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Porto for Design lovers

Guide to Porto for design lovers - the best art galleries in Porto, artsy hotels and some amazing stores to buy contemporary souvenirs.

Top 9 romantic things to do in Porto

Get ready for the perfect romantic getaway with your better half with this list of top 9 romantics things to do in Porto.

Everything about Porto’s cathedral

All the useful information about Porto's cathedral is right here - history, architectural styles, dress code, tickets and opening hours.

The most beautiful buildings in Porto

Discover the most beautiful buildings in Porto, including a faculty designed by a Pritzker's winner and a monastery with a fantastic view.

6 bridges cruise in Porto: Is it worth it?

Get an honest opinion on the 6 bridges cruise in Porto, as well as a list of companies providing it, with tour prices, terms and conditions.

The most beautiful churches in Porto

There are dozens of beautiful churches in Porto, but seven stand out among the crowd. Learn which ones are worth visiting on this article!

Top unusual things to do in Porto

We're sharing the top unusual things to do Porto for those who want to do non-touristy things during your stay in the city.

What to do in Foz

Discover what to do in Foz - from visiting a famous lighthouse to riding bikes, there's plenty of things to do in this neighbourhood of Porto!

These are the best Christmas markets in Porto

Discover the amazing Christmas markets in Porto, from the most traditional ones to the crazy ones, where you can do some Christmas shopping.

Complete guide to the Christmas season in Porto

Guide for Christmas in Porto - Christmas markets & events, restaurants for Christmas dinners, where to go for Christmas shopping and more!

Our Tours

Avoid tourist traps and discover authentic places with our local guides.

Wine tour in Douro Valley

Discover the stunning Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced.

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clock 8 hours
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Jewish Heritage tour in Porto

Discover the medieval secrets of Porto through its Jewish history.

/ From 49€ / person
clock 3 hours
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Half day tour in Porto

Discover the secret stories of Porto.

money From 45€ / person
clock 3 hours
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Full day Private tour in Porto

Discover the historic sights in Porto, after a delicious Port wine tasting.

money From 89€ / person
clock 6 hours
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We booked Sara when we first arrived. We saw things we never would have found on our own and Sara helped us to understand the "heart" of Portuguese people. It was a great start to our Porto visit and we were fortunate to have Sara share the time with us!
Brenda Tully
Private tour in Porto