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Best beach hotels in Porto

Want to make the most of your trip to Porto and go home with a sinkissed glow? Discover the best beach hotels in Porto and get your tan on!

Sara Riobom

August 26, 2019

Half day tour in Porto

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Have you decided where to stay? If not, read my article about the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Porto.

When travelling, finding the perfect accommodation can be a tricky business.

We have previously written about the best group apartments and hotels, places that are pet friendly, boutique hotels and places suited to families.

But we are talking about seaside, sun kissed Porto so we can’t miss out on the best beach hotels in Porto.

Check out the best beach hotels in Porto:

Vila Foz Hotel & Spa

vila foz hotel spa bedroom beach hotels porto
vila foz hotel spa pool
vila foz hotel spa garden pool

Let’s begin with the most luxurious option on this list of the best beach hotels in Porto. Vila Foz Hotel & Spa is a five star hotel located in Foz do Douro (at the river’s mouth).

Its stunning building is an architectural dream, a palatial beauty that creates an atmosphere of wealthiness and glamour unmatched by any other.

Vila Foz Hotel & Spa has room service, the reception is open 24/7, there’s an interior pool, a fitness centre, a spa and an enviable garden.

They offer breakfast buffet and have two in-house restaurants open for guests at every meal time as well as a bar.

All this and we haven’t even talked about how close it is to Matosinhos beach! Well there’s not much to say really: it is right in front of it. 😉

How to get there: take the bus 1M or 500 and get out at Homem do Leme. The hotel is just a little down the street.

Flattered to be in Porto

flattered to be in porto living room

Flattered to be in Porto is a five apartment building located in Foz do Douro. The auto-sufficient apartments were born out of a project that had the objective to renovate the historical building while keeping its charm.

All the apartments have clever and spacious interior designs, especially created to fit the best commodities and the biggest number of people. Some of the apartments can fit up to five people and have wonderful views of the mouth of the Douro river.

The apartments are decorated in subdued colors and earthy tones guiding the eyes to the elegant and interesting pieces of art that compose the Flattered Art Collection (which consists of pieces by young Portuguese artists).

Flattered to be in Porto is located in an area full of small local shops and amazing restaurants which makes it one of the best beach hotels in Porto.

How to get there: take the bus 1M, 200 or 500 and get out at Senhora da Luz.

Duas Portas

duas portas ocean view
duas portas double bedroom
breakfast duas portas beach hotels porto

Like many beach hotels in Porto, this accommodation is in an old historical building which has been renovated to the greatest commodity.

With double and triple bedrooms, Duas Portas is located in a prime spot for those that enjoy a nice swim. The rooms offer views to both the river and the sea, depending which one you choose, because it is located right at the mouth of the Douro river.

The very rustic but modern decor is stunning and I have to say the colors are just perfect for a beach house. The greens, blues and earthy tones just give it a very fresh, romantic feeling.

Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, Duas Portas is the absolute favourite for a quiet and calm visit to Porto.

How to get there: take the tram 1 and get out at stop D. Leonor. The apartment is right in front of the stop.

Lighthouse Apartment

lighthouse apartment beach hotels porto
living room and terrace lighthouse apartment porto

Situated where the Douro river debouches into the Atlantic, Lighthouse Apartment is part of a historical building and one of the most interesting beach hotels in Porto.

Renovated in a way to preserve some attributes of the old building, the apartment is a mixture of quaint traits and the comfort of modernity.

It also has a wonderful terrace perfect for a sunny breakfast and maybe even some home sunbathing. 😉

The Lighthouse Apartment is a great accommodation for those who enjoy nature, not only for its proximity to the sea, but to several parks and gardens. Passeio Alegre Gardens are quite close by and Parque da Cidade (City Park) and the Botanical Gardens are about 2km away (in opposite directions).

Its name comes from the wonderful Felgueiras Lighthouse, which is very close by and a perfect spot for some Instagram goodness. Thank me later!

