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5 things that Porto and London have in common

Learn what Porto, in Portugal and London have in common: from the Harry Potter fever to Jewish myths and tales, there's plenty to discover!

Top 5 traditions of São João festival in Porto

Complete to guide to learn and understand the top 5 traditions of São João festival in Porto, the craziest night of the year!

Who is the patron saint of Porto?

St John festivity in Porto is the most important night of the year. But he is not the saint patron of Porto - learn who is on this article!

The disaster of Guindais elevator in Porto

Nowadays it is perfectly safe to use Guindais elevator in Porto, but it hasn't the case in the past. Discover what happened back then.

Is there a rivalry between Porto and Gaia?

Porto and Gaia are two Portuguese cities separated by the Douro river and a long history of conflicts. Discover why!

Best stores to buy filigree in Porto

Discover the best jewelry stores to buy filigree in Porto, the ideal places to buy this ancient and very traditional gifts from Portugal.

Porto by Pedro Abrunhosa, a famous pop musician from Porto

Go on a journey to discover the city with Pedro Abrunhosa, one of the most famous people from Porto.

Why is camellia the flower of Porto?

Every year there is an Exhibition of camellias in Porto. Discover the historical reasons behind the connection of Porto and these flowers.

Street art in Porto with a local artist

Discover the amazing street art in Porto on a walk with the famous artist Godmess. He shows the best graffiti and street art in town.

The history of the fire boxes in Porto

Discover the story of the fireboxes in Porto. It includes a map of the remaining fireboxes in the city, so that you can visit them ;)

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Wine tour in Douro Valley

Discover the stunning Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced.

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Full day Private tour in Porto

Discover the historic sights in Porto, after a delicious Port wine tasting.

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Jewish Heritage tour in Porto

Discover the medieval secrets of Porto through its Jewish history.

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Half day tour in Porto

Discover the secret stories of Porto.

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We booked Sara when we first arrived. We saw things we never would have found on our own and Sara helped us to understand the "heart" of Portuguese people. It was a great start to our Porto visit and we were fortunate to have Sara share the time with us!
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