour + tasting of 2 Port wines costs 15€. Kids from 8 to 17 pay 6€. A family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids aged 8 – 17) costs 36€.
Audio Guide Languages: PT, EN, FR, ES and GER.

Quinta do Noval

Avenida de Diogo Leite, 256 | Vila Nova de Gaia
quinta noval wine tasting room

Quinta do Noval is a well known brand among Port lovers, due to its fantastic Vintage Ports. I don’t particularly like their tasting room, in the sense that a) it is very touristy, as it is by the waterfront and b) it’s not a cellar (meaning that you won’t be able to see barrels). Nonetheless, if you are a Ruby lover (and Vintages in particular) I recommend you to stop by.

Quinta do Noval has several wine flights available, all with high quality wines; some focused on port wines, others focused on still wines as, since, in 2019, they acquired Quinta do Passadouro, famous for its red wines.

Wine flights are quite expensive, so you can also go for a wine by the glass (between €4 and €28, depending on the wine chosen).

Schedule: 10h30 – 19h30. No need to make a reservation.
Tours & Prices: wine flights vary between [27 ; 47] €, depending on the type & number of wines.
Tour languages: no tour available, it’s just a wine tasting room!

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