Most romantic hotels in Porto

I have already written about the most romantic things to do in Porto and the most romantic restaurants. I even…

Sara Riobom
4 de December de 2019

I have already written about the most romantic things to do in Porto and the most romantic restaurants. I even wrote, quite recently, a guide to the best places to propose in Porto (if you do so, please share it with me! 🙂
So it was only missing a list of the most romantic hotels in the city – here it is!

A couple of important remarks before reading this text:

  • I tried to be as eclectic as possible, so I include both luxurious hotels and familiar guest houses, private hotels and others where you have amazing common areas that will allow you to meet other couples.
  • You may have noticed that I already did a list of the best boutique hotels in Porto. That list is great and many of those hotels are romantic as well, but this list is completely list and it does not overlap with that one.
  • I usually don’t divide my accommodation’s articles per neighborhood because I already wrote a very comprehensive guide about the best neighborhoods to stay in Porto. However, in this particular case I divided the hotels in two groups: the hotels located in Downtown Porto and the hotels located in Foz. These are quite different areas that have different “romantic value propositions”, let’s call it like that. I’ll explain better during the text, don’t worry.

With no further delay, let me introduce you to the best romantic hotels in Porto!

Romantic hotels in Porto: City Centre

Armazém Luxury Housing

This is my absolute favourite romantic hotel in Porto as it is GORGEOUS. It is not many hotels that are able to breakthrough the granite stones of Porto’s traditional houses by opening wide windows with amazing views of the city. The furniture, in neutral tones and using a lot of wood, add the final touch that make this a breathtaking hotel.
To add to the romance level, each bedroom comes with a standalone bathtub.
The common areas are, quite interestingly, very cozy and intimate.
Armazém Luxury Housing is located in Largo de São Domingos, a strategic location between Cais da Ribeira and the city centre.

The White Box Boutique Hotel

I don’t know why it took me such a long time to discover The White Box Boutique Hotel because it is totally the kind of places I like to stay when traveling with my boyfriend.
The bedrooms are decorated in a sober yet trendy style and many of them are located at the attic, so you have those lovely windows on the ceiling, overlooking the bed (that might be common where you come from, but it is quite a novelty in Portugal).
Another thing that I love about The White Box Boutique Hotel is its intimate breakfast / living room, where you can potential new guests (honestly, when we go on a romantic getaway we don’t necessarily need to be isolated from other couples, quite the contrary).

Jardim da Batalha Boutique Hotel

The main reason why I consider Jardim da Batalha one of the most romantic hotels in Porto is that each room, generally decorated in blue and white tons, has a wrap around balcony. I love arriving at my hotel and having a private place to relax that is not the bedroom itself, don’t you?
Another amazing thing about Jardim da Batalha is that it provides an excellent breakfast that includes fresh orange juice, homemade cakes and scrambled eggs individually made.
The location of this hotel in Porto is excellent, between my favourite sushi restaurant in the city and my favourite craft beer pubs.

Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments

The Torel’s group, originally from Lisbon, really changed the game when it comes from premium hospitality offer in Porto. 
They own not some of the best luxury hotels in the country but also this amazing guest house that is included on this list of the most romantic hotels in Porto.
And romance, indeed, perspires from the walls of Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments. From its sophisticated décor to the standalone bathtubs, to the discretion of the staff and the monumentality of its staircase, nothing here was chosen randomly.
The location is great, right next to São Bento train station.

Gran Cruz House

Gran Cruz House belongs to one of Port wine producers and it is a magical place that includes not only of the best romantic hotels in Porto but also a restaurant and a bar.
It is quite small – only seven bedrooms – which adds up to the feeling of intimacy that you have when you enter this hotel. Each rooms is decorated with a completely different vibe so it is worth to take the time to pick the right one.
Since this romantic hotel in Porto is located in the historical neighborhood of Ribeira, some of the bedrooms have a view towards the Douro river and others have a view of the city centre. I highly recommend you to take the first option – you can choose it when booking the Gran Cruz House 😉

Métier Boutique Hotel

This romantic hotel in Porto SCREAMS sophistication and money.
To be honest I am not particularly fond of its bedroom since they are a bit too corporate for my personal taste. But that is completely overshadowed with its gigantic rooftop and its proper wine bar.

