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Why are Portuguese obsessed with cod?!

Codfish in Portugal: discover the historical reasons that help to explain why cod is central to Portuguese traditional food.

What is the meaning of the Portuguese ceramic swallows?

Forget about the sardines - instead, learn all about the traditional Portuguese ceramic swallows hanging on all the Portuguese walls!

Why is Dark Street, in Porto, called that way?

Discover the history of Rua Escura, also known as the Dark Street, one of the most famous streets in Porto, since the medieval ages.

Who was Duque da Ribeira?

Discover the fascinating story of the Duke of Ribeira, one of the most important characters in the history of Porto.

Why do kids jump from Luis I bridge in Porto?

Luis I Bridge in Porto is one of the most iconic monuments in the city, especially because kids jump from its lower deck. Discover why!

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Wine tour in Douro Valley

Discover the stunning Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced.

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clock 8 hours
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Full day Private tour in Porto

Discover the historic sights in Porto, after a delicious Port wine tasting.

money From 89€ / person
clock 6 hours
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Jewish Heritage tour in Porto

Discover the medieval secrets of Porto through its Jewish history.

/ From 45€ / person
clock 3 hours
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Half day tour in Porto

Discover the secret stories of Porto.

money From 49€ / person
clock 3 hours
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We booked Sara when we first arrived. We saw things we never would have found on our own and Sara helped us to understand the "heart" of Portuguese people. It was a great start to our Porto visit and we were fortunate to have Sara share the time with us!
Brenda Tully
Private tour in Porto