How to get there: take the bus 1M, 200 or 500 and get out at Senhora da Luz.

Apartment by the Sea

living room apartments by the sea porto
double bedroom apartments by the sea porto
ocean view from apartments by the sea porto

Like a lot of beach hotels in Porto that appear on this list, Apartment by the Sea is right in front of the beach.

It is an apartment with one room, so it is perfect for couples, living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

Its guests enjoy some outdoor spaces, such as a balcony with a sea view and a garden. It also has private parking and guests can request transfer from and to the airport.

The apartment is in an old renovated building with very modern decorations and some interesting art pieces.

How to get there: take the bus 1M or 500 and get out at Praia de Gondarém.

Best beach hotels in Porto suburbs

Agudela Vista Mar

living room agudela vista mar beach hotels porto
balcony living room agudela vista mar apartments porto near beach

Agudela Vista Mar is the perfect choice for those wishing to spend a vacation with their feet planted in the sands of a beach.

This apartment has an unimpeded view of the Atlantic Ocean and it is a step away from the sandy Agudela beach.

Because it is located in Matosinhos it is well away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and, I’m not going to lie, it is not that easily accessible except by car.

But if your objective is to become a sand dwelling roasted marshmallow than this is definitely the place for you. 😉

It is ideal for couples because it has only one bedroom available, but small families are welcome too (they have an extra sofa-bed if you need it). It has a supermarket very close by and traditional restaurants not too far away either.

Get your tan on at Agudela Vista Mar, one of the best beach hotels in Porto.

How to get there: unfortunately there is no public transportation available to get to this apartment. As an option, you can rent a car – check the best car rental prices with AutoEurope.

Porto Sea Apartments

balcony beach view porto sea apartments
double bedroom porto sea apartments

Located right in front of Matosinhos beach, Porto Sea Apartments are a great choice for families. The apartments are big and roomy and can house as many as eight people.

The sea view is absolutely stunning and it is right next to the very interesting anemone roundabout.

A staple of Matosinhos, Anemone, as it is called by the locals because of its shape, is actually called She Moves.

It is a sculpture designed and built by North American artist Janet Echelman – read more about Anemone in our article all about it.

Porto Sea Apartments are located in a great spot, not only because of the proximity to the sea, but also because it has everything you need right next door.

You can find great restaurants and stores in the near vicinity of the apartments.

How to get there: Matosinhos Sul subway station is a 5 minutes walking distance and the tourist bus Yellow Bus stops right in front of the apartments.

João Beach House

joao beach house living room leca palmeira
balcony ocean view joao beach hotels porto
joao beach house double bedroom

João Beach House is a great option for couples but it can easily accommodate families as well. It has double bedrooms as well as a foldable couch that fits two.
It has a great location in a quiet area away from the city and it is right in front of Leça da Palmeira beach – which makes it one of the best located out of the beach hotels in Porto present on this list.
While secluded from the city buzz, the area is easily accessible by car or bus and it’s close to some wonderful restaurants (there’s a magnificent sushi restaurant next door that is definitely worth a visit).
The management also has 2 bicycles available for free for the guests because the beach has some great bike paths for your Sunday morning rides.
How to get there: take the bus 507 and get out at stop Apdl.

Love Sea Apartment

beach view from love sea apartments porto
love sea apartment living room
love sea apartment double bedroom beach hotels porto

One of the characteristics that distinguish Love Sea Apartment from the other accommodations is that it is the most homely out of all the beach hotels in Porto on this list.

It has a comfortable living room area and spacious beds, and it is very intimate and cosy.

Besides being right in front of the beach, this apartment is close to a lot of stores and restaurants, a major shopping centre, Leça da Palmeira castle and Piscina das Marés.

Piscina das Marés is a natural pool project by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza and one of the main attractions in the area. Make sure to visit!

How to get there: take the bus 507 and get out at stop Piscina das Marés.

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