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This is a list of the best cafes to work in Porto, but check also my article on top 8 coworking offices.

The common denominator of these cafes is that they all provide free wi-fi connection, as these days it is impossible to work without it.

I hope you find this list useful!

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Moustache coffee house

Praça Carlos Alberto, 104 | Porto

moustache coffee house porto

Moustache is a trendy cafe in Porto, so it is usually crowded with tourists. But it is also a very popular place among students in Porto, because it has a room (it looks like a cave really) where everyone gets together to study.

Besides serving a wonderful 100% Arabica expresso, they have a nice selection of teas as well as sugary delicacies, like red velvet cupcakes.

I must warn you though, that it does not have a lot of sockets, so if you need to constantly charge your laptop, Moustache might not be the right choice for you.

How to get there: the subway station Aliados is a 5 minutes walking distance.

Duas de Letra

Passeio de São Lázaro, 48 | Porto

main room duas de letra cafe work porto

I really enjoy Duas de Letra, as it is a quiet yet trendy place in my beloved Bonfim neighborhood. There you can get fabulous home-baked cakes and light sandwiches, as well as a delicious lunch menu (either fish or vegetarian) for a pretty reasonable price.

Duas de Letras has a small room at the entrance (the one you see in the photos), as well as a larger room upstairs and a tiny balcony in the backyard.

In case you need to take a break they have Legos – yes, those Legos from your childhood! – for you to play (how cool is that?!).

How to get there: the subway station 24 Agosto is 5 minutes walking distance.

Mesa 325

Avenida de Camilo, 325 | Porto

mesa 325 cafe work porto

Mesa 325 is a lovely café outside the touristic area, that is usually crowded with students from the Faculty of Beaux Arts. Therefore, make sure you arrive early in the morning or you definitely won’t find a place to sit down.

There are two things I don’t like about Mesa 325 though: one is that it doesn’t have many sockets, another one is that the owner (or a staff member, I really can’t tell) sometimes can get really unpleasant when he pressures people to keep ordering food. It is totally understandably, but a rude way to do it.

How to get there: the subway station 24 Agosto is 2 minutes walking distance.


Bar dos artistas

Casa da Música (ground floor) | Porto

cafe casa musica porto

Usually people forget about the café at the famous Casa da Música, but it is a fairly good cafe to work in Porto.

Besides the amazing location, it is a quiet place with plenty of room to “set the tent”. And you can always have a chat with the musicians that hang out there (this is how I met Bernardo Sassetti, a famous Portuguese pianist, many years ago).

Sometimes Casa da Música organises concerts at this cafe, so make sure to check its agenda.

How to get there: the subway station Casa da Música is 5 minutes walking distance.

Café Vitória

Rua de José Falcão, 156 | Porto

cafe vitoria work cafes porto

Although it is located at the heart of the nightlife district, Café Vitória it is one of the coolest cafes to work in Porto during the day, as it has several spacious rooms (and a nice esplanade on the inside).

Please keep in mind that, as it is allowed to smoke on one of the rooms, the tobacco smell is quite intense at Café Vitória.

How to get there: the subway station Aliados is a 5 minutes walking distance.


Avenida da Boavista, 1046 | Porto

arcadia boavista cafes work porto

As I have told you on a previous post, Arcádia is the oldest chocolaterie in the city as well as one of the best cafes to work in Porto (the Arcádia in Avenida da Boavista).

It is quite spacious, comfortable and everything you order is to die for – from the hot chocolates to the almond cake!

However, there are two things I don’t like about Arcádia in Boavista: one is that it has a smoking area, the other is that sometimes the service is quite slow.

How to get there: the subway station Casa da Música is a 10 minutes walking distance.

Library of Serralves Contemporary Art Museum

Rua D. João de Castro, 210 | Porto

library serralves contemporary art museum porto

The librarySerralves Contemporary Art Museum is a hidden gem on this list of the best cafes to work in Porto, with a nice view towards the gardens and free access to a large amount of books and documents (most of them art related).

In this place, silent is mandatory and the tables are quite large, which is always nice if you are going with friends.

Once there, take an hour or so to visit the Museum – it is one of the best in Porto! If you’re thinking about visiting the museum, you can get the skip-the-line online ticket to Serralves.

How to get there: there is no direct subway connection but there are several buses that stop nearby, namely buses 201, 203 and 502.

Almeida Garrett’s public library

Rua de D. Manuel II | Crystal Palace gardens

almeida garrett public library porto

Almeida Garrett’s public library, at the Crystal Palace gardens, is very popular among students. Besides the wide selection of books of the most varied topics, it provides both national and international newspapers and magazines to keep you updated.

There you will find large tables (enough for 10 people) as well as individual tables for those of you who prefer to work alone.

And, whenever you need to take a break, you can go for a coffee or, even better, take a quick walk in the gardens.

How to get there: there is no direct subway connection but there are several buses that stop nearby, namely buses 507, 601, 200, 201, 207, 208, 303 and 501.

Atmosfera M

Rua Júlio Dinis, nº 158 / 160 | Porto

atmosfera m cafes work porto

This place is highly unknown by the locals but it is such a great place! Besides the library, it has a cafe where you are invited to pay for the next person’s coffee, a space for exhibitions, rooms for workshops and an auditorium.

Montepio, the bank behind this project, positions this place as a citizenship project, which provides cultural activities as well as volunteering experiences. It’s definitely worth paying a visit!

How to get there: São Bento train station is a 15 minutes walking distance.


Rua França Júnior, 1 | Matosinhos

manifesto specialty coffee shop matosinhos

Manifesto is one of the few specialty coffee shops in Porto where I usually go to work. Just outside the subway station Mercado (at the end of the blue line), this place offers a really nice origin coffee that you can take with some artisanal cookies.

You can stay here working at a long table and take a look at one of the amazing art and travel magazines that they have available.

Please notice that this coffee shop does not provide food so its perfect for an afternoon, not for an entire day. Alternatively you can have lunch at Mercado de Matosinhos and then come back 🙂

How to get there: the subway station Mercado is a 1 minute walking distance.

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