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Many people don’t know that I am crazy about ice cream. My mother knows that the best way to get me over to her house for dinner is to say Sarinha, I bought a romântica for you (an ice cream cake with layers of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, nuts and cookies)... and I, overwhelmed with gluttony, get there running.

My relationship with ice creams in Porto, therefore, is that of a great joy.

I am very picky about the flavors and I don’t like ice creams that are overly sweet. So I usually spend 15 minutes trying 5 to 6 flavors, asking about the source of the ingredients, reading the entire list of flavours…only to end up picking two flavors that don’t go together and don’t satisfy my hunger 😛

I guessed I qualify as a difficult person – and the best one to talk to you about the best ice creams in Porto.

Here are the best ice creams in Porto:

1927 – Gelataria Portuense

Rua do Bonjardim, 136 | Porto
gelataria portuense ice creams

© Gelataria Portuense

I like people with clear, well-defined and unpretentious passions. That’s why I completely fell in love with Ana Ferreira’s work, the gelatiere who gave life to the best ice creams in Porto.

1927 – Gelataria Portuense is a small paradise where you’ll find a menu with classic flavors (the chocolate hazelnut and the salted caramel will blow your mind away!) and a seasonal menu with flavors like cherry.

Here you’ll also find sorbets, crepes and waffles (a total blasphemy, that of mixing hot dough with divine ice cream…) and some in-cre-di-ble ice cream cakes.

gelataria portuense anterior

© Gelataria Portuense

In addition, they have a proper list indicating all the allergens in each ice cream, and they have gluten-free cones.

The only problem I find in 1927 – Gelataria Portuense is that it’s very small, which doesn’t allow the clients to extend their stay. Other than that, this is my definition of heaven on earth.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to Aliados station. Gelataria Portuense is a 4 minutes walking distance.


Largo dos Lóios, 16 | Porto
santini ice cream porto

© Santini

Founded in 1949 by Attilio Santini, the most famous ice cream store in Portugal came to Porto a few years ago bringing happiness to many people.

In addition to the delicious ice creams (which you should ask shamelessly to sample), Santini has a secret weapon: the delicious chocolate bonbons filled with ice cream. They are perfect to go along with a proper expresso when we’re in a diet mood.

welcome private family kids tours porto

On one of our private family tours in Porto, we took a break at Santini 🙂

Another positive thing about Santini, besides providing the best ice creams in Porto, is the fact that they have a very welcoming seating area, with lots of natural light.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to São Bento station. Santini is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Gelataria Sincelo

Rua de Ceuta, 54 | Porto
sincelo porto crepes

© Gelataria Sincelo

I remember going to Sincelo with my friend’s grandparents when I was a little girl. I took so long to choose flavors (anyone would, there’s more than 30 to choose from), and at the end, I wanted to try everyone else’s flavors. (Honestly, I am still like this. Moving on…)

Sincelo has numerous options for ice creams and sorbets (I highly recommend the black vanilla and the green apple), crepes, waffles and traditional Portuguese pastries to order with your expresso.
sincelo porto interior
Even though I don’t go there with the same enthusiasm I had when I was a young girl, Sincelo continues to have some of the best ice creams in Porto.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to Aliados station. Gelataria Sincelo is a 4 minutes walking distance.

Modì Gelateria Italiana

Praça da Cidade do Salvador, 296 | Porto
modi ice cream porto

© Modì

There’s no better place to eat ice cream in Porto than near the beaches of Matosinhos. Luckily for us, Modì is there to save the day.

They have one of the best selections of ice creams in Porto – you have to taste the pistachio ice cream for a start. They have flavors such as avocado lime, açai banana, chocolate yogurt and dairy-free Ecuadorian dark chocolate which became one of my favorite flavors in town.

Modì also serves tiramisu, crepes, coffee, frozen yogurts and smoothies.

And good news for people with allergies, all their cones and fruit ice creams are dairy-free. They also have multiple gluten-free options.

modi porto interior

© Modì

Their indoor area is not as appealing as sitting on the chairs outside. So in most cases, I prefer to order an ice cream and go for a walk on the beach.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to Matosinhos Sul. Modì is a 10 minutes walking distance.


Rua da Alegria, 930 | Porto

neveiros porto maria framboesa ice cream
Neveiros is an authentic and traditional ice creams shop that lifts your spirit up as soon as you walk in. Not only does it serve amazing home-made ice creams, but it is also one of the cheapest places to buy ice creams in Porto.

As soon as you enter and the door chime rings, you notice the amazing smell of coffee. The friendly staff greets you and encourages you to try out the flavor you want to have.

Their selection includes chocolate, vanilla, Nutella, caramel, pistachio, coffee and more. My recent favorite is called Maria Framboesa which has pieces of cookie dough and tastes like a cheesecake made in heaven.neveiros traditional ice cream porto
They have a variety of dairy-free ice creams like strawberry, lime, watermelon and so on – but always double check because some fruity flavors have milk in them, like the banana one.

Neveiros also serves waffles, crepes, hot chocolate, orange juice, ice cream cakes and coffee.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes (fruit flavors only)
  • Gluten free flavors: No
  • Vegan flavors: Yes (fruit flavors only)

How to get there: take the subway to Marquês station, Neveiros is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Gelados de Portugal

Avenida Vimara Peres, 88 | Porto
gelados portugal traditional flavors

© Gelados de Portugal

The only store on this list of the best ice creams in Porto that truly celebrates traditional Portuguese flavors is Gelados de Portugal.

