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What are the best places for bike rental in Porto?

Discover the best places for bike rental in Porto, as well as the best bike tours and the best bike lanes and bike paths in the city.

The story of Mercado Ferreira Borges in Porto

Discover everything about Mercado Ferreira Borges in Porto, from its foundation to its current use by a famous concert house.

What is the oldest church in Porto?

There are many churches in Porto, but this is a special one. Discover the fascinanting story of the oldest church in Porto.

Are there children bookstores in Porto?

Discover the best English children bookstores in Porto, to buy books for babies or for children of young age.

These are the best second-hand bookstores in Porto

There's something magical about the second-hand bookstores in Porto - discover which ones have books in English and in other languages!

Why are there so many skylights in Porto?

One of the distinct characteristics of Porto is its abundance of skylights. Discover why there are so many skylights in Porto.

The story of Bolhão market in Porto

Discover the story of the iconic Bolhão market in Porto, and the plans for its renovation, that shall be completed by 2021.

Janet Echelman sculpture in Matosinhos

Learn the story behind Janet Echelman sculpture in Matosinhos, simply known by the locals as anemone, given its peculiar shape and movement.

If you could paint Porto, what colours would you use?

When people think about Porto they think of a grey city, but there's so much more colors to it. Discover them with me!

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Wine tour in Douro Valley

Discover the stunning Douro Valley, where Port wine is produced.

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Jewish Heritage tour in Porto

Discover the medieval secrets of Porto through its Jewish history.

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clock 3 hours
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Half day tour in Porto

Discover the secret stories of Porto.

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Full day Private tour in Porto

Discover the historic sights in Porto, after a delicious Port wine tasting.

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clock 6 hours
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We booked Sara when we first arrived. We saw things we never would have found on our own and Sara helped us to understand the "heart" of Portuguese people. It was a great start to our Porto visit and we were fortunate to have Sara share the time with us!
Brenda Tully
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