Best places for brunch in Porto in 2023

I already wrote about the best breakfast places in Porto, whereas for lunch you can pick and choose from any…

Sara Riobom
2 de February de 2023

Best places for Fado in Porto in 2023

Even though  Portuguese people listen to Fado regularly (I am sorry to break the myths!), I totally understand that you…

Sara Riobom
1 de February de 2023

These are the best markets in Porto in 2023

Portugal has a huge open market culture, be it permanent or periodical markets like the Christmas markets in Porto, antique…

Sara Riobom
23 de January de 2023

Best restaurants in Matosinhos

When people think about Matosinhos they think about the trendy city just north of Porto but in fact, Matosinhos is…

Sara Riobom
18 de December de 2022

The best restaurants for Christmas in Porto

Whether you’re travelling in Porto at Christmas time or live here and don’t feel like cooking during the festive season.…

Sara Riobom
3 de December de 2022

Best things to do in Matosinhos

Matosinhos, a city located by a few kms north of Porto, is becoming increasingly popular among locals and tourists alike.…

Sara Riobom
2 de December de 2022

Wine tasting in Porto: where, when and how

Most people don’t realise how much there is to know about wine tasting in Porto.Besides the famous Port wine cellars,…

Sara Riobom
1 de June de 2022

The best traditional restaurants in Porto

As Der Spiegel wrote, Porto is being flooded by tourists which is good for the local economy, but it also…

Sara Riobom
10 de April de 2022

How to plan your trip in Douro Valley

Visiting the famous Douro Valley is definitely a must do for someone visiting Portugal.Whether you choose to stay there for…

Sara Riobom
12 de March de 2022

Specialty Coffee Shops in Porto

Aaaaaaaages ago I wrote an article about the best cafés in Porto to work from, but I realised it was…

Sara Riobom
6 de February de 2022