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Why are Port wine cellars in Gaia?

Port wine is produced in the Douro Valley but it is oftenly aged in the cellars in Gaia. Discover the reason behind this on this article.

What is the sweet of Porto?

Discover one of the most famous sweets of Porto. What is it made of? And what is the best place to get it?

Where can I buy good chocolate in Porto?

Discover the best shops to buy high quality chocolate in Porto, to take back home as a souvenir or to simply enjoy it right now.

Ultimate Guide to Understanding Port Wine

Introduction to the wonderful world of Port wines and its different styles: Ruby, Vintage and Tawny. This article is useful for beginners.

What is the secret of Francesinha?

We went to one of the best cafes in the city to unveil the secret of francesinha in Porto, our most iconic dish. Let's go on this culinary adventure!

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Half day tour in Porto

Discover the secret stories of Porto.

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clock 3 hours
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Wine tour in Douro Valley

Discover the stunning Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced.

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clock 8 hours
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Jewish Heritage tour in Porto

Discover the medieval secrets of Porto through its Jewish history.

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clock 3 hours
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River cruise and wine tour in Douro Valley

Enjoy a Douro river cruise after a fantastic wine tasting.

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clock 8 hours
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We booked Sara when we first arrived. We saw things we never would have found on our own and Sara helped us to understand the "heart" of Portuguese people. It was a great start to our Porto visit and we were fortunate to have Sara share the time with us!
Brenda Tully
Private tour in Porto