Pestana Porto – Goldsmith

I usually avoid very large hotels but I have to open an exception for Pestana Porto – Goldsmith as this hotel has some of the most friendly staff in the city.
You could also not ask for a better location since this romantic hotel in Porto is at Avenida dos Aliados, the most important avenue in the city and strategically placed between the most important monuments and the nightlife district.
An important detail is that Pestana Porto – Goldsmith has a nice rooftop with a live DJ.

Menina Colina Guesthouse

Yet another hidden gem in Porto, Menina Colina Guesthouse is a great example of a former manor house that was renovated without loosing its charm. In fact, the owners not only renovated the bedrooms but left the grandiose staircase intact, as well as a proper ball room. It is simply stunning.
The location of this romantic hotel in Porto is quite interesting, just far enough away from the centre to be quieter, but you can still walk everywhere with no trouble.

Casa de Sá Noronha

When writing this list of the most romantic hotels in Porto I tried to be as eclectic as possible because different people have completely different ideas of what romance is and feels like.
Casa de Sá Noronha is an exemple of a guest house that stands out due to its use of a colourful décor and many second hand (or second purpose, should I say?) décor elements.
It is located right at the heart of the nightlife district so I would recommend it to younger couples.

Maria Muralha

I am a sucker for vintage décor so by looking at the pictures you can see why I fell in love with Maria Muralha.
This lovely boutique guest house features some bright rooms and the cosiest living room on this list of romantic hotels in Porto. I simply love how they created an open space where you can enjoy breakfast, relax after a day walking in the centre or simply heat water for a tea.
Maria Muralha is very functional and practical and they provide you with a code that enables you to access the building.

House of Pandora

The reason why I picked House of Pandora as one of the most romantic hotels in Porto is that it is located at an impressive mansion so you feel like you are entering a fairytale of your own 🙂
The House of Pandora is one of the few hotels on this list that has a swimming pool, a garden with some tables and chairs and a spa, which comes in handy during the abrasive summer months.
This hotel is not in the city centre – in fact, you need to walk around 15 minutes to the nearest subway station and from there go around 4 stations to get there. It is perfectly doable, but you might want to consider this before booking it.

Romantic hotels in Porto: Foz neighborhood

Foz is an interesting neighborhood where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Douro river. It is a quiet neighborhood where wealthy people used to have their summer houses, in the past. It does not have a lot of monuments but there you can find:

  • The best beaches in Porto
  • A beautiful garden called Passeio Alegre, which has a mini golf
  • The famous Felgueira’s lighthouse
  • Some amazing restaurants.

This is the right neighborhood if you are looking for some peace and quiet during your stay in Porto, or if you simply like to be close to the ocean.

Vila Foz Porto

If you are celebrating a special occasion with your significant other (perhaps a wedding anniversary?) then I highly recommend you to stay at Vila Foz Porto. This renovates manor house by the riverside is one of the most sophisticated and romantic hotels in Porto both in its looks and in small details that you will surely appreciate.
For instance, they serve champagne and oysters for breakfast – can you possibly imagine a more indulgent morning feast?
Moreover, the spa cannot be used by kids under 16 years old because the idea of this hotel is to allow you to have a romantic getaway in Porto by the beach side with complete privacy. There is also a spa and a small gym.
Vila Foz Porto is not in the city centre but rather in Foz neighborhood, which is perfect if you enjoy morning walks by the beach. You can easily reach Downtown Porto by tram or subway or you can simply ride – this hotel provides bicycles for free.

Casa das Laranjas

I fell in love with Casa das Laranjas when I first saw its enormous living room that invites for proper conversations between guest during breakfast. Indeed open access kitchen and beautiful lounge area with fresh flowers give this guesthouse an unusual and homely feeling.
This is also one of the most romantic hotels in Porto when it comes to location, as it stay in a quaint little neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. You will be right in front of some of the best beaches in Porto and a step away from a charming tram ride.

Duas Portas

Duas Portas is one of the few romantic hotels in Porto located in Foz neighborhood, the area where the Douro river gently meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is a quiet neighborhood most suitable for ocean lovers and for those looking for some quiet days as it is away from the buzzling city centre.
What I love about Duas Portas in particular is its minimalistic style, which combines a few fundamental items with the whiteness as of the walls. As a minimalist myself, I feel that the mind is at ease at a space less crowded with useless objects.
You can have breakfast indoors or at the patio but given the location of Duas Portas, I would suggest you to go to Tavi, one of the best pastry shops in Porto.

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