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June 6, 2016

Asked by Xumorrow, China

Asked by Xumorrow, China

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I decided to introduce you to my selection of the works famous arquitect Álvaro Siza Vieira in Porto, instead of making an exhaustive list of buildings.

Along the way, you’ll also step on two leading names of Portuguese poetry: António Nobre and Eugénio de Andrade, rightly honoured by Álvaro Siza. Indeed, visiting and photographing Siza Vieira’s monuments is one of the best things to do in Porto.

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1958 – 1963: Tea House at Boa Nova

Avenida da Liberdade, 1681 | Tue – Sat 12:30pm – 3pm & 7:30pm – 11pm
alvaro siza architect tea house boa nova

Photo by LeonL via VisualHunt / CC BY

Perhaps the most famous work of Siza Vieira in Northern Portugal, the Tea House of Boa Nova in Leça da Palmeira, has the uniqueness of being built on the rocks of the Atlantic Ocean, in constant challenge to the maritime elements. Currently, it houses a luxury restaurant by Chef Rui Paula.

1961 – 1966: Piscina das Marés

Avenida da Liberdade – Leça da Palmeira | Summer 9am – 7pm
alvaro siza pool piscina mares

Photo by the website www.matosinhoswbf.pt

Nearby the Tea House, these pools are perfectly blended in its maritime habitat, offering a salty dip protected from the whims of the Atlantic ocean.

 1970: Supermarket Unicoope Domus

Rua de Pedro Escobar – Porto

alvaro siza architecture supermarket unicoope domus

Hidden from curious eyes, this former grocery store (one of the first to ever open in Porto!), was recently renovated (for which future use?), is the living proof that masters are both celebrated and forgot everywhere.

1980: Monument honouring the poet António Nobre

Jardim de João Chagas – Cordoaria
alvaro siza architect monument honouring poet antonio nobre

Photo by Christian Ganshirt.

A simple monument honouring the great poet António Nobre, where you can read:
“Fed up with the pain by which they were killing him / he went traveling the world”

1986: Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto

Via Panorâmica Edgar Cardoso, 215

I include the Faculty of Architecture of Porto on this list because it seems to me worthy of praise the contribution of a citizen, on the right measure of his capabilities, to the city where he was born and where he grew both as a human being and as an architect.

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1991 – 1999: Serralves Contemporary Art Museum

Rua Dom João de Castro, 210 | Mon – Fri 10h – 18h Sat, Sun & Holidays 10am – 7pm
Photo by LeonL via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo by LeonL via Visual hunt / CC BY

I especially like Serralves Contemporary Art Museum because of its space, its silence and the multiple possibilities of actually living Art, offered by the architectural mastery of Siza Vieira.

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1996: São Bento subway station

Praça Almeida Garrett – Baixa do Porto

São Bento subway station (not to be confused with São Bento TRAIN station!) seduces me because of Siza Vieira’s drawings on the wall – there is one, on the right side of those who descends the second escalators towards the subway line, which enchants me particularly, as it represents, in two or three lines, a beautiful bridge over Porto.

2006: Home and Atelier of Armanda Passos

Foz do Porto

alvaro siza house home atelier armanda passos

2005: Tombstone of the poet Eugénio de Andrade

Cemitério Prado do Repouso – Porto

alvaro siza architect tombstone poet eugenio de andrade

Eugénio de Andrade makes me company in so many occasions. A poet so great and yet humble could only rest in a snowy grave, absent of religious symbols or others but innocent and secret words. In Prado do Repouso’s cemetery, between silent breezes, you can read:

“Earth: if one day you touch
the sleeping body,
puts green leaves where you put silence,
be light on whom was for you.”

Note: The cover photo was taken by Wojtek Gurak (via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC) and it represents the social housing SAAL, Bouça, commonly known as “Bairro da Lapa”.

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