This shop will take you to a fun ride of different local desserts. You should definitely try some yogurt with fig topping from Algarve and the Portuguese curd cheese with pumpkin jam – they are fabulous!

Beside their creative ice cream flavors, Gelados de Portugal have crepes, waffles, a nice tea collection and coffee from Nespresso (quite a nightmare for my very picky palate!).

gelados portugal porto store

© Gelados de Portugal

The space is really nice with a lot of natural light. However, I wish they served better coffee and had ice cream options for people with dietary restrictions.

  • Lactose free flavors: No
  • Gluten free flavors: No
  • Vegan flavors: No

How to get there: take the subway to São Bento station. Gelados de Portugal is a 4 minutes walking distance.

La Copa

Avenida de Rodrigues de Freitas, 366 | Porto
la copa ice cream flavors

© La Copa

Next to São Lázaro garden and not too far from Rua de Santa Catarina, you’ll find La Copa which is guaranteed to make your day when exploring Porto.

They are famous for their creative sundaes which are beautifully served in a tall glass. But you can get scoops of ice cream in a cup or a cone. Their flavors include chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, Ferrero Rocher and the mouth-watering salted caramel. They also have numerous dairy-free fruity flavors that taste very natural like orange, lime, pineapple and strawberry.

On the weekends, they serve the vegan chocolate flavor which is not my favorite because it tastes a bit like cocoa powder, but it’s a good dairy-free option nonetheless. They also have many gluten-free flavors.

la copa backyard

© La Copa

I love to get my order and sit in their beautiful backyard enjoying the greenery and the sound of the water fountain – it’s even more stunning at night!

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to Santa Catarina station. La Copa is a 6 minutes walking distance.


Rua de Santa Catarina, 222 | Porto

amorino vegan ice cream porto
Even on rainy days or chilly nights, I can count on Amorino ice creams for some moments of absolute bliss.

What I love about Amorino is the fact that I can order a cone which they make into a flower and I get to put unlimited ice cream flavors! My personal favorite is the tiramisu, but I also love the stracciatella one. They offer salted caramel, chocolate, mango, coffee and more.

If you’re hungry for more, you can order waffles, crepes, sorbet drinks, smoothies, macaroons, croissants, tarts, cakes,… and the list goes on.

Amorino excels in serving the best selection of vegan ice creams in Porto and even the cones are vegan. You can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate which has a hint of coffee and it goes really well with the hazelnut or the almond flavor. But you can also go for more fruity flavors like strawberry or mango.

Besides their vegan selection, Amorino has gluten-free options. They also claim to have no artificial flavors in their ice creams.amorino interior gluten free ice cream porto
Customer service is superb and it’s what makes me want to come back to Amorino again and again. I also love their beautifully-decorated interior seating area. But you have the option to sit on the chairs outside.

The only issue I have with Amorino is that it feels very “corporate” and not like the other family-owned ice cream shops in Porto.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes
  • Gluten free flavors: Yes
  • Vegan flavors: Yes

How to get there: take the subway to Bolhão station, Amorino is a 2 minutes walking distance.

Gelataria do Porto

Rua de Cedofeita, 186 | Porto
gelataria porto flavors

© Gelataria do Porto

In Rua de Cedofeita, one of the most famous streets in Porto, you’ll find Gelataria do Porto. This cute little ice cream store is perfect for those of us who want to take a break from a hot day stroll in the city or for those craving something sweet at night.

They have the classic flavors that most people love like chocolate and vanilla. However, they also like to mix it up and add things like salted caramel, cheesecake, pistachio, coconut with white chocolate and Oreo. My new favorite summer flavor is the alcohol-free mojito, which has pieces of real mint and it always leaves me wanting more.

They also have fruit flavors which are all dairy-free like blueberry, pineapple, tangerine, lemon and strawberry.

gelataria porto seating area

© Gelataria do Porto

Unless you want to indulge in their famous spaghetti ice creams, crepes or waffles, Gelataria do Porto is best suited for ordering an ice cream and walking away.

The only thing I wish Gelataria do Porto had is more dairy-free flavors that are not fruit-based.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes (fruit flavors only)
  • Gluten free flavors: No
  • Vegan flavors: Yes (fruit flavors only)

How to get there: take the subway to Aliados station. Gelataria do Porto is an 8 minutes walking distance.


Avenida de Fernão de Magalhães, 613 | Porto

eggas nuts ice cream porto
When I want to get away from the downtown noise, I can just take a stroll in Fernão de Magalhães Avenue, eat dinner at some traditional Portuguese or Brazilian restaurant (Casa da Picanha or Restaurante Caetano) then head out to Eggas, a new ice cream shop in town.

As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the lovely staff who allows you to try the ice creams. Their flavors include chocolate mousse, cheesecake, Marie biscuit, Maltesers, peanut butter, Oreo and they also have one dairy-free flavor which is the raspberry. For the ice creams, you can choose the base and the toppings.

They also serve drinks, chocolate cake, cheesecake and the famous Brazilian sweets brigadeiros.eggas ice cream shop coworking space porto
The interior is very cozy with some fun drawings on the wall. I also think the addition of the shipping containers inside the store to separate it from their co-working space is a nice touch. Not to mention, they have a nice outdoor area where you feel like you’re at a friend’s backyard.

I like Eggas’s location, space and service, however, the ice cream selection is a bit limited in my opinion.

  • Lactose free flavors: Yes (one! The raspberry)
  • Gluten free flavors: No
  • Vegan flavors: Yes (One! The raspberry)

How to get there: take the subway to 24 de Agosto station. Eggas is a 10 minutes walking distance.

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